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  1. This is great news. Just about every review I've read thus far is extremely positive, and most tout Steve Carell’s performance as a lock for an Oscar nomination. I wonder what USA Wrestling’s public stance will be on the movie. One would think, during the inevitable media blitz prior to and after its November release, there would be plenty of opportunities to spin this story in a positive direction, to help promote the sport and possibly raise funds to support our current World and Olympic training programs. It should be made perfectly clear that the climate of limited resources & lack funding for non-glamor Olympic sports at that time was the root problem which led to the Foxcatcher/Schultz tragedy….and that this should never be allowed to happen again, especially in a country with the wealth and disposable income which is often available in the United States. This could turn out to be a HUGE fundraising opportunity for USA Wrestling....hopefully they take advantage of it. My .02 cents.
  2. anyone on the geek squad :geek: care to comment on this error message? There can't possibly be too many user connections this time of year.
  3. and once again, it took multiple logins and an error message to post these two replys :twisted:
  4. In the recent interview Cox did with Intermat, he mentions he'll be competing at University Nationals but nothing about WTTs.
  5. I've heard PSU and Boise St. as possible destinations for Tanner Hall. I also think Mike Boykin could make some noise at NCST. He looked good vs. Snyder @ Dapper Dan, plus it will certainly help to have Gwiz as a workout partner and Pop as a coach.
  6. I think the new rules are also a HUGE factor...hopefully Fila doesn't begin to tweek them again when they see the US start to make significant strides.
  7. Ditto, thank you Richard. I'm not holding my breath, waiting on any similar response or apology from Flo.
  8. That sounds legendary...maybe he'll write about it.
  9. You're right, as of 4:03 PM EST it still says the following Why hasn't this been edited? Not cool...
  10. Damn! Now that it won't be streamed live or shown via TV replay in it's entirety, I'm really kicking myself for having not pulled the trigger on attending the event in person. :( I'm only about a 3 hr. drive to NYC...I could have made it happen. Live & learn.
  11. TBar: your link takes me to a video of Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix at 2013 FILA Cadet Nationals - FS the Dave Schultz award details are here http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... rs-set?p=1
  12. According to this press release, it will be shown on NBCSN following Game 4 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers in their Stanley Cup Playoff series. Set your DVRs. http://btsny.org/news/520-nbcsn-to-pres ... sday-night
  13. careful what you wish for dclark this could conceal a weapon
  14. noel thompson might tell you it could be your chance to sit next to Ashton "Kutchner"
  15. Sort of hard to imagine…..hair & make-up must have had their hands full with that one.
  16. Mark Branch (OkSt, 2x ncaa champ, 2x runner-up) had a 99-19 career record specifics can be viewed here http://www.wrestlingstats.com/okstate/v ... estler=425
  17. :) reminds me of this SNL weekend update gem: Amy Poehler: New Jersey this week announced they’re searching for a new state motto. The leading suggestion so far: “New Jersey and You—Who Farted?”
  18. I guess this confirms the rumored Pico vs Tsirtsis BTS match-up is a no-go ... :cry:
  19. looks like a tow truck to me. if he gets stuck in a traffic jam he could probably get away with cruising past the back-up on the shoulder.
  20. looks like a tow truck to me. if he gets stuck in a traffic jam he could probably get away with cruising past the back-up on the shoulder. another plus...he could always go into the repo business if he runs out of $.
  21. If Davis is invited, I'd prefer to see Storley matched up against him....reason being, if he also gets invited to the Midlands he'd likely get a crack at Kokesh and/or Evans....I know, wishful thinking.
  22. towards the end of this interview video, Pico seems to hedge or allude to the possibility that the match with Tsirtsis at Beat the Streets might not happen...bummer. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... 1NPVfldXZ0
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