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  1. I'm picturing this guy hilarious...what a tool.
  2. JB, I didn't see this yet and I'm getting "Error establishing a database connection" when I go to your link. Is it still available?
  3. I believe he was signed to go to Maryland, but wasn't able to gain admittance in the Fall.
  4. The same could be said for Carter, yet they gave him the #4 seed. I think Gimp gave the REAL reason Ugi didn't get a seed. Too many letters.
  5. I think that's a GREAT idea BigRed. Another possible lead (or partner with NWCA) is the Beat the Streets organization. Any detractors (ADs, Univ Presidents, etc) would have a hard time opposing the positive/PC message BTS brings to the table.
  6. piggy

    Seed 184

    you have Taco Bell to blame
  7. Bob: Pretty sure Ugi shouldn't be listed here. He won the SoCon, and should have already qualified, correct?
  8. Same goes for UPenn. A case that comes to mind is when returning all-american Rick Springman was allowed an in-school deferral year as an upperclassman, in order to take a mandatory (for his MechEng major) robotics class with a daily lab that directly conflicted with wrestling practice.
  9. Make sure and wave! A few years back I stayed to watch Gabriel Dretsch vs Blake Mauer when they had to rewrestle their match. I think I was about the only person left in the building watching the match! No, I was there too JT, but I remember thinking the same thing. Just a few fans, family & coaching staff was there to watch it. I was sitting next to Ross Thatcher and the seats around us were so empty, I looked down at my feet and noticed a few large/overfed mice had made there way out from behind the bleachers, looking for crumbs. It turned out to be a pretty exciting match.
  10. hammerlock see Illustration page WR-91 in the rulebook http://news.theopenmat.com/wp-content/u ... K_2013.pdf
  11. +1 that quote says it all
  12. wrestlingstats lists Esposito as 25-5 his freshman year. Lost to Ware in the Big12 finals and went 3-2 at NCAAs (made Rd12)
  13. This shows his record as a freshman was 30-5. He was 3rd at nationals and 1st at big tens, so that makes 4 regular season losses. http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-wrestl/stats/061604aad.html From that same link...looks like Joe Scarpello had an undefeated, NCAA championship freshman year...12 wins was all it took ;) 175 pounds Joe Scarpello Iowa's first two time NCAA champion... third wrestler in Big Ten history to win four conference titles... placed second as a sophomore and third as a junior... national AAU champ in 1942... career record was 51-5. Year W-L-D NCAA Finish 1946-47 12-0-0 1st 1947-48 18-4-0 3rd 1948-49 10-1-0 2nd 1949-50 11-0-0 1st
  14. per wrestlingstats.com, Kellan was 32-7 his freshman year.
  15. http://www.middletownwellness.com/staff_bios In a perfect world, if Boston U wasn't canning their program, he'd be a logical choice to replace Adams when he retires.
  16. Loder's loss vs. ODU shrinks the list down to six wrestlers
  17. yes, he beat Zach Horan in the AAA finals at 125
  18. +1 I really I like this idea too Adam. Fewer breaks in action may also mean conditioning becomes more of a factor than it already is in OT. Do you think the NCAA rules committee would also need to include a point of emphasis on the need to actually call stalling in these 1 minute ride out periods?
  19. Sure he work on it in practice, but if he wants to test his ability to get out on bottom vs unfamiliar competition (meaning someone he doesn't go against every day in the room) he should be choosing bottom in opens. Maybe we disagree on the primary purpose of opens for RS freshman...I think they should be about development...not just winning. There will undoubtedly come a time when he will need to choose bottom and be able to escape....ask Perry or Brown how important a skill it is in the numerous number of TBs they've been involved in.
  20. i won't speak for gutfirst, but yes IMO, a RS year of open competition is where a freshman should be honing his skills in all areas, especially getting out on the bottom.
  21. for what reason? i love that he takes neutral. the decision to take bottom is vastly overrated. it's 1 stinking point. Yes, one's ability to transition from HS to College wrestling in regard to getting out on bottom is vastly overrated...just ask Jimmy Gulibon ;) Seriously though, it only matters in the close matches...obviously if BoJo is taking his opponents down at will it doesn't mean squat.
  22. I take it you're not a big fan of Marable... :roll:
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