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  1. hammer

    Abbey Rd

  2. hammer

    Was Heil pinned?

    Heil was pinned, plain and simple - gutless no call by the ref from the "show me state"
  3. hammer

    Flo's FB page

    Looks like Flo's Facebook page has been hacked or maybe taken over by ____________?
  4. hammer

    Rasheed just pinned Chad Welch!

    https://youtu.be/CW3ca4OhHFk?list=PLOwws1s1eL3EZorG43Qu59xqgg6DaLPfx Rasheed vs Welch match
  5. hammer

    Rasheed just pinned Chad Welch!

    rashid got the takedown rode welch and hit a cross face cradle to get the first period fall
  6. hammer

    Best ever college match

    Okie State Freshman Dave Schultz vs UM's Mark Churella NCAA Semi Finals at Univ Md was a great match. I saw that one live. would love to watch it again...
  7. hammer

    leg lace is BS

    you talking to me?
  8. hammer

    Jason Bryant

    great report JB, nicely laid out, and skewered
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  10. hammer

    Really bad call and Matt Brown is a $%&*

    Browns has always been a class guy - in his post-finals presser he said in a self deprecating way "as a kid you dream of getting up to the plate for the championship and hitting a home run, but sometimes you just get a bunt (to win)"
  11. hammer

    Finals thread

    Willy is smiling down!!!
  12. hammer

    Finals thread

    WOW trap arm trip
  13. hammer

    tOSU - 2015 NCAA Team Champions

    congrats to Tom Ryan and the tOSU tribe
  14. hammer

    Is Edinboro the best team in Pennsylvania?

    Boro Boys move past Iowa to second