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  1. 31 minutes ago, Blue Dragons said:

    Your dirty mouth could benefit from Irish Spring soap. Your son was brought up to make a point...that YOU are constantly bashing someone's son.  Apparently, you can't grasp concepts...your 'repeated' dick comments about Downey reflect upon you, pal.  I think the gerbil would whip your butt. 

    I'll exit with a big thank you: every time you open your mouth you prove every point I could make on this topic far more vividly than I ever could.

  2. 1 hour ago, Blue Dragons said:

    I think someone needs a diaper change, Mr. Hypocritical. So, it's ok for you to constantly take shots at Downey (who is someone's son), but as soon as you're asked to put yourself in PDII's shoes, you run to your helicopter to defend your Airborne Ranger (which is highly commendable, btw).  I think you might want to practice what you preach, coach. 

    This is like trying to play chess with a gerbil. I did not defend my son and have no no need to as your juvenile speculation about him losing a wrestling match to PDIII was straight out of 5th grade; I pointed out what an a-hole you are to even bring him up in the first place in your feeble attempt to defend your pal.  My son, quite literally, fights his own battles. Your d!ck comments about him reflect on you alone. Maybe you could try letting PDII and III do the same instead of whining how mean everyone is (diaper at the ready for you, bro, and a cry towel too).  Basically, you are not doing PDIII any public relations favors by whimpering over the bruising of your paper thin skin.

  3. 26 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:


    I know your son would know this, but a great many Americans are thankful for his service. This American is thankful. He and his fellow servicemen provide the freedom we live under, and hopefully we all can recognize that. Looks to me like you raised a great son, Coach. 

    Appreciate it, man.  He's a quiet, humble individual, expects nothing in return for his service, but I'll pass along your kind words when I am able to communicate with him again.  Again, thank you on his behalf.

  4. 3 hours ago, Blue Dragons said:

    I find it peculiar that you consider it to be 'playing' by constantly posting derogatory remarks about one of our world team members and/or his father.  Exactly what makes you call his father a d-bag? Is it because of him defending his son on this forum in the past? Is it because of him doing it a seemingly cocky manner?  Put yourself in the father's shoes.  How would YOU react if it was your son?  You call yourself a coach, I suggest that you behave like one. 

    Okay, Mr. Righteous, I'll take it from the top.  You brought up my son in your original diatribe; my son is an Airborne Ranger combat vet of Iraq now serving in another not so nice part of the world--taking any shot at him or even bringing him up is, beyond ignorant, cowardly.  He has no idea who PDII or PDIII are and could give a f$ck. As for PDII, anyone on this forum for any length of time witnessed his helicopter parent daddy cheerleading/excuse making for everything little junior ever screwed up--he's opened himself up to the responses he gets, so deal with it.  You dish it out, you should be able to take it.  As for PDIII, I'm not a fan but I don't root against him, just indifferent and immune to the so-far unearned hype. If he wins a world medal, good for him, but the incessant "me against the world" is tiresome, particularly when most of his problems he's brought on himself, not "the haters" or anyone else daddy says pooped in junior's pants (ex-girlfriends, ex-coaches, yada yada).  Do something, win some bouts at the Dogu, then talk all you want.  And yes, I am a coach and father, and one rule is talk after you've proven something.  If PDII medals (hell, takes 5th, wins some bouts against top opponents) I'll congratulate him and listen to all the talk he wants to give because he'll have earned it.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Blue Dragons said:

    Did Downey pin your son in junior league or high school or college, or you just can't get off his jock?  BTW, I'm pretty sure that he graduated from Iowa State, not THE Johns Hopkins University.  He's smart, but not that smart. 

    D-bag, an obvious reference to his d-bag daddy.  But thanks for playing.

  6. 1 hour ago, Ogalthorpe Haywood said:

    Remember that was day before weigh-ins. He’ll have to make scratch both days and actually have to wrestle both days, I’ll take Taylor in this scenario. 

    Don't they get 2 kilos on second day now?

  7. 1 hour ago, spladle08 said:
    1 hour ago, Coach_J said:
    Cox, if he can drop the weight.  Taylor if not.  Big drop off after those two but I'd go Ringer.  Nickal and Downey would be a fun bout to watch.  Valencia a little outgunned physically to roll with this crowd for the time being.  JMHO

    I was just thinkin (in regards to Zahid and Marky), if either of then dont take an Olympic Shirt, which I think they will, i wonder if they would bump weights in college (gotta assune yes) unless going down.

