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  1. You don't owe anyone an explanation. If it's best for you, all that matters. Wrestlers tend to be combative and obsessive, which can wear you down. Come back when it's good for you.
  2. Didn't Kolodzik burn a redshirt late in the game for his final year of eligibility? Could be looking back at that for years to come. And Pletcher, feel for the guy. Hell, hard not to feel for every competitor in his final year of eligibility.
  3. And I thought that avatar was private!
  4. I was just playing--love what you're doing. It helps in these times to keep our minds engaged and our spirits from waning and we owe you for doing just that. Peace, my friend.
  5. How is Khuzin not at the very top??? You post like little girl!
  6. Dude is hilarious--might help us all through this. (Some bad words in here for those who might be offended.)
  7. Did this at the university I used to coach at. After my parents died we established a fund for the wrestling team with the stipulation that if wrestling were dropped, all funds revert to the university library. Have talked this over with my children so after I'm gone the U. doesn't try to pull a Notre Dame on us and talk the kids into reallocating the fund.
  8. Coach_J


    Dude is hilarious--might help us all through this. (Some bad words in here for those who might be offended.
  9. If the rules about true 8th were agreed upon ahead of time, it should stand. Can't change the playing field mid-tournament because it tilts a way you don't like. Major BS if true. Don't like the rule, change it ahead of the meet or immediately after for next year.
  10. I can see your view. Bleise and Eicher were very close to AA and lost in the blood round--left for Minnesota and Michigan State and did no better (in Eicher's case, worse). Jury is out on Hudkins--lost in the blood round an NIU and has been injured at Purdue and done nothing. Maybe he can pull it together next year, and Escobedo is a great mentor for any lightweight. Ludwig is a Michigan guy, former state champ, and he's giving a lot of Michigan kids opportunities; this is his first HC job so not like he's been a bunch of places and failed. "Very prominent" I don't think is the same as "Blue-Chip." Scores of "very prominent" Michigan kids go to UM, MSU, and Central and are never heard from again. To my knowledge Ludwig wasn't getting any 4-time Michigan champs who had won or placed top 3 at Fargo; good kids, very solid, but not anyone UM, MSU, or Central were making big offers to. I'm not aware of any former NIU coach who left to a bigger program, so we'll agree to disagree. I'm hoping the guy can get an AA and build for the program's future.
  11. I see your point and have been to Dekalb to compete, but I don't think it's exactly fair to compare NIU with some of the schools you mention--it's doesn't have the academic prestige of a Cornell (which had been a national wrestling power in the past with a great alum base, as had Northern Iowa in the Iowa Teachers College days) or the cache of the B1G like Purdue. I too really like what Kolat has done with a perennial doormat but he's damn Cary Kolat! He just landed one of our local kids and I'm pushing others to give Campbell a look--chance to be at an elite academic school and learn from an absolute genius. Branch hit the jackpot with Meredith transferring and almost by himself he put Wyoming into the top 25 several years in a row. And Princeton, very impressive. Ludwig has brought some no-names to the round of 12 several times and numerous guys, non-blue chips, winning two or three bouts and I guess my hope is that he can punch one through to build momentum. He's run a clean program. Just trying to see a positive in a program that gets little press and fully understand not everyone will agree with my take.
  12. Not exactly a destination coaching spot. Understand your feelings but still think he's done a solid job at an off the radar school that isn't steeped in tradition. Have been concerned that his round of 12 underclassman have left but, as noted, they've done no better in supposedly greener pastures.
  13. Was this a polite way of saying he was fired or he is leaving of his own accord?
  14. True, but he was injured basically all year. The guys the B1G have swiped haven't panned out in their new homes (Eicher, Hudkins, Bleise). Sometimes best to finish what you started with the people who invested in you from the beginning.
  15. The job Ryan Ludwig has done at Northern Illinois. They place 3rd in the 15-team MAC behind Missouri and Central Michigan (they actually beat CMU in the MAC dual) with Ludwig being named co-MAC Coach of the Year. Three NQs, a soph and two frosh, with Brit Wilson taking the MAC title. More programs like this, please.
  16. Holtfan retracted that statement earlier in the thread. Holtfan Bronze Member Members 37 198 posts Report post Posted Sunday at 10:51 AM (edited) EDIT!! I was misinformed on the video. Someone I trusted said it was so, and I didn't check it out for myself, I just took their word. I went back and watched, it's just not there. I will man-up on this and take the bullet on this one. It was unfortunate situation.
  17. To put this into an ongoing context, last night in the 215 semi the DCC kid was called for a slam against the kid from Dexter. Certain folks I won't name began yelling at the Dexter kid that he was taking the easy way out, blah-blah. The kid began yelling back that he doesn't take a fall and he continues the bout, eventually losing 5-4. Many "adults" behaved shamefully (and that extends to people in the crowd as well) but props to the kid from Dexter going out on his shield. If I were a small-college coach, I'd be all about getting that kid from Dexter.
  18. Mitch Hancock did not make the call on Rojas not being allowed to continue, the doctor on staff did. That's just a fact. Rojas wanted to continue and wasn't looking for a way out. If you have any problem with ethics, it would only be with Hancock on whether he should have defaulted the bout back to Facundo because that match, under the doctor's judgment, wasn't going to continue under any circumstance once the doctor ruled. Personally, I think the elbow to the head should have been an automatic DQ and the Facundo should have been defaulted back to Facundo. Net result, the same team ends up winning.
