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  1. Lackluster nationals with Snyder the only real big name present--JMHO, but this decision was made a while ago and we the public are just now getting wind of it. “The health and safety of U.S. athletes, coaches and staff is always the No. 1 concern for USA Wrestling." Okay, fair enough, but was there there an outbreak of positive tests of athletes who took part in nationals that would explain hosting that potential super-spreader event but now deciding to not send a contingent to Worlds?
  2. Inside sources saying several fingers mashed in a horrific flute accident playing "Hot Crossed Buns." Waiting to see if it's a career-ender...keep this young man in your thoughts and prayers.
  3. Not questioning Snyder's phenomenal early results. But definite signs of regression, being decked by Sadulaev in 2018 and then totally shut down by Sharifov in 2019. The international guys are figuring him out; superior cardio and weight training power can only take a single leg so far. Now being outwrestled by Gadson before the injury and then Gadson being handled by Moore does not bode well. Can he turn it around? Of course. Unless he grows as a technician, though, not gonna happen. He's always taken some losses at small meets (being beaten by juice freak Boltukaev, etc.) but I think this recent spell is very different. You age quickly at this level. The 24 year old cannot and should not train the same as the 18 year old.
  4. I've worked and trained with Iranian wrestlers over the years since 1978, when I met Abas Arabi Asli, who fled Iran and went first to Czechoslovakia and then to Sweden; he was actually national freestyle champion at 57 kilos in both Czechoslovakia and Sweden. He was a great guy, warm-hearted and generous, having me stay at his home in Stockholm for the weekend before I went home to the US after training in Sweden a year. The team doctor I had in Vasteras, Sweden, was Iranian and treated me very well. I got to know the Iranian staff and fans at the 1995 Worlds in Atlanta and 1996 Olympics--knowledgeable, fair-minded, crazy for wrestling and supportive of great wrestlers from all nations. In none of my dealings with wrestlers or everyday citizens from Iran have I gleaned the idea that Iranians as whole hate the US. My personal anecdotal experience says quite the contrary.
  5. Iranian posters, thank you for your bravery and helping us understand an often mysterious part of the world to us.
  6. Can you give us some insight into this situation? https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/irans-regime-to-execute-wrestling-champion-for-his-peaceful-protest-640389?fbclid=IwAR3hySBtzW0oOGfFK_k-ROGCl4AmigOQDVcrF3oM7BHW2eyLOjSWsXK5YYE
  7. Fantastic and very appreciated--what a time commitment to do so thorough a job. I like how you begin from distance with jab step/level change; too many young kids feel they have to be in ear-to-ear tie up and actually take away their own attack space and opportunities. Keep these vids coming!
  8. At least reveal the type of cheap hooch...so we can avoid it...or perhaps pick up a couple extra bottles at the package store.
  9. Awesome how you have the individual bout results for each tournament the ranked individuals competed in. A wrestling junkie's nirvana! Great stuff.
  10. I've seen many examples, some of the most vivid in track and field. In this one, you can call Anaya a fool or the ultimate example of class and sportsmanship for his actions: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ivan-fernandez-anaya-hone_n_2505360 In this one, the runner also shows great humanity and sportsmanship: https://www.inspiremore.com/ivan-fernandez-anaya-abel-mutai/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/09/29/runner-world-championships-helps-exhausted-rival-finish-race/
  11. Before social media, we only had for the most part anecdotal stories of what guys were like outside the circle, what they would say about opponents, their antics and off-hand comments about anything. Today every utterance is documented or can be, and they can be shared, tweeted, and promoted. The recent slew of loud guys are just now discovering what Muhammad Ali perfected decades ago--controversy sells. Playing the heel (as Ali learned from Gorgeous George the pro wrestler) garners attention, if only in the hopes of seeing the heel get smashed. Might not even be who these guys really are, but if it puts a few more dollars in their pocket, why not sound off. Not saying I'm a fan of it--would rather see results than hear proclamations and attention-grabbing predictions.
  12. Not in my life has a 1-time NCAA 5th placer and a 1-time world 9th placer ever been able to draw as much attention to himself as all the guys who actually won those tournaments combined. Happy trails...
  13. Going by what the original article said, which is that he is 30. Either way, 30 or 32, getting out of sanction purgatory makes him 34 or 36. Time for Dombo to find a new hobby.
  14. Clear explanation of how the qualifiers have been adjusted. Dude really screwed the Army team, as well: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/30/Armed-Forces-Championship-results-changed
  15. A four-year ban at age 30 pretty much means he's done. As Baretta used to say, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/28/Dombrovskiy-USADA-sanction
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