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  1. I hope the camp goes well and Matt does a nice job, but I can't help but remember a few years ago how much he badmouthed wrestling and how it didn't pay him anything. A little ironic...
  2. I thought I read that on passivity the non-transgressor will get a choice of par terre. Was this right?
  3. Looks like a really solid resume of sound business ventures. I'm sure his previous investors are reaping the benefits....
  4. I love the message his feat says to young wrestlers: 1. DON'T CUT WEIGHT. Move up as your body dictates and work on technique and let other people cut weight to avoid you. Weight cutting is perhaps the greatest enemy to bringing more kids into the sport. 2. FIGHT ANYONE. You might risk losing, even to a bigger opponent, but never back down from a challenge and even seek the challenge. I've coached kids who won't even practice with someone who is heavier let alone seek him out in the NCAA finals. Love him or hate him, we need more Dakes in the game.
  5. Coach_J


    Thanks, man. The official site is lame.
  6. Can you post a link to updated brackets?
  7. Coach_J


    Anyone have a link to updated brackets for D-II? Thanks.
  8. Any news on the Lindbergh baby?
  9. No shame in his game. Best of luck in this next stage of life.
  10. Just looking at this kid you can tell he was a wrestler. Very sad: http://www.heavy.com/regions/2012/12/ni ... ghanistan/
  11. When I trained in Sweden in 1980, they had a basic rule of thumb for young wrestlers. If they ever got one kilo over a weight class, they moved up and just grew into the next one. Very enlightened. As for the older guys, they only cut weight for major international meets or their nationals, not duals or local meets. This kept wrestling fun and kept the focus on technique.
  12. Koll said of Dake’s move to 165: “The bottom line is he likes to eat. He’s solid as a rock, and walks around at 170 pounds with about five percent body fat. It’s healthy for him to wrestle 165, and it is relevant to what weight class he wrestles in internationally.” Cut the weight cutting, focus on technique. More of this...
  13. Kudos to Olivet for taking on the challenge, and UM for giving them the opportunity. Very good for the sport.
  14. Very saddened to learn of his passing. He had to be pretty young--had he been ill? Condolences to all friends and family.
  15. Agree. With a government that is so anti-American, it was heartening to see a competitor who was so polite and respectful in defeat. Burroughs and his Iranian counterpart could show the politicians how to behave with class and dignity.
  16. Seems like some of those regions will be very tough to qualify top 3 out of at certain weights.
  17. Badger wrestling seems like a sinking ship of coaches. Because it's Big Ten, though, they will be able to attract decent assistants. But the cohesiveness is not likely to be there, especially since they are not keeping their own in-house to provide continuity.
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    Anyone know what Jason Liles, former SDSU coach, is going to do now that he has been replaced?
  19. Interesting that he said he's never lifted weights. His uncle Al was the real deal.
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