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  1. Chris Skretkowitz (sp?) from Hofstra was a 197 lber and must have been about 6'6"
  2. An actual NCAA champ from Long Island who never qualified for states is Noel Loban from Clemson and Copiague High School. He came here from England I'm not sure how many years he wrestled in high school but it was at least one and he never placed in Suffolk County no less NYS.
  3. No Suriano - Illinois gets a forfeit? Any background provided? I turned on as 133 started have not hear an explanation.
  4. If there was ever a time to contact ESPN it is this year when there are headlines all over the "sports pages" about how ESPN needs to cut tens of millions from its budget due to tumbling subscriber numbers. Those articles focus on the highly paid on air talent is going to get massacred but you know there are bean counters looking at every expense line. What has happened over the last ten years with NCAA Tournament coverage has been phenomenal and we'd hate to see it cut back. Or cut. So write to them, email them, tweet at them, facechatinstasnap them - whatever.
  5. We've got one of those student announcers on BTN+. "Five point game with a minute left to play" making it a "twenty four point game for the Illini"
  6. Pretty sure the accusation is that the crowd starts yelling for stalling faster for black wrestlers than for white wrestlers.
  7. Were things not done right this week? I went to Sessions 3 and 6 and watched most of the rest online or on TV and it looked like a well run operation from what I saw.
  8. redblades - great call. Was going to include Columbia's campus but ran out of steam. Beautiful urban campus. If you want to focus on more of a walkabout sight seeing tour vs. hitting the bars I recommend an upper upper west side tour of Columbia's campus, CCNY's campus, Riverside Church and Grant's tomb.
  9. Like others here I highly recommend hopping on a subway and getting out of the MSG area if possible. I'll stick to my ~20 year neighborhood of the Upper West Side which you can get to by taking the 1 train (which you will find right under MSG) north. The following places are within a block of the subway stop that I mention - in all but one case you can literally see the sign when you come out from underground. I'm focusing more on having a few beers and maybe a quick bite vs. fancy sit down dinner. Here you go: 79th St Stop: 1. Blondies - 79th betw/ Broadway/Amsterdam south side of street. Super friendly neighborhood/sports bar.Top 5 best wings in the city IMO. 2. Dublin House - 79th betw/ Broadway/Amsterdam north side of street across from Blondies - old school Irish Pub w/ old school Irish bartenders especially the owner Mike. No food here - this place is for drinkers only. 86th St stop: The Parlour - 86th betw/ Broadway and West End Ave. Spacious Irish Pub w/ decent pub food. Pool table, darts etc. 96th St stop: Dive Bar - 96th/Amsterdam. Friendly neighborhood what the name says place but without too divey or too faux divey if you get my drift. Plenty more where these came from but I chose them because they're super close to 1 train subway stops and for the most part none of them draw a young frat boy crowd (I'm assuming that's a good thing?). One thing that throws a unique spin on these and other neighborhood/sports bars and Irish Pubs (my favorite type of bar) is that the NCAA's start on St. Patrick's Day and the first round of the NCAA hoops tourney. That will definitely bring a bigger and different crowd into these bars which is somewhat unfortunate. My main advice is the same as some others - try get on a subway and get to a more residential neighborhood. The MSG area and the Port Authority area a few blocks north are crowded transportation and skyscraper office building hubs that are important and quintessential NYC neighborhoods but also have the NYC downside of crowds and noise (if this was 1975/85/90 I'd list crime too but that is just not the case nowadays) . I've sent you few subway stops north of MSG but you can go a few subway stops south to the Village and see great neighborhood as well. Or continue further south to SOHO or Tribeca. The point - try to get away from midtown if you have the time just to experience something different.
  10. Agreed. Beckman may as well have worn his track shoes and settled into starting blocks. Considering that I think Ramos at least dominated vs. what the score might indicate.
  11. Agreed very nice commentating too...I just got home damn traffic made me miss the ramos beckman match...was it as close as the score says or did ramos dominate? Also did Gilman end up getting the start? Gilman started. Ramos dominated. And yes the video is strong and the announcers are fantastic vs. the typical webcast announcing crew.
  12. Thankfully we know this doesn't happen at Iowa. The play by play guy knows wrestling and Matt Mcdonough is doing color.
  13. There is a guy and girl doing Indiana - MSU are right back in the "bad to awful" category. The wrestlers are wrestling three "rounds" in each match. They are surprised that no points are scored the minute someone gets in on a leg. And Oh God they just said there have been two "great games played" so far. Worth checking out for comic relief. But really unacceptable - get a former HS wrestler in there.
  14. Anyone know if the match is being live streamed?
  15. I'm only getting wrestlebacks. Shouldn't I be seeing 2nd round matches?
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