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  1. irani and shiraz, entertaining to read your discussion and observations. Refreshing to listen to people who are enthusiasts and know what they are talking about. Thank you.
  2. Will never happen, but have always thought it would be cool if Worlds/Olympics did a combined style to determine the most well-rounded wrestler. Coin flip determines if they start FS or GR. In case of two pins, the fastest fall is the winner. Sports like swimming and track allow one guy to win numerous medals by mixing styles and/or distances; wrestling could have this option.
  3. Don't completely disagree. I'm speaking more of a change of scenery and approach. He could not scramble and his chief opponents have figured out how to shut down his strengths. Personally, I think working with a guy like Humphrey would have been a good move, but staying put and keeping the same regimen wasn't going to cut it for 2020. Tervel is a great coach and person, but whatever Snyder was doing at OSU reached its peak and stood still--not a way to remain on top at that high level of competition.
  4. A good move for Snyder. He showed zero ability to scramble at worlds; he hasn't kept up technically but this can be what he needs to challenge Sadulaev.
  5. Don't care for Gilman's personality but admire him training over there to get better. Big props to him for taking the step. And had to be a decent tournament considering the location. Congrats all the way around.
  6. Bolt was "sick" in Rio. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge over the Volga I can get you on the cheap...
  7. On Instagram the pics I've seen I'd estimate he's going around 230 or so.
  8. Straight Stoli in his water bottle...gotta keep those electrolytes up!
  9. Beat everybody when it didn't count the most. And he wasn't tested...
  10. You know, those Ukrainians all look the same!
  11. Elbrus is the one who tried to get into a fist fight with Satiev. Not a great career move!
  12. Two different Tedeevs. Elbrus was the 62 kilo guy.
  13. "...it's about competing honorably with respect and dignity." What's not to like about this guy? Some people could take some lessons from him....
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