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  1. Full Information at www.bisonlegendevents.com If you are an individual looking for a team as a Free Agent, please visit bisonlegendevents.com/?page_id=133 chuck@bisonlegendevents.com
  2. Stinks, everybody should be able to watch this either in person, ESPN on TV, or online even if your provider doesn't offer WATCHESPN
  3. I'm pretty sure you CAN'T watch it online unless your provider has WATCHESPN
  4. Maybe I'm missing it. Is there a link to watch ESPN3 online besides the WatchESPN site?
  5. How can you watch it online if my cable provider has ESPN3?] If you are at home you can just go to ESPN3 and it'll work. If you are at work you have to log in using your medaicom account info. So if you are not a medaicom subscriber, not watching nationals online.
  6. You only need ESPN3 to watch, not WatchESPN. Just about everybody provides ESPN3. Just about nobody provides WatchESPN. How can you watch it online if my cable provider has ESPN3?
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