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  1. I believe Vinesh pinned Hildebrandt earlier this year. It was back and forth and I think she'll make adjustments, but yes, very tough match. Vinesh is the cousin of Geeta and Babita Phogat, whom the $312 million worldwide hit movie, "Dangal," was based on.
  2. I think the dominance of the women's team in Japan has ignited the men's programs. Both freestyle and greco have been on a steady uptick. The Japanese media treats the womens' team like the Beatles. It's both crazy and awesome.
  3. When I put my list together for this, I tried not to be too homer-y. I usually allow myself one. Last year, I picked Dake even though he had a loss to Gazi. This year, I picked Burroughs.
  4. Congrats to Zain. Best of luck to him at the Worlds. He was so close to beating Batirov in 2017 and it looks like he's made much progress since then.
  5. This is indeed what he wrote in his book. Prior to that, I had heard he was injured in an early match but was able to keep winning until he got to the semis. That match was on Facebook at one point and I watched it. To me, it looked like Mark couldn't push off of one leg, so the injury explanation made sense. The match was recreated in the movie Foxcatcher, I believe with Mustafar Abdurakmanov portraying the wrestler from Turkey. The match in the movie just showed some quick footage, but it looked like the actual match, with the Turkish wrestler exposing Mark back and forth.
  6. Obviously, conditioning alone doesn't win matches. After they finished second in 2017, there was a lot of talk of them vowing to be in better shape for 2018. They appeared to have lived up to that. 2016 also saw Geduev and Boltukaev blow big leads at the Olympics. Because of Russia's insane depth, going to 10 weights helps them. In 2017, it felt like if we were going to beat them, that was the year to do it, because it would be harder with the additional weight classes. USA had a great tourney last year and it wasn't enough. The Russian team has always seemed very strategic. Uguev was had a deep understanding of Takahashi's offense and shut it down. Very impressive. Russian coaches come up with good gameplans and their athletes execute them well. Also, they show up each year with unexpected moves. In 2014, it seemed like their whole team was suddenly hitting fireman's carries. I hadn't seen Sadulaev hit that barrel roll before last year, but in addition to the finals, he hit in the quarters.
  7. After the US won in 2017, Russia blamed their performance on poor conditioning - that they lost too many matches in the second period and ran out of steam. It's worth noting that they lived up to their promise to be in better shape in 2018. The second period was not a problem for them. Even though they lost the match, Rashidov pushed the action in the second period in the 61KG final. Gazimagomedov was down big to Baritov but came back to win, Sidakov won in the second period agasint Chamizo and Burroughs, Uguev was in great shape, etc. Russia is usually good enough defensively that they can score early and hold on to win, but they kept active whistle to whistle for the most part. Perhaps Kurugliev was outconditioned by Taylor and Yazdani, but everyone is.
  8. After the call had been made and the two start wrestling again two more points randomly go up for Ramonov...
  9. This was the most talked about match at 2015 FS seniors.
  10. He has a cross body ride with a leg thrown in.
  11. A knee bouncing off the mat meets criteria for a TD from that position.
  12. It's my understanding that stepping on the foot to snatch a single isn't legal. But it's tough to catch it in the heat of the action, so he gets away with it. That said, I've seen a wrestler caught by the other coaches (not Yazdani) and the challenge brick thrown, the video watched, the foot-stepping seen and the challenge denied, so I'm not sure.
  13. knee touching the mat is criteria for a takedown. That's why the one ref was asking to freeze it there. Ridiculous.
  14. I kind of felt this one was the worst. Reza clearly has two, the video shows it and we see the one ref refusing to accept it. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/video/detail/khetag-goziumov-aze-df-reza-mohammad-ali-yazdani-iri-2-1/
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