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  1. Coach_J

    Desanto Team Point

    I'd say a drastic change in his behavior. He never once tried to throw the flying kimura.
  2. Coach_J

    Celebrations: response to Gf and Ash

    And we old-timers know this would never have been an issue with a man like Lee Kemp. We had very few team rules when I was competing, and they were pretty simple. Class act. Act like you expected to win. Shake hands the same way whether you win or lose. Ahhh, the times they are a changin'....
  3. Coach_J

    JB will be in Siberia!

    The Beeb-Man would be odds-on favorite for gold. Tough to work too many tournaments in considering his concert schedule.
  4. Coach_J

    How does this make you feel?

    I am looking forward to the bout but don't see much to talk about in the brief video clip. I don't think he's sending an indirect message specifically to Fix, just caught up in the moment after a win. Could be wrong, but would be a stretch to turn this into bulletin board material. JMHO
  5. Coach_J

    Iran Wrestling News

    This is one of the best long-running threads on this forum. Keep the insights coming, brothers!
  6. Coach_J

    JB will be in Siberia!

    Is Sidakov competing?
  7. Coach_J

    Excape? WTF?

    Why don't you axe them why they do this?
  8. Good luck, champ, and enjoy the retirement. Well-earned.
  9. Coach_J

    Fave non-favorite teams

    Echo some of the above. Happy to see Northwestern doing well--they were supposed to be dead in the water a few years back but have proven otherwise. Love Cornell, the individual technique and styles, Vito, Yanni, et al. Also love following some D-II and D-III programs, which usually fly under the radar but some great wrestling.
  10. Coach_J

    Teasdale entered in Scuffle Attached

    Maybe I missed something and I'm not being flippant, but how do you leave school and retain academic eligibility? Had he completed a full academic term, finals and all? All the talk made it sound like he left campus to work on his health but perhaps I misinterpreted.
  11. Coach_J

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    The fact that he dropped a n-bomb on a fellow ref in public and still had a job doesn't suggest blatant racism was taken too seriously.
  12. Coach_J

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Completely missed my point. I directly addressed the idea that all you have to do is lodge a complaint with the local ref association and the problem (whether racial or otherwise) will be fairly administered. Doesn't work that way. If (and I say "if" because I don't know) the ref association in NJ this ref works through is a good-old-boy network and he has pals he parties with in high places, a good chance nothing would happen to him. That is, if this incident did not garner national attention like it has. When you've got someone like Jordan Burroughs weighing in, pretty hard to make the situation go away.
  13. Coach_J

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Some of you have no idea how "confidential" complaints or evaluations regarding referees can work. Over many years our staff would have refs approach us and demand to know why we gave them the evaluation grades we did--this was all supposed to be anonymous. The head of the local refs association thought this was funny and purposely assigned refs to us who would be antagonistic and we were on the wrong end of too many bogus "judgment" calls to mention. After a while we just quit doing the evaluations because the end result was that our kids were getting screwed for the coaching staff's honesty. I don't know the situation in NJ, but if it's anything like what we experienced lodging a complaint would have made everything worse.
  14. Coach_J

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    Our guys always wrestled if they met in the finals, particularly early season. No coaching allowed for either guy--saved us wasting time with a wrestle-off.
  15. Coach_J

    Clarion 1973

    Might throw in some of the NAIA greats, guys like Bobby Douglas of West Liberty and Gray Simons of Lock Haven among others.