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  1. The takedown against Howe at 1:20 is sweet! Howe has to learn to hand fight out of the 2 on 1, which slowed him down and kept him from going offense and further wearing down the Russian. Also, looks like the Ruskie has attended the Tsargush School of Singlet Grabbing!
  2. Jesse Whitmer is probably fine with his choice.
  3. I can see as far as fun goes choosing Paris, but as for competition, Yarygin has few peers. Was this too much too soon after recovering from injury?
  4. Some programs just treat back-ups as glorified training dummies with no emphasis on their improvement--when one of those guys is pressed into service, the team is in big trouble. Just having Stieber beat on you every day will not necessarily make you better; it helps if coaches work with you a little to correct your mistakes, which is ultimately good for Stieber as well. Good programs keep ALL their guys competing, with the back-ups hitting every open they can (with a coach to make corrections) and the summer freestyle and greco meets. I think Iowa does a good job of this.
  5. Yes, our school was looking to grow and the football and basketball programs had maxed out their numbers. The great thing about wrestling is that as long as you have enough mat space your numbers can be unlimited. Plus, people who are a part of some campus organization, such as a sports team, have been shown to have a greater chance of graduating and eventually giving back to the university. Your typical D-I state school has enrollment caps and has no need for certain sports. You want to grow the sport and increase opportunity, small schools are the backbone of college wrestling.
  6. My old athletic director kept referring to wrestling as a "non-revenue" sport, and I corrected him very quickly. We would start the year with 50 kids, including walk-ons. School was $20,000 a year--we had 2.7 scholarhips, and one part-time assistant, a meager travel and equipment budget, and as head coach I wasn't going to make any Forbes lists. By the time we got to actual mat work-outs, the roster was around 35. All told, we were a HUGE revenue sport for the school, far more so than basketball, which had 10 full rides and about 10-14 guys on the team. They sold out the gym every home game and still didn't make any money. He changed his tune after I pointed this out to him.
  7. Sorry to hear, Mark. We need more guys like this who can transition to the real world, particularly in the arts, and become great positive representatives for the sport.
  8. So what will the "uniform" look like? Do we automatically assume it will be some type of Underarmor compression outfit? I personally loved the old singlets, cut high on the leg and low at the waist--the Golden Era!
  9. D-III is the lifeblood of college wrestling--more teams, more kids involved. Great to see. Having coached at the D-I and D-III levels, I can say the D-III was the most fun and rewarding. Keep the programs coming!
  10. A good world championship should have cost way more!
  11. Foreign recruit for 285 (courtesy DF): http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://cincodays.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/abbasjadidi.jpg&imgrefurl=http://cincodays.com/2013/04/16/el-peso-de-la-plata-abbas-jadidi/&h=259&w=195&tbnid=aRB1dhkT8G30GM:&zoom=1&tbnh=186&tbnw=140&usg=__RsIdBz6zE2hgZpXLjHmR8E_6IAo=&docid=vRLc7zJBo9vxZM&itg=1&ved=0CIEBEMo3&ei=GsWrVLPhO5ezyASQ4IDIAg
  12. No problem, man (not like I haven't done that!).
  13. Agree. More action like this and you'd see more fans.
  14. What part of "in freestyle" did you not get?
  15. Thanks for posting these shots; I haven't followed the recent rule changes all that closely so I'm learning from all the different viewpoints. In this shot, it seems to me that Kindig is in the process of being elevated through. But if the rules now don't stipulate that any loss of momentum or continuation is needed for a TD, then I agree it should be a TD. In this sense, we are getting very close to freestyle, where no control is needed to score points. I actually asked a buddy to score the video of this exchange and he said in folkstyle he would have given nothing to either man; in freestyle, he gave 2 Kindig for the throw and 2 for exposure and 2 for Drake for the elevation through (looked like Kindig broke 90).
  16. This would be my point, as well. For example, if I hit you in a standing head and arm and you hit the mat with me on top, I should get a takedown even if you roll me through and we both tumble out of bounds, which we know is not how the call is made.
  17. This freeze-frame of "control" shows no supporting points on the mat for the offensive man--takedown cannot be awarded "in the air." IMO.
  18. Ah, you witty witster! And that would be 20 cents more than you'll ever get....
  19. No one made Mark sign away rights to the story. He was allowed to be part of the filming process and was on the set and he was there in Cannes yucking it up on the red carpet with all the actors and the director. I don't think "victim" fits the bill here. Unaware, oblivious, uncomprehending, and yes, possibly even not so bright, but not victimized. I mean, he goes on these long rants about how he was misportrayed and argues how intelligent he actually is (and not the dumb lug he is portrayed as) yet acts as if the entire project was done without his knowledge or consent--sorry, that just doesn't add up. I think "read the book to get the real story" is a P.T. Barnum tactic to increase book sales and the whole Bennett Miller death wish rant signals need for mental help and better career management (unless he wants the Vince McMahonesque path for his image and product). Mark was an amazing athlete and he was part of a heartbreaking tragedy, but I hope those closest to him will give him the support and help he needs to maximize his health, happiness, and future.
  20. Takedown...a great flurry but no control at any time in folkstyle but some great potential in freestyle. Shove to the face...yeah, should have been dinged for a point.
  21. "Sorry, couldn't embed. Too large." If I only had a dime for every time I heard that...
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