    Hall has said repeatedly that 74 kilos is too hard to make.  He's slick, but is he powerful enough to go with this crowd?  Valencia seems to have the more natural frame for the weight gain.

  8. Cox, if he can drop the weight.  Taylor if not.  Big drop off after those two but I'd go Ringer.  Nickal and Downey would be a fun bout to watch.  Valencia a little outgunned physically to roll with this crowd for the time being.  JMHO

  9. 9 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    How dare you!?!  Don't you know image.png.28997f7d8a6796c74ede7a7d97d23178.pngimage.png.2250ba9f8e62e78ef66ee4fa274c6397.pngimage.png.0fabf62116719149a3346cbd908ee5c8.pngimage.png.c06c9aeae38c33da6a9559ffe308d36c.pngIf u aint wit him when he down(ey) image.png.033d39e4396c20bbd040f040045ee8f8.pngimage.png.8f620e742a5adad10a1e10f0ecad17f5.pngu ain't wit him when image.png.71b85cae85523f4f96a605a49379ab6e.pngimage.png.a1d3a8c7a32a6186c31ee25842295cdf.pnghe upp(ey)image.png.1932e18dfa7f2467504bb49eae7be999.pngimage.png.de11ccbf95aa57d5a1859cf5eedd8c94.pngimage.png.de904cf2e9d96ab90139e3704d916c85.pngimage.png.5e085711bf092ed7469211edd48c5b80.png   


    Spoken like a Summa Cum Laude grad of THE Johns Hopkins University!  Now get back in your cave (and send me money on GoFundMe, engineers have it rough nowadays...).  

  10. 46 minutes ago, Fishbane said:

    Yes, I think Dutt had said that after the announcement though ultimately I don't think he would have had the option.  Coleman Scott was the other bronze medalist.  I'm not sure if he would have strong feelings on the situation since he was on the other side of the bracket, but that is a really only an issue because of the stupid double bronze.

    When a wrestler gets stripped the double bronze creates issue.  Who if anyone will be the gold medal at 120Kg in 2012?  Both finalists have been stripped.  Ghasemi was the original bronze medalist from Taymazov's side, but that isn't real solid justification for him to get gold over Makhov.  Double silver or gold makes more sense to me.


    As my late father would say, a mucking fess.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Fishbane said:

    Not true it can be too late.  Besik Kudukhov died in 2013 and in 2016 they retested his sample from the 2012 Olympics which returned a positive result.  They initially announced that he would be stripped of his silver medal, but later it was pointed out that he was dead.  Apparently proceedings are unable to be brought on a dead athlete.  Which is some sense is fair because he cannot exercise his right to appeal or defend himself.  His sample should not have been included in the retest.  Dutt is still the bonze medalist and Jong-myong is still 5th officially. 

    Does this mean Dlagnev will be getting a check for $25,000 from living the dream?


    Dutt was very gracious in this case and refused to move up.  Jong has a beef but don't know his reaction.

  12. Toadies and cleaners and sweepers out in full force.  Responsible comment:  "The kid looks like he could be competing on the senior level, a real beast.  Some coaches are even mumbling about Anthony's age, but no one's provided any facts to back up the grumbling.  Kind of a shame, but the cracks at his integrity can't overshadow what an incredible performance he's given."  Irresponsible:  repeating grandstand rumors and locker room innuendos that arouse suspicion without a gram of evidence to support them or making a professional attempt to verify their credibility.  You know, we may find out the kid is 35, but get the damn facts and verify them before you smear someone's name and freaking apologize when you do.

  13. If you repeat a rumor or innuendo without verifying its accuracy, just man up and say, "Yeah, I shouldn't have done that, wasn't fair to the kid to repeat that without looking into it."  Done.  Finished.  All forgiven and we move on.  To dig in, though, just not cool.  And the kid's performance grew his fanbase, not a baseless (as of now) accusation that calls into question his ethics and integrity.

  14. 1 hour ago, MSU158 said:

    He is pretty thick.  Hopefully it works out for him.  Have seen plenty of top talent fizzle out or fall a bit short trying to hold 197, which is why I am hesitant with highly ranked 215/220 recruits.

    I agree.  I look at examples of Cassar, McCoy, etc., who became better by going up in weight and not cutting and I can see him eventually fitting in that mold.  Cutting can affect someone who's never done it before--too many times for the worse.  I guess we'll see, but he's a great kid, humble and hard-working, and I hope for nothing but he best for him.