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    jstock, right on. I will always respect Stan as a competitor, but his smugness and condescending attitude have not served the sport well on this thread. If treating grass roots people (who keep this sport pumping in this country) with contempt, sarcasm, and canned FILA responses is helping wrestling, then we are sure to be back in the Olympics. Stan has been at the helm through the most destructive period in our sport's history and yet speaks with complete arrogance. Absurd.
  2. Coach_J


    Stan is an apologist and mouthpiece for FILA. Period. Take anything he says with a cup of sugar.
  3. Love the idea of a lifetime admission card. In Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, etc., if you win a gold medal you are set for life: cars, houses, a stipend, etc. This is part of why they take the quest for gold so seriously--their families will be set for life. Seems the least we could do is give a dude (or chick) a decent seat, some popcorn, and respect.
  4. I agree, but many are very humble people. I remember when we ran our home tournament we invited Doug Blubaugh to present the awards. We had it set up where he would stay in a hotel the night before and we would pay for his meals. He insisted he didn't want any of that (he said he preferred to sleep in his car) and we kind of went round and round for a while before I told him we wouldn't allow him to hand out the awards unless he stayed in the hotel and let us buy his meals. He eventually gave in. What a great, humble guy.
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    Jason, a "takedown," when by offensive leg attack or counter from all fours, was "always" 1 point. Now the distinction is being drawn between the two, with the leg attack resulting in 2 points and the pass-by only 1 point. The casual fan and the new fan will only see that the two guys started on their feet and one got behind the other--making it any more complicated than that or saying it's "always been called this way" muddles the matter unnecessarily and is not going to make sense to people who can be drawn in to appreciate the sport.
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    I second this. Keep it simple. What is so hard to understand about your suggestions?
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    Stan wrote: Coach J, For your edification, wrestling is not out of the Olympics. On September 8th the Gen. Assembly of the IOC votes in Buenos Aires. We'll find out wrestling's role in the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games at that time. Though you sound as if you may be wishing for wrestling's ouster so you have the satisfaction of saying I told you so; let's hope you're wrong! Stan, after 2016 wrestling is out--that's a fact for the time being. I don't need your edification. I used to really respect you, but your inability to converse with fellow wrestling people without coming off as a smug smart-ass is symptomatic of the problem with FILA--out of touch. To assume that I want wrestling out of the Olympics to say "I told you so" is utter stupidity. I want the sport I love to be in the Games more than anyone else. If being a jack ass to grass roots supporters of wrestling helps the sport, Godspeed and go FILA.
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    You can justify the dumbness of some of these rules all you want. Facts don't lie: wrestling is out of the Olympics and new fans aren't being won. Wake up, leadership....
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    Whether defensive or offensive (however you choose to define those terms), a takedown should be 2 points. The dumb is really starting to hurt at FILA....
  10. Nearly flawless positioning and technique--like Russians with a bigger tank.
  11. Coach_J

    Junior World Championships

    Inexplicable scoring at the end of the first. Makes no sense at all. The right guy wins, though. Whew.
  12. Coach_J

    new Karelin

    Man, love this kid's technique! The armthrow against the Hungarian was sweet. He's not a huge guy but man he is agile.
  13. Coach_J

    Turkish Medalist Banned for Racist Tweets

    Technically the Turks don't believe that actually happened. They acknowledge some Armenians died during the relocation process but are quick to deny a genocide happened. So while most of the rest of the world believes it, the Turks still don't and likely have been brought up to believe that. It'd be like if Germany told everyone the holocaust never happened and it was institutionalized, instead they just try to pretend it never did. Trip, the Turks have a law called Article 301 that makes it illegal to mention the Armenian Genocide. Their Nobel Laureate, Orhan Pamuk, was actually jailed for openly telling the truth about the genocide. Both the Americans and Germans present during the genocide kept extensive records of what they saw, as well as the Ottoman government itself. Denying a genocide took place is, like you said, denying that the Holocaust ever occurred. Unreal.
  14. Coach_J

    Turkish Medalist Banned for Racist Tweets

    As an ethnic Armenian, I find this guy's comments offensive, seeing how the Turks massacred 1.5 million Armenians during the Ottoman genocide. Calling someone else a "dog" when this inhuman behavior is in your country's history is entirely hypcritical.
  15. Coach_J

    Where is Felipe Martinez now? Anyone know?

    Agree, Lawrence. A dual and a tournament every week is insane. The Russians I have known shake their head at our system. It's not designed for the long-haul for the vast majority of participants, but I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  16. Coach_J

    More men's classes cut for Rio

    Let's just have 18 weight classes and let men and women enter together....
  17. Coach_J

    2 Day Matt Lindland Wrestling Clinic in NY

    I hope the camp goes well and Matt does a nice job, but I can't help but remember a few years ago how much he badmouthed wrestling and how it didn't pay him anything. A little ironic...
  18. Coach_J

    New FiLA Rules

    I thought I read that on passivity the non-transgressor will get a choice of par terre. Was this right?
  19. Coach_J

    Disabato- embrace the grind

    Looks like a really solid resume of sound business ventures. I'm sure his previous investors are reaping the benefits....
  20. Coach_J

    Thank you Dake

    I love the message his feat says to young wrestlers: 1. DON'T CUT WEIGHT. Move up as your body dictates and work on technique and let other people cut weight to avoid you. Weight cutting is perhaps the greatest enemy to bringing more kids into the sport. 2. FIGHT ANYONE. You might risk losing, even to a bigger opponent, but never back down from a challenge and even seek the challenge. I've coached kids who won't even practice with someone who is heavier let alone seek him out in the NCAA finals. Love him or hate him, we need more Dakes in the game.
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    Anyone have a link to updated brackets for D-II? Thanks.
  22. Coach_J


    Thanks, man. The official site is lame.
  23. Coach_J

    DII nationals

    Can you post a link to updated brackets?
  24. Coach_J

    Mocco transfer

    Any news on the Lindbergh baby?
  25. No shame in his game. Best of luck in this next stage of life.