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  1. 0 Pointing out documented fact is not moving a goal post. Lawsuits have not only been threatened in the past but also taken, and two of the most famous involve a legend in Gable and our national coach in Lindland. If threatening a lawsuit makes you a dirtbag, Dake has a lot of prestigious company.
  2. I never said he should. I said many felt he should--I wasn't one of them. Completely separate issue but a similarity in that we're talking about following established rules, no matter if those rules happen to suck. You can't move the goal posts in the middle of the game. Don't like it, change it.
  3. I said I didn't feel it was MY place to judge in this case. My decision. Other cases, I have no problem making a judgment. You want to judge, feel free.
  4. Are lawsuits new??? Dan Freaking Gable, the ultimate competitor, was Olympic coach when he backed his man Lewis after Lewis was injured in the middle of a damn match against Lee Roy Smith and couldn't continue (a match Smith was winning). A simple injury default loss, right, and Smith rightfully wins the spot? Lewis/Gable take it to court and the rest is history. Sieracki/Lindland is another. Sieracki wins a the Olympic spot but appeared to commit a leg foul. Goes to court, and a few hours after returning from an overseas tourney Sieracki is forced to rewrestle the bout. And Marable's "mystery concussion" (be real, dude couldn't make weight). Green is forced to wait out the court delays then meets Marable and blows him away by sweeping the wrestle-off. My advice to Ringer--quit listening to the whiners and get ready to blow Dake away.
  5. Did he act honorably by following the rules? Not really my place to judge that. Did he act within the rules in a way he believes will best prepare him to win the trials and repeat as World Champion? My guess would be "yes."
  6. I quoted you directly and the insinuation was very clear. Like I've said, don't like the rules, change them, but to trash a guy who followed them is sour.
  7. He was not given an option to move down as many wished would happen. Why? The rules forbade it. We're talking about following the established rules. Many wanted Bo to be given the opportunity to challenge PD because of Taylor's injury. The rules did not allow for this. I personally think PD is a d-bag, but he followed the rules as established and he's going to Worlds and I accept that. Zain won the second X bout on what I thought was an absolutely horrible call, but as of now the rules say he is our man and I accept that. I really like both Yanni and Zain (I think Yanni would have better results at Worlds than Zain but that's really beside the point) so I have no dog in that fight. Dake follows the rules and he's a cheat, a coward, has no integrity, gamed the system, blah blah. He followed the damn rules. And I like Ringer--no problem whatsoever if he knocks Dake off.
  8. You mean the other medalists who honored a system and didn't have an injury that USA Wrestling certified? And talk about leading--"honored a system," "special," "gaming the system," etc. Basically, Kyle Dake has no honor and thinks he's special so he gamed the system and probably isn't injured at all. Personally, I want everyone to follow the same rules (which has been done here; like Dake or the rules or not, he followed them) and to send the best man possible (I really don't care if it's Dake or Ringer, just make it the best guy). Some of you just hate Dake, Koll, Cornell, the Finger Lakes region, whatever, which you are free to do.
  9. Coach_J


