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  1. jmachinder

    Koll on the Call

    if no officials agree, no points should go on the board. If points wrongly go on the board, the match should be stopped immediately. If points wrongly go on the board and the match is not stopped, throw the whole match away. The officials and scorekeeper have made it worthless.
  2. jmachinder

    Koll on the Call

    Yes, they should have stopped the match. The wrong score on the scoreboard trumps a potential scoring situation. You simply can't have wrestlers wrestling under the impression that the score is something it isn't.
  3. jmachinder

    The call

    The more I think about it, the more I think that situations like this are why the five second rule is in place. If a coach feels the officials blew it and a closer review will get it right, throw the brick then and there. Take your chances with the understanding that if you lose the challenge, you will give up an additional point. There is an actual risk in challenging the officials, which is what you want. This eliminates things like a coach throwing in the brick to give his athlete a lung break. In this situation, if Zain scored a td or exposure in the last 40 seconds, he'd win on criteria even with no review of the sequence. (He had a four pointer) His team decided not to challenge the sequence when it happened and take that risk. Only after Zain wasn't able to score in the remaining 40 seconds of the match (thus winning even with the scoreboard having the score that it had) did they throw in the brick. And in looking at the video of their corner, they were challenging "the first one," (though Zain himself looks like he thought there was an exposure at the end.) By waiting till then, team Zain is taking zero risk in challenging. They've already lost on the scoreboard, so even if the review doesn't go their way, giving up the extra point by losing the challenge doesn't change anything. That is kind of gaming the system.
  4. jmachinder

    The call

    Another reason you have to stop the match immediately if the score is wrong is for situations that are different than what happened in this match, but happen frequently. If a wrestler is behind on the scoreboard by one point, but is actually behind by two points, they get in on a shot near the edge with short time left. They can "win the match" with a step out rather than go for the takedown. No one could fault the wrestler for going for the step out, but they would be doing so because of wrongly being told what the score was. The score on the scoreboard does influence how a wrestler wrestles a match that's why it's important to get it right or correct it as soon as it's wrong.
  5. jmachinder

    The call

    This is such a strange situation. None of the three officials scored the sequence the same. When that happens, I think the action needs to be stopped immediately. At the very least, no points should go on the scoreboard. Putting two and two on the board when two of the three officials did not score it that way simply should not have happened. That is a gargantuan mistake. If I had to guess, I'd say whomever was running the scoreboard thought "Well, two of the three had blue scoring so I'll split the difference." You simply can't have wrestlers wrestling when the score on the scoreboard does not reflect the points actually awarded or not awarded by two of the three officials. I do think Yianni was done an injustice here, but just as easily, Zain, thinking he was losing 8-6, could have been overly aggressive and given up points. That would be 100 percent just as bad, but it probably wouldn't have come up since it would have been 10-6 and the challenge wouldn't have changed the outcome of the match.
  6. jmachinder

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    How about "The Tactician" He is just so good at match management and being in the moment. While some wrestlers are great at acting out in-advance strategies, J'Den is simply brilliant at reading the landscape of the match in front of him as it happens. He makes so many small, smart decisions that all add up in a very meaningful way. I always defined tactics as being reactive and J'Den is simply a master at doing the right thing that second.
  7. jmachinder

    Your favorite wrestler who never won it all

    John Fisher
  8. jmachinder

    2017 Worlds

    Leading up to the 2017 Worlds, it was already known that 2018 would have ten weights instead of just eight. This was great news - not only because it would allow more US wrestlers to compete, but also athletes for other countries and give them more chances to medal and see success. It also made me think that if USA is going to win a team title, they need to do it this year, since ten weights will allow Russia to utilize their insane depth more fully. It really is nuts that we won three gold, a silver, three bronze and a fifth place this year and that wasn't enough to win the title. Hats off to Russia. Wow. USA has made huge strides in recent years and I think the two biggest factors have been the RTCs and an increased focus on juniors and cadets training with seniors. If you look at their performance at junior worlds, Russia's depth clearly isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so we need to make sure we keep cultivating our younger wrestlers as well.
  9. jmachinder

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Sadulaev hit the move earlier in the tournament. He clearly had been adding it to his arsenal - wisely. It takes a lot of energy to finish shots straight on against bigger guys.
  10. jmachinder

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    I believe Larry Gotcher used to hit that move. Sadulaev used it early in the tourney also.
  11. jmachinder

    King Dynamite

    Helen has done it twice I believe.
  12. he better be ready not to walk into an arm throw.
  13. jmachinder

    MFS Team Race - This session will decide it

    And the bronze win by Russia seals it up. They now have 163 points. USA can only get 155.
  14. jmachinder

    MFS Team Race - This session will decide it

    all of the official scores on the media sites aren't including the 8 point. I'm including it above in the 133 Total I've given them. They are listed at 145 now, but it's really 153. They have five wrestlers left going for medals (57,65, 70, 79, 97), with each win being five points. We have 140 points right now with four wrestlers going for medals (57, 79, 92 and 97)
  15. jmachinder

    MFS Team Race - This session will decide it

    Green losing basically ends the hunt for team USA without Russia losing a number of big upsets. Right now it's 133 Russia, 130 USA (They still haven't counted Russia's 8 points at 92KG) If Russia wins both semis and Snyder wins his, that makes it 153 140- Russia. If Russia wins their three medal matches and USA wins all three of theirs, that makes it 168-155 Russia. If Russia wins the title at 70KG, that would make it 173 - 155 heading into Snyder-Sadulaev with 5 points on the line.