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  1. "The Night and the City" (the original) is probably the biggest defender of amateur wrestling of all time. "Dat is what I do to your....clowns!"
  2. There are state rankings, but they are just that rankings. The filmmakers wrongly thought they impacted the state qualification process.
  3. The filmmakers spent a lot of time making it seem like your record during the regular season impacted if you qualified for the states. A lot of high school sports are like that, so it would make sense that this might be their default understanding. But even the smallest amount of research or just talking to the coaches they were interviewing would have explained that the wrestling post-season is different.
  4. I saw this when it came out. Good movie. I hate to nitpick, but I think the filmmakers have no idea how qualifying for the state tournament works.
  5. Mohammadian had a great tournament. Very impressive physically and technically. Completely TBD if he can keep it up. Snyder has never gone undefeated in a year. TBD if he can bounce back like he has in the past.
  6. Worst draw of all time. Brett Haas of Iowa in the Greco Junior Nationals at Fargo. 1st round, Kyle Snyder, 2nd round, J'Den Cox
  7. Nothing touches Timasetheus of Croton beating Milo of Croton at the Olympics in 512 BC.
  8. I know this doesn't mean much, but I find it interesting. Sadulaev beat Sharifov 4-0 this year. Cox beats Karmi 4-0 this year. Karimi beat Sharifov 7-0 last year at worlds.
  9. Aside from Sidakov, JB has beaten everyone who has beaten him at least twice (Marable, Dake, Imar, Gudeuv, Chamizo, Tsargush, Abdurakmanov)
  10. Micic vs. Alti was a great match. Good wrestling by both guys.
  11. I don't think Fix should have been put on the second shot clock but was super impressed with Takahashi's ability to sense when Dayton's inside trip was coming and slip his leg away every time.
  12. Otoguro is a monster - his set-up-to-four-point-doubles are amazing. In a matchup with Zain, the old Gable quote of "The more you're in on his legs, the less he's in on yours" is very true. Pressure him and make him play defense the whole first period. Otoguro is not the type of wrestler to hold onto a lead either - he just keeps going. If Zain cranks up the pace, he'll go right with him. Maybe Otoguro run out of gas. Easy strategy to type, super tough the execute. Of course IF they meet each other...No gimmes in this bracket.
  13. Smart match with lots of great wrestling. Good use of the challenge by the coaches and good to see the officials see that Jacarra didn't expose on the review.
  14. shocking that there's no gold for the Japanese women this year at 50KG, 53KG 55KG...
  15. I believe Vinesh pinned Hildebrandt earlier this year. It was back and forth and I think she'll make adjustments, but yes, very tough match. Vinesh is the cousin of Geeta and Babita Phogat, whom the $312 million worldwide hit movie, "Dangal," was based on.
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