    It's a great school and, in my personal dealings with him, Koll is a solid guy. The kids in the program seem to take academics seriously (even a moonshot like Palacio) and the program has produced some great competitors. If I have a problem with something at Cornell, it's the whole Finger Lakes/grayshirt situation. Have personally never liked the odor of that.
  10. I'm seeing two takes on this issue that can be summed up in answers to two questions. First, is the overall objective to send the best man most capable of winning a gold medal to the World Championship? If you answer "yes" (as I guess most would), then you have two competitors, one a defending World Champ who was injured/not fully ready at Final X, and an extremely talented challenger with some solid credentials under his belt but no senior World Championship/Olympic experience. USA Wrestling accepted a delay in wrestle-off appeal, and it has no rules stipulating that either man cannot compete between the acceptance of the appeal and the rescheduled wrestle-off. Both men are taking advantage of this and doing a tune-up tournament at two separate locations, as is their right and completely within the rules as set. Second, is it "fair" that a guy who appealed for a delay in wrestle-off is well enough to go to a tune-up tournament before the wrestle-off? If by your definition of "fair" this is a violation of fairness, well, then you have a beef with the way the rules were written (which were not written by either competitor). If you believe this, then the idea of sending the very best man is not the job of USA Wrestling but living up to a standard of fairness established by, you got it, YOU. And that's fine. We can all argue about what's "fair" (Pat Downey is going to Worlds and Bo Nickal is not permitted a chance to challenge him; why? because that's the rule, fair or not). While Ringer might be better than Dake head-to-head at this juncture, we really can't be sure until they settle it in the circle. If it's more important to you to be "fair" (as defined by you) than to send the very best man to Worlds, then so be it. Regardless of how you answer the above questions, the fact is that both men are exercising their rights within the established rules. Argue for a change of rules or procedure, but to question a man's "courage" or ethics is just sour.
  11. The "system" has been gamed for decades (go back to Lewboo/Smith and take it up to Marable's "concussion"). The only ones who deserve any special treatment for extenuating circumstances are the proven competitors (returned World/Olympic medalists). Dake has earned that. The issue here is that there is no stipulation that someone granted an extension cannot compete until the wrestle-off takes place. If you have a problem, it's with USA Wrestling and vague rules and not with Dake, Koll, Yanni, the Boogie-Man, etc.
  12. Coach_J

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Man, gotta blow up my previous Michigan list--what a dope. Kevin Jackson in, TRICIA SAUNDERS in, Zeke Jones in. Last spot between Metzger, Churella, Fraser, Johnson. If international outweighs national, then Metzger and Fraser vie for the last spot.
  13. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    His singlet will feature this design:
  14. Coach_J

    Yasar Dogu

    Short arms and deep pockets?
  15. Coach_J

    NCAA approves shorts

    Overseas pretty much everybody wears singlets to train in. Hate baggy shorts. Fingers/hands get caught up in them. Fine as an option for middle school and high school kids who are sensitive about their bulges (or lack thereof), senseless in college.
  16. Coach_J

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Yes, absolutely, thanks for the oversight. Now I'm stuck. If only based on wrestling, I would go Jackson and Metzger as definites, with Johnson, Fraser, and Churella vying for the final two spots. Johnson equals Churella in NCAA titles and both have Fraser hands down in that category, and Fraser has them both with an Olympic gold. Behm was actually born in Washington so I'd leave him out. Very tough call on the last two. If I HAD to make the call right now, Jackson, Metz, Fras, and Churella. Tomorrow, well...
  17. Coach_J

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Michigan: Kevin Jackson, Cliff Keen, Mark Churella, and then possibly Steve Fraser, Greg Johnson, Grady Penninger, or Don Behm.
  18. Coach_J

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Haven't read the whole thread but Ohio: Lee Kemp (3x World Champ, 2x State Champ and 3x NCAA Champ), Bobby Douglas (State Champ, World Medalist and NCAA Champion Coach, World/Olympic Coach), Steiber (World Champ, 4x State Champ, and 4x NCAA Champ), and then possibly Milkovich (high school legacy and tradition, but Howard Ferguson could go in this category as well if the selection is not based on purely on-mat criteria) or some other possibilities (i.e., Taylor, State, World, and NCAA Champ).
  19. Fire-brewed Bohemian gold! This is the original recipe, not the wee-wee in a can Schlitz made.
  20. Coach_J

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    Good grief, not about hate, some people just having a little fun. Yes, break dancers are amazingly gifted performers; just try it and you'll see for yourself. However, I captained the wrestling team at a college that dropped our sport and replaced it with varsity squash...yes, varsity squash. I have no problem with break dancing, but with our history of having recently been on the Olympic dead list and watching so many programs dropped, I become a little on edge when these new events/sports are added.
  21. Coach_J

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    And when they finally bring in Warcraft and Mario Cart it will finally be a true Olympics!
  22. Coach_J

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    Gettin' my DVR all fired up! Break dancin' and rhythmic gymnatics here we come!
  23. Coach_J

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    Spates really seemed to enjoy the technique! Went right onto the mat to see exactly how it was locked up!
  24. The Amines have biological ties to San Marino and I'm sure the finances are not a huge issue for his family (good people and well to do in the area). Novochkov, Habat, Micic, Amine, Abounader, etc., I'm glad they are getting a chance to further their careers.