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  1. amazing...Flo has this down to a science. they've managed to lower everyone's expectations to the point where, when things go as they should, people start heaping praise on them.
  2. Pfarr also beat Dudley 11-4 last season.... point being, freestyle ability does not necessarily mirror folkstyle ability, so don't read too much into it.
  3. Interesting...no more Joe Boardwine? I haven't seen a press release.
  4. I’m really disappointed in you JT1….how in the world could you have possibly forgotten about what Rob Rohn did in 2002? ;) btw, he was a 2x AA, also placing 5th for Lehigh in 2000.
  5. Surely you jest...he couldn't handle the Ruth!
  6. Ruth vs. Reader would have been my first choice. I still wonder what would have happened had Ed's knee not locked up vs Amuch in the quarters of the NCAAs his freshman year. Reader was really tough that year but I'd still have given Ruth a 50/50 chance to beat him.
  7. you mean after his loss to Graff, not Ramos.
  8. Since it seems Davis will be staying at D-II Notre Dame, I'd REALLY like to see him test the D-1 waters at the Midlands next season, where he could potentially get a crack at Evans & Kokesh. The NWCA could also give him an invite to the all-star dual...maybe as a 2nd match @ 174 (possibly as an opponent for Storley, Brown Evans or Kokesh) similar to 2011 when Grand Canyon's Victor Carazo upset Jordan Blanton.
  9. Maybe you would feel more comfortable getting one of those "gift card" credit cards, charging it with exactly enough money for whatever subscription you want and then using that for the service? That way, nothing is linked back to your bank account itself, and you won't have to be afraid of the things most people get subject to. This is the way to do it if you are concerned about over-billing...I think Willie even posted under a previous Flo bashing thread that he agreed it would be a good/smart option. It's a shame it has to be that way, but their reputation precedes them.
  10. yes, Uetake won gold in '64 and '68 at 57kg 57kg = 125lb 11oz
  11. Abas is one of the most overlooked top 5'ish guys ever because he wrestled at forgettable Fresno State, but he was one of the very best ever at any weight. He was in a league of his own. I don't think there's anyone at his weight (118/125) who would beat him. Maybe Uetake, but he wrestled so long ago that it's hard to make comparisons across that many generations. and Eric Juergens. ;)
  12. Great stuff...gives you goose bumps.
  13. yes, M2 socks are already up on the site http://cmpclothing.com/magic-man/
  14. The WVU AD (Luck) said "Turnbull’s contract as head wrestling coach will not be renewed for next season". Seems like an involuntary retirement to me.
  15. Cox IS the "Logan Stieber like wrestler" How quickly we forget this kid has a win over a junior world freestyle champ not that long ago. Technically, he wasn't a World JR freestyle champ when Cox beat him. Those two events occured over a year apart.
  16. One of those AD salaries sticks out like a sore thumb. Vanderbilt. I know it's an en expensive/exclusive school and all, but 3.24 million a year...really? Hard to imagine they're getting their moneys worth. That one's a little misleading because the traditional AD role is only one of his responsibilities. He's also a tenured full professor of law, serves as Vandy's general counsel, and is involved in some other important administrative roles. I believe his official job title is Vice Chancellor for University Affairs and Athletics. . I see. I also missed the following note at the bottom: VANDERBILT: During the period covered by the university's most recently available federal tax return, Williams was vice chancellor for university affairs and athletics; general counsel and university secretary for Vanderbilt and its medical center; tenured law professor . School pay includes $2,009,952 distribution during the 2010 calendar year of money accrued in a supplemental executive retirement plan that was part of Williams' initial offer to join the university in 2000. School pay also includes another $193,921 in retirement and deferred compensation. As of July 2012, Williams' title changed to vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director; he no longer had the roles of general counsel and university secretary, but he remains a tenured law professor.
  17. One of those AD salaries sticks out like a sore thumb. Vanderbilt. I know it's an en expensive/exclusive school and all, but 3.24 million a year...really? Hard to imagine they're getting their moneys worth.
  18. Exactly, IMO the officials (#9 & #13) had absolutely no basis to deny the challenge . The espn3 replay is here (scroll to just before 1:07) http://espn.go.com/watchespn/player/_/id/1657439/ The announcer (Bryan Hazard) sounds just as dumbfounded as to why the challenge was not allowed..."too late"...too late?. :roll: ...go figure.
  19. Maybe that will be the first branch on the Sanderson coach tree. Next would be Taylor taking over somewhere after his freestyle career. Casey Cunningham to MSU would be a solid branch as well.
  20. :lol: cleaning coffee off of my keyboard...
  21. These guys are great. They used to do this for Flo...what happened?
  22. It's been happening to me all season. see old Tech Issues forum thread... viewtopic.php?f=24&t=244267 the answer I got from the admin back in November is also quoted below
  23. Same as the finalists when Branch won in '94. His opponent (Laszlo Molnar - Cal State-Fullerton) was also unseeded.
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