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  1. Done and already getting his injections.
  2. PED doesn't exclusively mean roids. Dude was chemmed up at 213. Lots of strong vitamins helped him cut the weight and stay wired. Hasn't been anywhere near the same since the hot drop.
  3. Agree. He was an enormous, powerful 97--obviously, had a little extra help with that. When he got "sick" at Rio the jig was finally up.
  4. Does well at events he doesn't have to drop in a pee cup. My stock is down on him.
  5. Agree. A man can take a bunch of shots, but if his opponent holds the center and does not drift to the zone, he will not be called for stalling. Not that I agree with this definition, but how it is often called.
  6. Khuzin said he lost. Gave up a leg lace.
  7. Northern Illinois is also getting solid, beating Central Michigan this year.
  8. Appears he's a tweener. Too big for 57 but I think too small for 65. Tough competitor though.
  9. Surprised to see 61 so full but good to see Bogomoev on the mat. Radik, will he go 57 for the Olympic process?
  10. Colon needs a chance to work his gut wrench. He can be brutal when he locks that up.
  11. Women's division looks deep. Impressed with Venezuela's greco team.
  12. Big props to Kolat. Doing what he's doing with the resources, support, and challeges he faces, what an incredible job. Good for the sport--end stop. Should be considered for coach of the year, particularly if he can punch some All-Americans through.
  13. Other reasons, too. As we've all seen, some of that "fodder" turns into some damn tough competitors. Brian PIcklo at Michigan State didn't even qualify for state as a high school senior and became a 2-time D-I All-American.
  14. Another solid performance by Jack Medley.
  15. Yes, another thing I was wrong about.
  16. And I should add, the athletic braintrust at the D-I school came up with the ingenious idea to add women's crew to even out the Title IX imbalance. They hired a "coach" who found all the women who had been cut from soccer and basketball and other sports and "recruited" his team, most of whom had never been in a boat before. That AD was later finally proven to be the scum that he is/was when it was revealed that he lied profusely about football attendance numbers to keep their I-A status. Crooks from top to bottom.
  17. There's a lot more to this story, but in general the program was mismanaged at about every level in the time I was there. When I arrived, we often forfeited three, sometimes four weights--there just weren't enough bodies. Even then, we would have to bump guys around just to fill out the remaining weights (we had no one at 125, a kid who had never wrestled before at 133, and no one at heavyweight, and we were thin at other weights where we often had to bump a slightly bigger guy up). I got to recruit the next year we had a full but very young roster (that recruiting class was ranked in the top 20, something the school had never done before). Too many other details I'm skipping, but you get the idea. That first year, the D-II school I used to coach at dualed us and kicked the you know what out of us. Some people get stuck on the idea that "it's D-I so it has to be better." Simply not the case in many circumstances.
  18. Big Jack Medley fan. Little fanfare, lots of heart--great kid all the way around.
  19. A million percent wrong about Spencer Lee. Thought he was too small coming out of high school and needed to redshirt and when he lost early to Bressman I didn't see him winning the NCAA title that year. Couldn't have been more wrong.
  20. The D-I school I coached at capped us at 25. All to maintain proportionality for Title IX. Really hurt us with depth, sparring partners, injuries, etc. At the small colleges I coached at, we would often have as many as 40 guys.
  21. I believe you are right! He came up on the season bout record of a Simon Fraser wrestler, so we gave Mike Jones a hard time about it (all in good fun--Mike is one of the great guys in the sport and he's got a pretty damn good sense of humor; one of my all-time favorite guys I coached with/against). We said, "I don't know if this guy's any good, but he's such a man!"
  22. At nationals one year one of the wrestlers season match records indicated an opponent named "Sucha Mann." We immediately began kidding the coach and calling him out about this manly "opponent," but I guess his name was pronounced "Soosha Mon" and not "Such-a-Man."
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