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  1. 197 Richard Perry (Bloomsburg) over Travis Rutt (Oklahoma) Fall 4:17 interesting result...nice win, considering Perry gets little mention around here as title threat
  2. reviewing the video replay...the Japanese wrestler on deck and coach are blocking the view with about 3:45 on the clock and JB winning 1-0, then inexplicably the video skips forward to 5:27 on the clock w/Nick winning 2-1 just before he scores a counter TD on the edge to go up 4-1...wtf happened :evil: ...how did Marable score his first TD?
  3. JB is on now in repech. vs Batyrov (Rus) JB wins by tf 10-0
  4. Good one IA_Hawk... also found it way back on the first page. The other thing I noticed, scrolling back thru all previous posts :arrow: Mike Evans is by far the most looked-alike subject
  5. I know of at least one other...there are probably more.
  6. The announcers for the Rutgers home duals are usually pretty good...not sure if they're students though.
  7. most likely out due to the knee injury suffered during his bout with DAlton....
  8. +1 beat me to it....can't imagine a 1x champ with better overall career accomplishments.
  9. Emeev was injured vs Kevin Tao, when Tao hit what looked like a desperation cement mixer/gator roll toward the end of the 2nd pd. Emeev fought it off and earned 4pts to earn the tech, but was injured in the process. Hopefully the exit via backboard was just precautionary and he's OK...
  10. piggy

    PSU v MSU

    Dream draw...how do you figure? He was seeded 12th...and finished R12, as expected.
  11. per twitter, Kyle Snyder has received an invitation... https://twitter.com/Snyder_man45
  12. piggy

    PSU v MSU

    looks like the flu bug is hitting PSU pretty hard with Gingrich and Mega having to sit....apparently Nico didn't even make the trip out to Mich. Good opportunity to see what Jordan can do down @125. Must be nice to have such depth. Hopefully we'll get to see them @ or near full strength vs the Gophers next weekend.
  13. said the guy who joined last night, with a whopping 3 posts... :roll:
  14. If Cleveland State sacks its wrestling program it would cetranly be a shame, especially considering the site selected for the 2018 ncaa tournament, although I see they aren't listed as the offical host.... :(
  15. Yep, another great year for the FR, add McMullan (3rd), D.Alton (3rd), C.Dardanes (4th), Tessari (4th)...
  16. Yep, another great year for the FR, add McMullan (3rd), D.Alton (3rd), C.Dardanes (4th), Tessari (4th)...
  17. see my post above on 1999, where Heskett and Cael were both #1 NCAA seeds. Two on the same team...impressive.
  18. Oh boy, here we go again. ;) Seems fairly obvious he's referring to the four freshman who've knocked off defending NCAA champs (Retherford, Coon, Dean, and Gilman)
  19. ahem....(getting back to the original topic).. Looking back, a few comparable years for freshman bursting onto the scene are: 1993 with true freshmen Cary Kolat (NCAA 2nd, as a 4 seed), Lincoln McIlravy (NCAA champ, as a 5 seed), and RSFR Markus Mollica (NCAA champ, as a 3 seed) 1999 with RSFR Joe Heskett (NCAA 3rd, as a 1 seed), Cael Sanderson (NCAA champ, as a 1 seed), and Bryan Snyder (NCAA 4th, as a 5 seed)
  20. his only other loss thus far his best wins are over McIntosh (2x) and Rosholt (2x)
  21. hammer: I remember walking by and stopping to watch one of your NCAA wins @Princeton in '81...can't recall who it was against, but you seemed pumped when you came off the mat, so it must've been a mild upset. Your cheap tilt series was the difference in that match...where'd you learn it from..."Mean" Gene?
  22. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudy_Ruettiger "Ruettiger was carried off the field by his teammates following the game. Ruettiger was one of two players in Notre Dame history to ever be carried off the field by his teammates."
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