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  1. Certainly possible. I guess what's being missed in all this is the aftermath. Rojas is now getting hatemail and taking a beating on social media. So what, you say. Well, tough on a high school sophomore to be put in this situation, particularly when he did not make the slam call and he did not make the decision to not continue. Also, a college assistant coach from a school that is recruiting him went out and publicly called him out for being a p-----. The assistant didn't know the head coach was recruiting him--real bad look. Shame on so many "adults" in this fiasco. Rough gig for a young kid. I hope in the future we can show we're better than this.
  2. My opinion, Facundo wasn't going to pin Rojas if Rojas did not have a concussion; very real chance for a major but Rojas is an experienced guy and knows how to hang and keep a score close. If Rojas did have a concussion and was allowed to continue, sure, Facundo has a chance to pin but major malpractice on the part of Rojas' coaches and the doctor in charge.
  3. And I should add this: I only came to this philosophy after I screwed up bigtime in my first year as a head coach. We were at an open and one of our guys was losing and got unintentionally slammed and, during the time-out, said he was in great pain, couldn't move his shoulder and I thought, easy, take the default, a win, right? Well, it was an open and bouts were on something like eight mats and our guy who was so hurt he couldn't continue magically recovered and wrestled his next bout with one of my assistants in the corner. I was never so embarrassed in my life. Looked horrible, sleazy, and felt even worse. By my later approach, we would have defaulted back to the man who was winning. After that, I told our guys once you default that's it, you're done, you don't stay in the tournament, the only exception being you accept a default if you were on the wrong end of a cheapshot. Developed many of my coaching beliefs after I screwed something up. Live and learn and don't make the same mistake twice.
  4. You can never say what you will do in the moment, but I can tell you that in a dual once we came down to heavyweight and we were up by one team polnt. Their heavy was an imbecile, cheapshot artist and we were tied the bout when they were called for an illegal elbow wrench in neutral--we are now up by one. We take the fall we win the dual and go home. But we didn't want to send that message to the team, to take the easy way out. I didn't take our own usual advice and usual path and decided to continue the bout since there was only about a minute left and the trainer indicated the injury was not severe. Long story short, the ref started dinging us for stalling and we end up losing the heavyweight match by a point and the dual overall. I take the responsibility for that one but so be it. In the DCC-Davison bout, the final score was DCC 34 - Davison 23. As the DCC coach, I would have taken the default at 125 without question, giving DCC six instead of Davison getting six (the guy who threw the elbow ended up with a pin). Even with defaulting back to Facundo at 189, DCC would have still won. Like any situation in life, though, easy to say what you would have done.
  5. As stated above, my basic philosophy on illegal moves and whether to accept the default was simple: if the offending man was just wrestling hard and not being an ass and our guy could continue, we did; if our guy couldn't continue, we defaulted back to the offending man. However, if the offending man was pulling a cheapshot and being an ass, we took the default without any problem. With the elbow to the back of the head seen above, we would have taken those 6 points--the kid was out of control and could really damage somebody some day in the future--he needs to get the message damn fast that this kind of garbage won't be tolerated. In the Facundo bout, we would have told the ref we couldn't continue and let both the ref and the opposing coach know we would start the bout again, stop it after one second, and default to the other man. Had numerous experiences with both routes. Had one situation in a national finals where our guy was up against an excellent opponent; we were losing something like 5-2 when our opponent lifted our guy and brought him down hard and was called for a slam. Our kid was a tough SOB and no way would take a national title by laying down after a slam call. He took about 30 second to clear his head, ended up getting beat by a better man, and we all walked out with our heads up.
  6. Agree. I found this especially cowardly--hitting a defenseless man from behind. No brainer--flagrant misconduct and automatic DQ.
  7. And to put things into a larger context, this was an ugly bout with many less than glowing incidents from both teams. For example, how was this not an automatic DQ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cEvtUHeTF04
  8. I know people on both sides of this dispute so no dog in the fight. "It's up to you" is another way of the doctor saying "I don't see any medical reason at this point why you can't continue." If the concern was a concussion, there are many quick ways to see if the athlete is exhibiting signs of being concussed; if the doctor/trainer was competent and did not find any of these factors present, it then becomes the athlete's/coach's decision to continue. Based on the one athlete running back to the center to resume the bout, that seems to corroborate what may have been initially said, but that is not foolproof and head injuries should never be trifled with. (Note--someone who was on the floor at the time said the doctor finally said the athlete should not continue and should be seen at a hospital.) If the athlete is truly injured and can't continue and--this is important--the man called for the slam was simply completing a hard but legitimate finish and not taking a cheapshot or doing something dirty, it is common practice for some coaches to default the bout back to the man called for the slam. This then becomes an issue of individual ethics and not medical danger.
