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  1. He wrestled 141 his first year at PSU, as a redshirt (2012/13 season)
  2. i know plenty of MD fans who wish Ficker would glom onto Beckerman and follow him up to Providence...
  3. Why should he have fans? I've been to many venues where he is in attendence...simply put, he's annoying and a distraction. I think I'd have less of a problem with him if his efforts to grab attention weren't so over the top. It's one thing to yell encouragement ...and quite another to do this "hey, look at me, look at me" act the entire match.
  4. The next test for those remaining will probably be the Cornell/Edinoro dual @ the Grapple at the Garden where #6 Villalonga will go against #5 Habat. Thomusseit is likley the favotite...he doesn't face a challenge until the Scuffle.
  5. thanks SHP...guess I should have been following your blog earlier
  6. Thanks...I also heard the Dardanes loss was an error in the brackets.
  7. a few first round upsets thus far (if brackets are correct): Zachary Shank (WesternST Colorado) over Earl Hall Ty Buckiso (CIT) over Nick Dardanes George Fisher (MICH) over Mark Grey
  8. Here's an article about the trials semi results. Maybe the reason Mark did so much better in matches 2 & 3 against Rico is because he put on so much weight after the 1st loss? At any rate, he must have had to make wt again prior to the finals vs Sheets. There were photos posted recently on Screwy Louie's facebook with the actual story about Mark's amazing 12lb. cut in 90 minutes (outside in the Pensacola sun on a stationary bike). Here's another article about the finals results that also mentions the weight cut.
  9. In 2000, Cael won at 184 and MN placed third...not quite sure I see your point.
  10. Edit: decided to spit the bait back out...
  11. Did Lopez wrestle vs Vollaro? Track says otherwise: 285 Douglas Vollaro (Lehigh) over Brooks Black (Illinois) (SV-1 3-1)
  12. So you honestly think his classmates will be asking him (the kid who wears his headgear around 24/7) why he's going to the 4x reigning NCAA championship wrestling team's school instead of some Ivy? Please...
  13. The only "rankings" that REALLY matter are the Coaches rankings and RPI released in Feb & early March. See info under NCAA tournament selection criteria here
  14. I agree...and IMO better than the BTN A-Team crew
  15. From Trackwrestling 125: J. Dance (VITE) over N. Tomasello (OHST) (Dec 7-6) 133: J. DiJulius (OHST) over K. Norstrem (VITE) (Dec 2-1) 141: L. Stieber (OHST) over G. Ronnau (VITE) (Fall 3:37) 149: D. Carter (VITE) over R. Languis (OHST) (Dec 12-6) 157: J. Demas (OHST) over S. Mastriani (VITE) (Dec 11-6) 165: C. Moon (VITE) over J. Kresevic (OHST) (Dec 6-1) 174: Z. Epperly (VITE) over M. Martin (OHST) (TB-2 (Fall) 10:50) 184: K. Courts (OHST) over A. Gabel (VITE) (Dec 9-5) 197: K. Snyder (OHST) over J. Haught (VITE) (Dec 8-5) 285: T. Walz (VITE) over N. Tavanello (OHST) (TB-1 6-4) Tie-break criteria No. 3 1.00 Team Score: VITE:19 OHST:18
  16. looks to me more of a matchup thing with Snyder. He really seems to struggle on his feet defending TDs vs long, lanky opponents. He actually looked like a small 197 vs Haught (and Wellington as well)
  17. their men's soccer team should be welcomed as well you do realize the terps have beaten the huskers...as recently as two years ago
  18. It's a good thing you didn't accidentally write that his favorite musical group is STYX (instead of Journey)...sockobuw might have blown a gasket.
  19. If this is the case then I think OKst is a good place for him to work on his "issues". John Smith and staff have shown they can help in this regard. Kindig struggled similarly upon his arrival in Stillwater...and seems to have turned the corner and is now reaching his full potential. Cayle Byers is another recent case that comes to mind....OKst turned out to be a good move for him.
  20. try this http://openliveresults.escapesports.com/2014-OPEN-Standalone-2014_Hokie_Open-1415523136.html
  21. anyone have any details about this result?
  22. 1. Max Thomusseit 2. Kyle Snyder
  23. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ching! We have a winna!
  24. Not quite sure what you mean by "perennial", but in Maryland's case, they've already consistently finished in the "top 15-25" each year during a period that extends back to the middle of Santoro's tenure (since 2008), including a top 10 finish in 2009, and produced several all-americans, such as Hudson Taylor (3x), Josh Asper (2x), Jimmy Sheptock (2x), Steve Bell (2x), Alex Krom, Spencer Myers, and Mike Letts. If they continue to maintain this....and hopefully improve a bit to meet the enormous challenge they face entering the BIG, they should be fine.
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