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  1. Looks like Willie has a few OTC training coverage videos posted (not behind the paywall...yet) http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252358
  2. Ask Husker_Du, according to his twitter he was there watching practice yesterday. https://twitter.com/willieatflo
  3. Now that I know it took this long for WildTurkey44 to figure out that Husker_Du is Willie, things are much more clear to me. LOL
  4. Yes, it was definitely a controversial "draw" in the Kolat/Bono 1992 Dapper Dan match. Kolat was apparently pretty upset with his performance...the aftermath resulted in him bumping up a weight (to 140) a week or two later at the NHSCA Senior Nationals, to seek some retribution on Bono. Here are the results: 140 1st: Cary Kolat PA 2nd: Roger Chandler OH 3rd: Chris Bono FL 4th: Kyle Porter CA 5th: Mark Petras PA 6th: Jason Hartman OH 7th: Ryan Edmundson IN 8th: Craig Wise OH
  5. piggy


    Yes, he lost to Storley in the quarters as a soph, then won 2 matches in the consis that Friday night
  6. Herbert (4th seed) lost in the 2nd round that year and won six straight to take 3rd.
  7. Looks accurate. Potential points for all top six teams still in contention for the team title (heading into Saturday) are listed here http://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/content/tournament_team_score.php?id=14&type=team
  8. This needs to stay on the first page...great find. Nice comeback for NT in this match. I'm guessing Gillman hadn't seen this either...
  9. Barry's Taylor is on fire....possibly the hottest 133lber in the nation.
  10. the headscratcher loss to Stafford (Air Force) at the Cowboy Open might have something to do with it. Otherwise I agree, he has been wrestling lights out lately.
  11. 2 pm EST http://www.btn2go.com/schedule?sids=WR
  12. For what it's worth, one of the announcers on the ESPN3 OKST/Mizzou broadcast said Delgado was recovering from a shoulder injury (specifically, a torn labrum). Isn't this the same injury Matt McDonough struggled with (in addition to the weight cut), and may have rushed back too soon from during his Senior season @ Iowa? Maybe the Illinois staff is attempting to ensure their 2x champ's career doesn't end in similar fashion...
  13. tonight on espn3 OSU vs Mizzou - 7:30 EST
  14. Just watched the replay of this dual last night on BTNtoGo. It looked to me like what set mark Perry off, at least initially, was Terry Brands, not Tom. As the last few seconds of the HWT match were ticking off the clock, you see Terry sprinting over towards the IL bench and as the horn sounds he runs by Perry, slaps at his hand and continues runnnig through the bench area. Not sure if he said anything but it didn't seem to go over too well with Perry.
  15. Just be thankfull he's not your boss
  16. Really, a win over Klaprodt is the most impressive? His run through the '12 NCAA consolations his freshman year included wins over Huntley, McIntosh (8-3), and Powless (by fall), He then lost to Yohn (4-2 OT) in rd of 12.
  17. nice showing for Nolan Boyd (OkSU) at 184, with a fall in the semis over Ben Stroh and a lopsided win in the finals over Meeks. Also surprised to see Phil Wellington (the one seed at 197) go 0-2.
  18. No, Maple geat Ugi (Citadel) who then placed 4th behind Hunter. Montell's last season was 2011/12
  19. Yes, but the real question is....who'll get the first takedown, Dance or Conaway?
  20. I think if Downey arrives in Ames it might set a record for the most # of places a kid has landed...4 high schools (3 in MD, one in Florida). the OTC, Oregon State (?), Nebraska, Iowa Central, and Iowa State.
  21. Devil's advocate here....even if a forfeit was worth 7 team points (or it was used as a seperate tiebraker), what's to keep a coach from avoiding it by sending his guy out there and defaulting 1 second into the match? I suppose it would at least force them to weigh someone in....
  22. We need Medicine_Man to work his magic on this
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