  9. Done. And a virus doesn't distinguish between its victims.
  10. But you damn well better keep pole dancing!
  11. When women were brought into the Olympics, wrestling was not going to be given any additional medals; as I recall, we were forced to scale back from 20 weights between FS and GR to 18, then to 18 total for MFS, GR, and WFS combined. But feel relieved, we saved the 200 swimming events and are adding pole dancing!
  12. One of the issues was reducing not only numbers but medals awarded. With the reduction in weights, we were, though, allowed the double bronze, which a number of combat sports do. Politics, politics, politics...
  13. No for so many reasons. Timing/scheduling--won't work within the rules. Reality--Cox is not even a big 97 and Snyder is no longer dominating 97 guys, so 125 would not work for either this cycle or perhaps ever. Hoping the better man wins at 97 and that's all.
  14. Since Christians see Jesus as the Son of God/God made flesh (and thus a part of him) and Muslims do not, these religions and their gods, while sharing many similarities, are not the same. And yes, my many Muslim friends revere Jesus but as prophets go he does not share equal status with Mohammed in their eyes.
  15. Wrestled the last year of 9 minute bouts, no tech fall. Three 3-minute periods is more than enough to determine who the better man is.
  16. I love beer and I can prove it.
  17. International wrestlers generally peak ages 24-32, with some prodigies (Sads, for example) arriving earlier and some grizzled vets later (Campbell). And to think most of our best folkstylers are done by age 22.
  18. Somewhere along the line it just won't be worth it to cheat. We're not there yet, but I'm hopeful we will arrive there soon. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/February/19/Trio-of-Olympic-Licenses-Reassigned-After-Anti-Doping-Rules-Violations
  19. So many athletes profess a belief in a higher power, from Snyder's Christian God to Sadulaev's Allah and everything in between. And many are atheist or agnostic. I have no problem with thanking a God or seeing a predicament as a challenge from God or a hint to move in a different direction in life. It is no doubt crushing to have a dream taken or deferred; to see that as part of a God's plan is a means of coping with the disappointment and adjusting for the future and is understandable. The world is wide. Room enough for everyone who isn't spouting religious superiority or bigotry but just trying to navigate the struggles in life. Hopes for a speedy recovery and productive path for the future.
  20. What you see happening to Sadulaev is what happened to Snyder: people are game-planning him. Sads is so good he is still able to come out on top, even though the margins of victory are getting smaller. I am sure the Russian staff is picking apart all his Euro bouts (the reason he went to a meet like this) and will make appropriate adjustments. This is something we have lagged in.
  21. Strikes me as someone you could beat 10 times in a row and he fully believes he will beat you next time every single time.
  22. A few impressions of my travels in Russia. In Moscow, one of our group members, who is of Lebanese descent, was detained by police for looking "Caucasian" (from the Caucasus mountains). Our guide had to intervene so our guy wasn't taken into the police station. Yes, being dark-skinned is enough for the police to detain anybody they damn well please over there. In Belarus, we were invited to the "house" of the local wrestling federation. After our bus wound in and out of a neighborhood most comparable to Borat's village (corrugated tin roofs, no glass in the windows, chickens all over, etc.) we came to a clearing where there stood the "house," complete with security wall all around and a guy with a machine gun standing guard. The place was opulent, a complete contrast to the neighborhood we passed through. We asked how the federation could build such a house and were told "we make business." We asked what kind of business and were told, "Yes, make business." One of our group members asked, "Like a computer business," and the answer was, "Yes, we make computer business." My take: best to stop asking questions and break out the vodka. When we were on our way out, I had purchased a Russian army dagger with scabbard for my son in the Moscow flea market (that is a whole story in itself). At the airport, the instructions on the wall said that all items, such as knives, should be packed securely in check-through luggage, which mine was. When my bag went through the x-ray it was pulled from the conveyor and within minutes I was called over, at which point an older female security person holding my son's prize dagger began shouting at me and shaking the dagger at me. I didn't know what she was saying, and a guard with a machine gun came over and starting babbling and pointing at me as well. Our guide was busy at the ticket counter and didn't notice what was going on until things got heated. The guy with the machine kept pointing for me to go someplace off in the distance and I kept telling him I wasn't going anywhere. Things got bad when the guard tried to grab my arm to make me go with him and I smacked his hand away and told him to get his f.cking hands off me, at which point he pointed the machine gun at me. Needless to say, that got my attention. Our guide came over and, to make a long story short, the dagger was considered property of the Russian government and is not legally allowed to leave the country, which I had no clue about. The guard was trying to arrest me for smuggling. Much more to the story but suffice it to say I'm safely still alive in the good old US of A. And as the pics below attest, always be on the look out for Lenin and Chuck Norris hanging out.
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