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  1. Cedeno

    Bracket Update

    Got the consolation to work, thanks. It is unbelievable that the ncaa site is not updated yet.
  2. Cedeno

    Bracket Update

    For some reason I can't get the consolation bracket to appear only the championship bracket.
  3. Cedeno

    Bracket Update

    Kind of hoping for a printable PDF bracket.
  4. Cedeno

    Bracket Update

    Where can I find the updated brackets. The ncaa.com page is still not updated.
  5. Which wrestler did not qualify this year. Looking at the results all the wrestlers finished within the automatic qualifiers.
  6. Cedeno

    Perry Strong

    Saw Perry Strong on the back of coaches jackets and at first thought what is that, duh of course they are supporting Richard Perry. Very cool.
  7. Cedeno


    What happened to www.wrestlestat.com I can't seem to get to the site anymore. It was starting to become a great reference for me.
  8. Cedeno

    Has Penn State put it away?

    Was Oklahoma State deducted a team point? Team score shows 86 but I add up 87 points.
  9. Cedeno

    Iowa Team Score

    Was Iowa deducted a team point? It shows them with 77.5 but when I calculate each individual points I come up with 78.5.
  10. Cedeno

    Wrestlers eating at the buffet right now?

    I can't stop laughing over that one. :lol:
  11. Cedeno

    Simmons Back to Freestyle at 60KG

    Enjoy watching Simmons wrestling, always exciting. When was the last time we saw freestyle scores of 11-9 and 11-6 Jensen match?
  12. Cedeno

    Simmons Back to Freestyle at 60KG

    Is Tyler Graff injured, I don't see him listed in the brackets?