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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUpG_ivgGrp/?taken-by=baybeemarky_psu
  2. Heil was pinned, plain and simple - gutless no call by the ref from the "show me state"
  3. Looks like Flo's Facebook page has been hacked or maybe taken over by ____________?
  4. https://youtu.be/CW3ca4OhHFk?list=PLOwws1s1eL3EZorG43Qu59xqgg6DaLPfx Rasheed vs Welch match
  5. rashid got the takedown rode welch and hit a cross face cradle to get the first period fall
  6. Okie State Freshman Dave Schultz vs UM's Mark Churella NCAA Semi Finals at Univ Md was a great match. I saw that one live. would love to watch it again...
  7. great report JB, nicely laid out, and skewered
  8. hammer


  9. Browns has always been a class guy - in his post-finals presser he said in a self deprecating way "as a kid you dream of getting up to the plate for the championship and hitting a home run, but sometimes you just get a bunt (to win)"
  10. Willy is smiling down!!!
  11. congrats to Tom Ryan and the tOSU tribe
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