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  1. This was not an especially gifted or experienced group outside of Hancock and Schultz, and, as was pointed out, Schultz is very young. The way they were getting lit up and not scoring, though, is a concern as it pertains to their preparation. Hard to see any silver linings in this performance. Our system for greco is broken (I say broken because we did win a World senior team title in 2007--something was being down right at that time, and it IS possible to win for us).
  2. Coach_J

    "I don't know what the Gavin situation is...."

    So is Teasdale still on the team? In school? https://gopsusports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9046
  3. Coach_J

    Midlands Train Wreck Dead Tourney Walking

    Too little too late. They already turned away a lot of smaller schools with great wrestlers who found better fits, particularly in terms of travel and budget. In their heyday, there was little justification for letting in a D-I team that couldn't win a match with 15 people entered and a slew of post-grads versus a, non-D-I team that scored. If it were only about D-I, then get rid of all non-D-I, all post-grads, and all horrible teams that couldn't win a bout. Not the way they played it back in the day. JMHO
  4. Coach_J

    Midlands Train Wreck Dead Tourney Walking

    I had petitioned for years to bring a team and was finally awarded two (yes, two) spots. I had a placer and the other guy went 2-2 (one of his losses being to Fried). Basically, my two guys won more matches than numerous programs allowed full rosters. I asked based on our performance to allow us to bring more competitors but was denied while the crap teams were still allowed to bring full squads. Made my future scheduling decision very easy. No, programs didn't need the Midlands and they'd find far better treatment and competition elsewhere.
  5. Coach_J

    Takuto Otoguro

    What fool would doubt Khuzin???
  6. Coach_J

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    Congrats to Johnny Clark--really putting in a great effort.
  7. Coach_J

    Midlands Train Wreck Dead Tourney Walking

    Just personal experience, but a lot of arrogance there. "You need the Midlands, the Midlands doesn't need you" attitude, and year by year the quality of the field shrank. Lots of personal favors for certain people, the rest of you blank off. The hubris has come back to haunt them.
  8. Coach_J

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    Without a link to an obit I'll just file him with Kentucky Mudflap. Whatever the case, the persona was colorful and added life to the forums.
  9. Coach_J

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    Anyone know his name? Since he was an old-timer I'm curious if I actually knew him outside the forum. Would appreciate any info.
  10. Coach_J

    FS World Champs DNP

    Except when you run a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbor.
  11. Coach_J

    FS World Champs DNP

  12. Great story. He is "too nice"--I find it impossible not to like this guy. Are his brothers wrestlers too? Anyway, thanks for posting.
  13. Coach_J

    Rus Greco beats FS!

    Big congratulations--what domination. I guess if we had to make a critique it would concern the Russian women's team, but you can't rule every style. Well, at least I hope not--give the dang rest a world a chance in something!
  14. I remember well, my friend. I hope all is well with you--may you enjoy a blessed day.