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  1. C'mon, translate for us man!
  2. I’m taking it a number of you haven’t ever socialized with a crew of Russian wrestlers. World class trash talkers but funny guys—macho, testosterone fueled, typically not to be taken too seriously. Through the haze of years, vodka, and Baltica beer, here is a very rough transcription of a conversation at the old Soviet training center in Minsk in 2004: Russian guy: You like John Smeeth, yes? Me: Yeah, great wrestler. Russian guy: He’s lucky guy. We call him “Mr. Lucky.” Me: Oh yeah? Why’s that? Russian guy: He win Olympics but lose Cuban guy. He lose Sarkissian and later win World. Lucky guy. Me: Well, he must have been lucky at the Olympics and Worlds six times. Russian guy: Yes, you understand. Me: So tell me, what do you call Satiev? He lost to American guy who only won one big tournament in his whole life. Russian guy (feeling the vodka muscles swell): Satiev is great wrestler! Greatest in history! He kill this guy they meet again! Me: Yeah, Satiev is one of the greatest, no argument, but they didn't meet again, did they? Ready for another piva, moi droog? Keep on rockin' in the free world, Khuzin.
  3. Respect you as much as ever.
  4. He was just getting his yearly flu shot.
  5. Got that Stollie/Baltica spare tire, no definition, skin burning with lack of oxygen--and another post-ban early exit.
  6. Done and already getting his injections.
  7. PED doesn't exclusively mean roids. Dude was chemmed up at 213. Lots of strong vitamins helped him cut the weight and stay wired. Hasn't been anywhere near the same since the hot drop.
  8. Agree. He was an enormous, powerful 97--obviously, had a little extra help with that. When he got "sick" at Rio the jig was finally up.
  9. Does well at events he doesn't have to drop in a pee cup. My stock is down on him.
  10. Agree. A man can take a bunch of shots, but if his opponent holds the center and does not drift to the zone, he will not be called for stalling. Not that I agree with this definition, but how it is often called.
  11. Khuzin said he lost. Gave up a leg lace.
  12. Northern Illinois is also getting solid, beating Central Michigan this year.
  13. Appears he's a tweener. Too big for 57 but I think too small for 65. Tough competitor though.
  14. Surprised to see 61 so full but good to see Bogomoev on the mat. Radik, will he go 57 for the Olympic process?
  15. Colon needs a chance to work his gut wrench. He can be brutal when he locks that up.
  16. Women's division looks deep. Impressed with Venezuela's greco team.
  17. Big props to Kolat. Doing what he's doing with the resources, support, and challeges he faces, what an incredible job. Good for the sport--end stop. Should be considered for coach of the year, particularly if he can punch some All-Americans through.
  18. Other reasons, too. As we've all seen, some of that "fodder" turns into some damn tough competitors. Brian PIcklo at Michigan State didn't even qualify for state as a high school senior and became a 2-time D-I All-American.
  19. Another solid performance by Jack Medley.
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