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    European Games

  2. Coach_J

    Jimmy Fleming ?

    I think I know the technique you're talking about but I'd like to be sure. Thanks.
  3. Coach_J

    Jimmy Fleming ?

  4. Coach_J

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    Unorthodox, awkward style opponents hate to face. Good choice.
  5. Coach_J

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    In all seriousness, Yanni's freak flexibility and defense are something to behold--he does things I have only seen him do. I love Demas' willingness to go for big moves, inside trip in particular--win or lose, he's damn exciting to watch. Spencer Lee has shut down all doubters two seasons in a row (those in year one who said he was too small and those in year two who said that the sophomore slump/injury jinx had him). Mekhi Lewis was a juggernaut running through all the top seeds; if he keeps on this trajectory, going to be very fun to watch in the coming seasons. Valencia is a gamer; loved how he came back when it counted against Hall (but not sure his air guitar can ever be rebuilt). Mueller is a beast and I like the physical style but was not sure what happened to that style in the finals--a lot had to do with Lee, but he still didn't seem to be the guy he was in the semis and earlier rounds. Nick Lee has a gas-tank and keeps on the pace--would love to see him break out of the 5-6 range and put it together next year. And I like Marinelli, not from a technical stand-point but in that he's a throw back bar-room brawler type; you know what he's going to do but it's still tough to stop.
  6. Coach_J

    Who do you guys like watching? ?

    I like watching: Wait, you meant wrestlers...my bad.
  7. Nothing can wash that pain away...57 years and counting.
  8. Only way to rehydrate in Detroit:
  9. Coach_J

    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    He hit his head on an exercise bike, got a doctor's note for a concussion, won his appeal, and then weighed in fine.
  10. Coach_J

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    My comment wasn't directed at you personally (didn't mention anyone by name) but to anyone who wants to imagine a trajectory for a promising young athlete. Too many factors in play. Jimmy Carr was the rage, a can't miss for the future. I have no problem if Pico wants to drop the MMA thing and come back to wrestling--in fact, wish him the best of luck. Just as transitioning from full-time wrestling to MMA is a huge adjustment (hence the need to bring a newbie up through the ranks with intelligence, which I don't think has happened with Pico), the adjustment from full-time MMA to wrestling would be equally challenging, particularly with Zain and Yanni hitting their prime and in full gear forward. Best to him if he comes back. Will be anything but smooth.
  11. Coach_J

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    JImmy Carr made an Olympic team at 16. On course to win at least 2 Olympic medals, right? Placed at NCAA once and pretty much was done. Let's be careful about projecting what someone "would/could/should" have done.
  12. Coach_J

    Thomas Gilman History

    So focusing on being a world class athlete precludes one from being a class act? God forbid a person aspire to both at the same time...
  13. Coach_J

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    Yaz would need to have a Myles Martin size meltdown.
  14. Coach_J

    Colon vs Graff

    This is the one I think has greatest upset potential. Of course, I've been horribly wrong in the past...
  15. Coach_J

    Pico shoulda stuck with Wrestling

    4-3 in Bellator puts a fighter in the "journeyman" or "opponent" category. God bless his choice to make some cash, but until he reels off about 10 straight wins that status won't change. And as anyone who has taken blows to the head knows, those knock-outs come more frequently with less severe shots.
  16. Coach_J

    PDIII Needs your dough

    Shut up and get back in your cave! And it's "THE" Johns Hopkins! Hmmm, where'd I leave that crystal meth...
  17. Coach_J

    PDIII Needs your dough

    Richard Perry needs/needed our help--his life and his family's life will never be the same. PDII blathers on about how superior and rich he is; sorry, I'll save my donations for someone who truly needs it.
  18. Coach_J

    PDIII Needs your dough

  19. Coach_J

    PDIII Needs your dough

    C'mon, man, have some damn sympathy, the market for crystal meth has really dropped off!
  20. Coach_J

    PDIII Needs your dough

    His genius engineer The Johns Hopkins daddy can afford it.
  21. Coach_J

    The call

    Again, Jason Bryant, any idea when we can expect a final decision on Yanni's appeal?
  22. Coach_J

    The call

    Bit tired of the argument merry-go-round. Jason Bryant, any idea when we can expect a final decision on Yanni's appeal?
  23. Coach_J

    The World Team (so far)

    If the Russians are anywhere near 90% ready, no, this team will not win. Too many unprovens. As we see every year, an unknown like Colon will step up and a proven guy will stumble (won't name a name here). I feel that style-wise some of these guys are the best in the US (some by not very much) but I haven't seen where that translates to something anywhere near being the best in the world or a medal threat on the senior level. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  24. Coach_J

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    Sir Sweats-A-Lot.
  25. Coach_J

    The call

    And here is the gold standard for how to handle a bitter (and more than possibly unfair) defeat: https://twitter.com/yiannidiako_LGR/status/1137545051469471749 Quality young man, as is Retherford. Whatever happens regarding a final judgment, best to both men in the future for representing the sport with class and dignity.