  19. I don't think apologies are cheap and I appreciate your post. And I apologize for any comments that I may have made that were out of line. I mean that. I was far from a perfect coach but my dedication to my athletes and their well-being was never in question. Every athlete who used four years of eligibility under me earned a college degree--I am more proud of that than anything accomplished on the mats. In these last years I am able to spend on the mat, I'm trying to share my knowledge. For example, with my club kids, I do not tolerate weight cutting (no one is dropping 5-8 pounds a week to make weight--my firm advice is always to go up a weight). My mission is to place as many of them in college as I can. My job is to build the possibilities for their future. I take the various parts of my mission very seriously. Is putting up with the deprecating comments and personal slights on a site like this worth the time or aggravation? I'm not sure but I will continue to share insights and, if anyone gets anything out of it, it's all good. And thank you for your comments on my son--sincerely appreciated. Much peace your way.
  20. I really can’t decide if you’re completely out of your mind or just mostly. You can diagnose a medical condition 25 years after the fact from a quick social media post? You’re a guy who by his own admission has hallucinated eating imaginary strawberry frosted doughnuts, popped so many diuretics he pissed blue, washed out of Ranger school because of chemical-related issues (sensing a pattern here), etc., and you have the superhuman ability to pass judgment on situations you were not present at to conclude that I’m not “the greatest coach,” etc. Stellar work, Dr. Oz. First, I never claimed to be “the greatest coach.” Have never done it, nor would I ever. Have met many coaches who were far better than I am. Learned from every one of them. Most were guys few had heard of. Possibly the best high school coach I met? Man named Lenny Ball. Worked at an inner city school and got more out of those kids (kids most superstars would give up on or not even bother trying to coach) than any of the big names ever would. No move ins, transfers, redshirts who repeated 8th grade to have a maturity advantage, etc. Got guys who never even heard of wrestling until they entered high school as freshmen and had a number contending for state titles as seniors. Unbelievable coach and mentor to young people. Unsung but a true hero of the game. Second, never wrestled an injured wrestler who was not cleared by a trainer/physician who had assessed the risks and discussed them thoroughly with the athlete. Were there guys who wrestled in pain? Duh. As my college coach used to say as we were preparing for nationals and guys were a bit banged up, “If you’re not hurting somewhere on your body what have you been doing all year?” And yes, he won a national team title and is in the Hall of Fame, so save the pseudo-analysis of why he isn’t the greatest coach. Early season bout, we sat anybody who was even slightly dinged. A guy who is a senior with his last shot to win a national title or AA and he’s got an injury that can be braced or taped in a way that the chances of worsening the injury are minimized to a calculated risk (yes, even walking across the street involves risk), it’s his choice if he wants to go. Never had a kid who didn’t choose to go, never had a kid who damaged himself for life. The heavyweight I mentioned was absolutely not hurt and did not have any signs of concussion; got taken down hard in a lift but he wasn’t hurt. Give him a minute to collect himself and he was fine. Every hard return to the mat does not result in a concussion or necessitate an ambulance ride to the hospital. Third, the issue with the kid making weight was the time element. He had already made scratch weight the day before—yes, he weighed less not even 24 hours before. He went overboard on his reloading and after his last bout had a short window to make weight with an allowance. His legs were sapped from his bout and then jumping rope and running—getting on the bike and changing it up gave him a chance to clear his mind, keep his legs moving, and just sweat while sitting down. If you can diagnose this as heat stroke 25 years post event, you should be in line for your own Forensic Files show. Regarding “danger,” let’s relate it to your experience washing out of Ranger school. My son passed on first attempt, no recycles. He was already lean but over the various stages lost 25 pounds while trying to keep his weight up. He was constantly hungry and dehydrated. A certified physician by his side every step of the way, checking his electrolyte levels? Seeing if he had symptoms of heat stroke? Right. What did he attribute his success to? Having wrestled. Huge fail rate at Ranger school but he stuck it out, and not because he was stronger or faster than all the other candidates, but because he knew how to perform under extreme conditions. So many failed because of simple things, like falling asleep—instant recycle or rejection. He could take being hungry and thirsty and extremely tired because he’d been there, done that in wrestling. Sport has served him very well, particularly in Iraq, where the heat and its adverse affects were in constant play. No water breaks in a firefight, no time-outs, no heat stroke checks. And if sharing some insights and anecdotes from 44 years of experience in the game is “beating my chest,” fine, guilty as charged, I can absolutely live with that without a problem.
  21. Your comments are nonsense. The heavyweight wasn't injured--that's the whole point. Was checked by medical staff immediately--where did I ever say he was injured? And dangerous cut? He was very tired, but "dangerous"? You were there? I would have never made weight if I stopped every time I got tired because it was "dangerous." If anyone's pounding his chest it's you when you are making moral judgments without knowing your a$$ from a hole in the ground.
  22. Another anecdote about not taking the fall. One year our heavyweight drew the #2 seed at nationals in the second round and our opponent was called for a slam. Again, we didn't think it was a cheapshot. Their coach was raging at the ref that we were going to lay down and he cost the #2 seed a chance at his national championship. After our guy got himself together, we resumed the bout. We lost; their guy was just better and deserved to go on. Flash forward to the final weigh-in and our 167 is really struggling to get that last couple pounds off; we're pretty desperate because his legs are gone and he is having trouble running or jumping rope anymore. The coach of the heavyweight we continued against came up to us and said, "Hey, we owe you one." He gave us his stationary bike for our 167 to use (there were no bikes around and the facilities were very limited). Long story short: our 167 made weight on his last touch and would not have been able to make it without that bike. Their heavy ended up 3rd and our heavy came back and placed 8th. A great sport when everyone is cool.
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