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  1. John Smith- John Fisher went three matches in the trials in 92
  2. I feel like Gable should watch the 1950 film "The Night and the City." Gregorius could get him back on track.
  3. Amazing performance by Iran. That they did it over Russia in Russia speaks volumes as well.
  4. All the above is correct. I do feel like the US is taking steps though. Other countries are too. I feel like women's wrestling is a sleeping dragon and it's really not understood how huge it will become.
  5. --Sadulaev is the most respected but did not look great in his last outing, forfeiting in the finals --Sharifov has had some very high highs in his career, but has looked inconsistent over the past year and a half, then looked great recently --Mohammadian has been dominant whenever wrestling opponents outside of his own country. Seems poised to make a big run here, but it's got to happen first --Snyder has losses to all of the above in the last quad, but knows how to peak. It's going to be a lot of fun to follow.
  6. Cadet Girls looking like they will have a perfect day. They should either win 1st place outright or tie w India.
  7. Both the male and female teams have been very impressive. I had heard somewhere that the Indian Wrestling Federation got some kind of big corporate sponsorship several years ago. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? It was mentioned during the commentary at one of the world championships or something. Whatever they are doing, it's working. I also have to wonder is some of this is the effect of the gargantuan success of the movie, "Dangal" about the Phogat sisters.
  8. JB has been at the same weight since 2011. I have to think that making weight all that time isn't easy and has affected some of his performances. I really think he should consider 79KG for worlds. I could see him cranking out another gold or two there...
  9. I had heard there was a controversial match that Karelin won at the 1999 World Championships in Greece. Perhaps it was the semi final against Mureiko of Bulgaria in the semis which is listed as a 2-0 overtime win for Karelin on the UWW database. The story was to the effect hat Mureiko got his arm raised but then they reviewed the tape and gave the match to Karelin. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. Burroughs has been at 74KG since 2011 and, although he's still great, I think that has had the biggest impact on his wrestling for the past few years. IMHO his weakest two matches at the last worlds were his first two, the ones closest to the weigh in. The trouble is he's not really big enough for 86KG- looked very small next to DT. 79KG is unfortunately not an Olympic weight, but that's where it seems like he'd shine the brightest at this point.
  11. "The Night and the City" (the original) is probably the biggest defender of amateur wrestling of all time. "Dat is what I do to your....clowns!"
  12. There are state rankings, but they are just that rankings. The filmmakers wrongly thought they impacted the state qualification process.
  13. The filmmakers spent a lot of time making it seem like your record during the regular season impacted if you qualified for the states. A lot of high school sports are like that, so it would make sense that this might be their default understanding. But even the smallest amount of research or just talking to the coaches they were interviewing would have explained that the wrestling post-season is different.
  14. I saw this when it came out. Good movie. I hate to nitpick, but I think the filmmakers have no idea how qualifying for the state tournament works.
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