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  1. The words "NO WAR" may have gotten him some heat from Comrade Putrid. Remember, it's a "special military operation."
  2. Guys, you're not in Kansas anymore!
  3. I stand corrected: https://patch.com/massachusetts/winchester/winchesters-coach-tremblay-enters-wrestling-hall-fame-0
  4. Per a teammate: "The WWE offered him a decent amount of money to be in the developing program NEXT USA couldn’t match the salary he was getting so he’s moving to Orlando" Tough to compete with WWE cash.
  5. Just completed a whirlwind training and competition trip to Sweden, but there's a cool backstory. In 1978, when I was 16, I was on a US team that toured Denmark and Sweden to train and compete for two weeks. I met people who, unbeknownst to me at the time, would become friends for life, namely Christer Persson, who eventually became the chairman of the Swedish Wrestling Federation. In 1979-80, two Swedish wrestlers from Vasteras attended my high school as exchange students. In 1980, Christer brought his Swedish wrestlers from Vasteras to my club in Ohio for two weeks. In 1980 -81, my coach Corky Marcelli and I came back to Vasteras to train for one full year with Christer and his team in Vasteras. In 1994, Christer and his Vasteras team came to The University of Findlay where I was head coach. In 1996, I took The University of Findlay wrestlers back to Vasteras to train with Christer for two weeks. In 2015, Christer and his wife, Susanne, blessed us with a visit us to our home in Michigan after he attended the World Championships in Vegas as head of the Swedish delegation. That brings us to 2022, when I was part of organizing taking a group of 35 from the Metro Detroit area back to Vasteras to keep the tradition alive. I've always wanted young people to have the chance I did way back in 1978, and the trip was fantastic. Now, plans are in place for June-July 2023 for Christer and the Vasteras team to Michigan for two weeks. The tradition continues. Over 44 years of friendship, training and competition. This sport makes anything possible and transcends languages, borders, and differences. *The black and white photo is from '78. In the back row is Tomas Johansson, who went on to win a world title and medal in the Olympics.
  6. I think Dan technically has a year of eligibility left since frosh could not compete back then, but his DI timeclock is definitely out so he'd have to go DII, DIII, or NAIA (Grand View probably his first choice). Overall, with double hip replacements, I hope he reconsiders.
  7. Who knows if he's "the guy" for the future but keep some facts in mind. A matter of months ago he was cutting to 141 in a make weight every week grind; let him adjust to a new regimen and new rhythm to his training cycle. Likewise, just months ago he was working on riding and escaping with 100% focus as part of his preparation; give him time to adjust to a new focus in his training and drilling and match preparation. I would say wait until the next WTT cycle and see how he has adjusted without having just switched from folk. He's a great kid with a tremendous work ethic and a great training environment for as long as he sticks with it--give him a few more cycles before digging his grave or, equally true, anointing him as heir apparent.
  8. Le yawn... Never has a man done so little and generated so much talk.
  9. The Michalak connection--Roy beat Wynn at NCAA's to earn AA status.
  10. He gone.... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-61319922?fbclid=IwAR3GcIgKYqhosucE30HcVzS1exqDGiDDGxHDGMyQyuB-GARQPtLY6e0pc6Y
  11. RJ was never a state champ but he was a gamer. As I recall, he beat Roy in wrestle-offs but the staff went with their scholarship man Roy as the starter. As you mention, he transfers to MSA and beats Roy and takes 3rd in the Big 10; Roy would later AA at 197. RJ now doing a nice job coaching at Lowell HS.
  12. Regarding losses, Pitt's Rande Stottlemyer placed 6th on three occasions (1974, 1975, and 1978), and went 2-2 in his other appearance (1976), for a total of 11 losses in 4 meets. On the positive, he won 13 total bouts at nationals. I think about 6 of his losses were medical forfeits after he ensured placement; he wrestled with a lot of injuries but was a gamer and a very positive person. Beyond being a tough wrestler he was an accomplished coach as well and left us too soon.
  13. Germans call wrestling "ringen," like being in the ring or circle. In Swedish it's brottning (sometimes translated as "tackling"), in Russian borba (simply translated meaning "fight"), lucha in Spanish, many others I've run into but forgotten. Got me thinking and I found this site: https://indifferentlanguages.in/word/romanian/aade20f/grappling.
  14. Some missed extra points and blown 2-point conversions in those Brands/Gilbert slugfests...
  15. Just a tad less than being Mean Gene Glass, who "placed" fourth without winning a bout!
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