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  1. Iowa Central, Nebraska, Iowa State, Iowa, the OTC and how many RTCs...one NCAA 5th place, one world 9th place to show for it. The coach's fault, a girlfriend's fault, communists' fault, the police's fault, cancel culture's fault, libtards fault, the "haters'" fault (I think I hit the major culprits accused of pooping in his pants). His talent afforded him opportunities others only dream of but he squandered all of them. So many quality people tried to help this guy but he gave in to the back slappers and enablers (chief among them daddy). Hoping one day he grows up and gets his head together, but recent evidence is that is a ways away. He's not yet 30, so there's an increasingly shorter window for this to happen...
  2. Sadulaev has one of the most efficient styles ever. No wasted bouncing around and half shots. All his movements have a purpose. I'm reading comments that "Snyder did all the work" and I'm wondering what bout they were watching. The goal is not to work but to score, and Sadulaev clearly won that battle. And Snyder shoots low single twice and gives up two both times; shoots high crotch once and scores (granted, Sads was up comfortably by that point). Superior tactics and strategy are hard to beat.
  3. Oh, so it was a "poor decision" to go to Sweden to learn greco from guys who only trained greco and to be mentored by a world medalist for an entire year? Not to mention chase around gorgeous, very willing Nordic beauties at night while my ribs healed? Gotcha, chief. If only I'd had that sage advice in my youth I could have avoided such a horrid experience...
  4. Obvious many of you have never defended a seasoned opponent's rib-crunching gut wrench. More to that than "stalling." Defending a legit wrestler's gut-wrench in greco is one of the hardest things you will ever try (harder than in FS, where you can use legs to offset the torque). My first month overseas I could barely breath because my ribs were so trashed from learning how to defend a gut. Those of you who think it is just "stalling," go to the nearest room where they train GR and FS and let's see how long you defend a gut using your "stalling" technique.
  5. He is a pretty quiet guy; the most controversial thing he has done is wear a t-shirt with the image of a dead Armenian soldier killed in the Artsakh war on an awards podium. If I were to guess (and it's only a guess), I think he is disappointed that this might be the end for him and he fell short of his goal. But congratulations to all medalists at 97 k., a brutal weight class.
  6. TMS was superb. Loved the chain wrestle from front headlock to sweep single--just awesome stuff. Congrats on a well-earned gold!
  7. Whatever happened in that bout, Aleksanyan still has a trashed shoulder--had surgery on it but he's taken some serious damage over the years. Most likely very near the end of a great career. Hoping he can pull it together for one final bout tomorrow.
  8. The scary part of playing stupid is that after a while it becomes you default setting. You know damn straight the answer to that question. Snarky rhetorical questions are weak. Her past four golds tell me everything I need to know about her toughness. She has nothing to prove to anyone that matters, especially keyboard warriors. The fact is that she did not have it--whether mentally and physically, no matter. The fact is that in her sport split seconds and centimeters off can kill or maim you. World champion Elena Mukhina broke her leg and was pushed to get ready for the Olympics when she was not ready. She ended up paralyzed and died young. Sorry, not worth it. It happens in other sports. I'm a boxing fan and saw Oliver McCall experience a mental breakdown in the ring and have to stop. Dude had been World Champion. In short, despite being "a coward" he'd kick the sh!t of of anyone on this board with ease. In his sport, people die. You keep going when you're not all there mentally or physically, your life is on the line. And I remember diver Sergei Chalibashvili dying after hitting his head on the platform. In precision sports like that, tenths of inches can be life and death. This is not about "toughing it out" with a torn ACL--been there, done that. And God bless every Kurt Angle who can pull it off, winning a gold with a broken neck (I tried to compete with one and can testify that is one unbelievable feat on Angle's part to do it at that level). It was his choice and it paid off. And we all know the story of Scotty Pippen refusing to go back into a game when the coach called on him--he quit. And in wrestling how often do we see a guy losing in the semis and then just "quit" and default down to 6th--happens in pretty much every major event, so much so that it's no longer surprising and barely questioned. And being from Detroit I have to listen to how Barry Saunders was a "quitter" and could have played another five seasons. Of course, no one is mentioning that officials decided not to reward Biles' degree of difficulty because she was so advanced over the competition. Like telling the pin specialist that we're no longer going to call pins or backpoints because you pin just about everyone. As if the pressure wasn't great enough. Everyone's an expert who's never been in the champion's shoes. And lack of understanding of mental health issues and conditions is vividly illustrated on this thread. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena." Biles chose to not step into arena this time for reasons she knows better than anyone else (even posters on a wrestling chatroom), and that "stumble" is going to leave her judged by some as a "coward," "loser," etc., for the rest of her life. She has more balls than anyone on this thread.
  9. BS. Biles has won four Olympics golds. Bar none has proven herself the best in the world at what she does. No comparison whatsoever. Calling her a coward or even hinting at calling her a coward is, well, cowardly. And Zain won his position fair and square. Some may trash his results, absolutely their right, but he put himself in position through fairly following the system/process in place.
  10. That just earned you an ice cold Stroh's! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE96-9iInlc
  11. So how will people tell us apart???
  12. You put ketchup on a dog in Detroit you in for a ass-whuppin'! Lafayette is THE place for an authentic Detroit Coney: steamed bun, natural casing dog, chopped raw onion, meat chili (no beans), and MUSTARD. Was the staple of assembly line workers back in the 1920s and has kept going strong to this day. Watch out going to the bathroom in the Lafayette--you have to walk down a very narrow stairway into the basement; I am 5'7" and find it tough to squeeze down the stairs. Ask if a guy named Qassim is working--he will do magic tricks with toothpicks that are especially amusing after you've had about 8 IPAs at the Grand Trunk. When you go to pay, the waiter will look at the money you hold out and say, "Yeah, that's enough" and take an amount that is pretty close to what the menu says the price should be.
  13. The only strip clubs I frequent are fully active! But seriously, wouldn't pull a d!ck move like that. I enjoy the camaraderie and storytelling and laughs too much, no matter how vast the differences with other posters. And Michigan Wrestling, the OS typically sets up a huge tent for St. Patty's Day with bands, beer, and general incoherency. A ticket to the tent is VERY expensive though. I'll stick to the Grand Trunk and Jacoby's.
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