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  1. Coach_J

    Braxton Amos

    Just talked with him--plan at this point is 197. Not going to get into his college choices--his personal business.
  2. Coach_J

    Final Forfeits

    "So exactly how long have you been a cat molester?..."
  3. Coach_J

    Final Forfeits

    Don't like it but understand it. Part of the gamesmanship. Chamizo doesn't want to give JB any more feel for his technique because a guy with quirky, crazy defense gets a little easier to adjust to each time you go with him. We've seen similar things at the Big 10 with guys getting so far and defaulting out (i.e., 184 finals this year). As the rules are constructed, don't see much way you can "make" someone wrestle in these circumstances.
  4. Coach_J

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Who's the ref?
  5. While the overhyped manbun keeps drawing attention to himself Cox actually wins and is a class act. Now, back to the bun...
  6. Apple doesn't fall far from....at least his grammar shows he made full use of his time at four colleges.
  7. Coach_J

    Yasar Sunday

    Yeah, but he's really interesting...
  8. Coach_J

    Zain's left knee?

    No matter the severity of the injury, not worth risking anything by doing the repechage. And this has nothing to do with Yianni, Koll, the Boogie-Man, etc., just the risks of competing, which could happen against any opponent or in practice. Seriously wishing him good health and recovery.
  9. Just had a really interesting 11-5 loss to Punia. Let's roll film on a new 30 minute feature...
  10. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Jeepers, somebody got debunked...
  11. He's their new poster child. Flo can't feature him enough. Welcome to promoting your brand.
  12. Coach_J

    Yianni at Yasar

    Dude has some big legs and a very strong back. Deceptively strong.
  13. I'm just guessing based on how sloppy Dake looked against mediocre competition in Spain versus what Ringer is now doing. I think Ringer will be well game-planned for Dake's freaky defense; will Dake have any rhythm/timing for the wrestle-off? Will be very interesting.
  14. Music Man needed a brimming shot of Stoli at the break! And the Ringer I'm seeing will give Dake all he can handle. Final wrestle-off will be exciting.
  15. Coach_J


    Music Man "Hungarian" in name only--Russian/Dagestani. Dude needed a stiff shot of Stoli at the break...what a meltdown!
  16. Coach_J

    For all the Zain/PSU Homers

    No dog in the fight but I do want to see the best man in Kaz. US Open, clear win for Yianni. X bout one, clear win for Z. X bout two, an officiating debacle/embarrassment. Dogu, clear win for Yianni. Seacrest out.
  17. Calling Rick Tucci, Rick Tucci, you there Rick???
  18. Coach_J

    Iran Wrestling News

    Thank you my friends.
  19. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    Music Man representing Hungary???
  20. Coach_J

    Iran Wrestling News

    Iranian friends, a question off topic. My family's name is Jafaryan (Armenian), but I've been told it has Iranian roots. I see the Iranian wrestler named Jafarian and it's very similar. Does the name have a root meaning in your language (like the English names Baker, Miller, Glover, etc.)? Thank you in advance.
  21. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    Can we just all agree that it's obvious Koll and Dake paid off the Dogu officials to make this happen?
  22. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    Who'd a thunk it????
  23. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu