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    Yasar Dogu

    Full schedule: Thursday, July 11 11 a.m. - Preliminary rounds (57-61-70 kg MFS) (50-55-59-65 kg WFS) 4:30 p.m. - Preliminary rounds through semifinals (57-61-70 kg MFS) (50-55-59-65 kg WFS) Friday, July 12 11 a.m. - Preliminary rounds through semifinals (65-79-125 kg MFS) (53-57-62-68 kg WFS) repechage (57-61-70Kg MFS) (50-55-59-65Kg WFS) 5:30 p.m. - Bronze and Gold medal matches (57-61-70 kg MFS) (50-55-59-65 kg WFS) Saturday, July 13 11 a.m. – Preliminary rounds through semifinals (74-86-92-97 kg MFS) (72-76 kg WFS) Repechage (65-79-125 kg MFS) (53-57-62-68 kg WFS) 5 p.m - Bronze and Gold medal matches (65-79-125 kg MFS) (53-57-62-68 kg WFS) Sunday, July 14 11 a.m. - Repechage (74-86-92-97 kg MFS) (72-76 kg WFS) 12:30 p.m. - Bronze and Gold medal matches (74-86-92-97 kg MFS) (72-76Kg WFS)
  2. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    Of our guys. 61 and 70 in semis, 57 has draw set. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/yasar-dogu-5?tab=results&weight-category=0ba3c524-a30f-11e9-a11c-080027548b1b
  3. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    I'll corner you, bro!
  4. Coach_J

    RTC's and the NCAA

    Was an issue back in the day, but it was "clubs" and the school's varsity team. Bigtime programs used the clubs to basically have an extra 8-10 post-grad sparring partners in the room until the NCAA mandated that clubs could not practice at the same time/place as the college guys. There was an issue with Gable and a "curtain" that was used to supposedly separate the HWC and the college wrestlers but my memory is a bit cloudy on the details of that. Seems that RTCs are a way to circumvent that and other rules, particularly if high school kids are invited to train there (I have kids in my club who train by invitation at a local program--gives the college coaching staff a way to evaluate talent firsthand on an ongoing basis). Love what the RTCs have done to advance the careers of many great wrestlers, but they present a sticky situation when it comes to their links to college programs.
  5. Coach_J

    Forum going soft?

    C'mon, live dangerously, go for the lawsuit!
  6. Coach_J

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Bellator ain't UFC. And I worry for the guy because that knock-out was scary to watch.
  7. Coach_J

    Dake Spain Results

    Agreed it can be. But we won't know. If Ringer can't beat this version of Dake, he really doesn't deserve the spot for Worlds. If this version of Dake goes to Worlds, we're in trouble. But who knows what version we'll get at the final wrestle-off or, if (and that's a big "if") he wins the wrestle-off, at Worlds.
  8. Coach_J

    Russian nationals 2019 results

    Tsabelov listed as silver in two weights.
  9. Coach_J

    Dake Spain Results

    Not overly impressive. Not World Championship form by a stretch.
  10. Coach_J

    Russian Nationals

    But that talent is developed by and through the system. By the time selections need to be made, the system has already done 95% of the work.
  11. Coach_J

    Russian Nationals

    We assembled possibly the strongest FS team I've seen in my life last year and the Russians still beat us. I think they know a thing or two about selecting a team.
  12. Coach_J


    Coulter clearly a historical buff and genius:
  13. Coach_J

    Russian Nationals

    Did Bekbulatov lose already?
  14. I thought the same. The repeated head outside attacks to the left were giving away as many points as gaining them. I guess make or break you go with what got you there.
  15. Coach_J

    Russian Nationals

    Khuzin to the rescue!
  16. Whether you or I like it, returning World/Olympic medalists are granted certain considerations--those are the rules. And Ringer is resilient; dude has survived overseas trips chaperoned by Royce Alger!
  17. I think this is different and in a good way for Ringer. Sieracki was overseas trying to compete and at the same time wondering what was going to happen with the appeal; he had a long flight back and then had to weigh in and compete with little recovery. For Ringer, he knows exactly when his weigh-ins are and the formats of competition. He's a resilient kid and has been doing the travell circuit. Wishing him the best.
  18. I don't think Gable comes out of this unscathed, no matter the stated reason for censure, particularly in his handling of video evidence. Not a good look.
  19. Too many vested interests on many sides. Again, thanks for the clarification.
  20. Thanks for the clarification. This really left a black eye on wrestling with Gable receiving official censure. Not a good look all the way around and a lot of folks left with some legitimate beefs.
  21. Fishbane, can you explain the format that was supposed to have been used, with Smith/Lewis/Dellagatta/Burley wrestling a round-robin of best of three bouts against each other. It seems Smith faced each of the three other men, but did Lewis? Lee Roy Smith Sr. said that Lewis did not weigh in for his bouts with the others and defaulted out. Did he in fact face both Dellagatta and Burley in best of three's? Seems like USA Wrestling created a procedure just for this weight class. Any light you can shed would be appreciated.
  22. A thousand thank yous for pointing out what should be obvious. This is really getting tedious.
  23. Great read. I didn't recall that this was to be a 4-man, best of 3 round robin. It appears that Smith defeated Dellagatta (who was actually the #1 seed) and Burley 2-0 each and thought at one point he had defeated Lewis 2-1. If I read this correctly, Lewis defaulted out of facing Dellagatta and Burley, whom the rules at the time required him to face. Truly confounding.
  24. A cluster all the way around.