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  1. Agree, and the reasons seem varied. I was once told once to look at a 10th grader's facial hair in order to deterimine their college "potential". More facial hair meant more physically mature, and less "upside". Less facial hair meant less physically mature, with more "upside"...... Boy...whomever told you that must not have much hope for Chance Marsteller's college potential :roll:...maybe the PSU staff should look elsewhere ;)
  2. I'm having trouble with that site...anybody else? I'm getting it to load round one results but that's all.
  3. Anyone mention Cody Sanderson yet? If not it doesn't surprise me considering how much he tends to get overshadowed by a certain younger sibling....all Cody did was finish runner-up twice, with overtime losses in the finals to 3x champ/4x AA Eric Guerrero and 2x champ/4x AA Eric Juergens.
  4. Look out for Navy freshman Matt Miller. This is his third win over senior teammate Oscar Huntley (ranked #7 AWN/#10 Flo), including 2 pins and a 12-5 decision.
  5. If an athlete can produce a prescription for the drug then they should be perfectly fine. The problem arises when a drug like adderal appears in an athlete's system but the athlete has no prescription for it. This has happened at least once in the NFL this year. Yes, I believe that is what Joe Haden (CB for the Cleveland Browns) was suspended for earlier this fall.
  6. wow, looks like DT already has his game face on....can't wait for tomorrow night.
  7. Thanks SHP - What does the RV signify?? Are these the duals KFlap plans to attend with the infamous Stabbin' Cabin?
  8. Next up are the comparisons to Troy Letters and the way his career ended….
  9. OK...so that's five guys the Flap has secretly coached to victory over the Unicorn and one of them is an Iowa guy.
  10. OK...so that's five guys the Flap has secretly coached to victory over the Unicorn and one of them is an Iowa guy.
  11. That would be Easton, PA native, Jack Cuvo (East Stroudsburg)
  12. another thread destined to spiral out of control into the the typical freestyle ~ folkstyle debate
  13. piggy


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    „ €ƒð?ÿ ??
  15. In this recent video interview, Morgan discusses his experience as a true frosh @ Penn State, work out partners, and his future plans http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/249538-Compound-Camps-2012/video/652893-Morgan-McIntosch-Fixing-mistakes
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    At one point, I thought I had figured out flap's identity based on the username listed in the photobucket url on his iconic Mudflap photo signature. Although, I suppose someone else could have been using this particular former Iowa wrestler's photobucket shot for the source of his image...who knows.
  17. has anyone else watching this season's Ultimate Fighter noticed one of the fighters (Sam Sicilia) uncanny resemblance to Dave? Everytime I see Sicilia on the show I can't help but think he would be perfect as a stand in (for Ruffalo) in the upcoming production of Foxcatcher.
  18. I was already told he transferred by Tim @ BWI. TIm suggested that he might move up from 125. THe clear spot to go for is 141. You are right....we shall see! I was thinking the same thing as stove pipe RE:Reber.... but maybe he was cutting too much to get down to 125 at Bucknell. He did place 2nd @ Sr Natioinals at 130lbs in '08 (behind jordan oliver) so he might be better suited @ 133. And considering recent developments in happy valley (which can be found in a super secret, and apparently unmentionable article about a certain penn state 133lb all-american posted in the online edition of the Centre Daily Times...hint, hint), PSU may actually prefer to have him at 133 for added depth.
  19. the Lord will heal him in time for an NCAA run you're on a roll tonight GB...that's 2 in a row that had me choking on my drink.:lol:
  20. Oh boy tirapell......see what you done did? :P
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