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    Coach_J reacted to wfan24 in Long Interview (Gadisov, Sadulaev, Sajidov): worlds, olympics, retirement   
    Hi guys,
    I watched a long, 1 hour + long video from 2 weeks ago with some of Russia's world champs and medalists and coaches: Sadulaev, Gadisov, Sajidov and Gadhzimagomedov.
    The interview is in Russian, but I translated much of it for the forum here and also summarized the interesting bits below. A lot of interesting nuggets on retirement, who wins between Sadulaev and Gadisov, etc. This is the original video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heea3x3Huqo
    Of course, its hard to capture the exact nuances sometimes exactly, but I think what I translated is pretty accurate. In general, these guys seems very modest and friendly and are really a great team. 
    Gadisov is quite articulate, he will definitely have a good career outside of wrestling.
    Our first objective at the worlds was to get the Olympic spots, but of course we can't just aim for the olympic spots, we are the best wrestling school in the world, so our goal was to win as many gold medals as possible and to be no.1 in the team rankings. Could have been better of course, but we have stuff to work on now.

    Our main objective in the republic of Dagestan is not just to push kids into wrestling, we are most happy if they train any sport that fits them. But yes, wrestling is a main sport in the republic of Dagestan. The training halls are full of kids.

    The flight to the worlds was long, first 12 hours to LA, then 1.5 hours to Las Vegas. The long travel really tired out the athletes. But we prepared for that and knew about it. Americans love creating a show and they did a great job organizing and the venue was full. Everything was wonderful. There were many Russian fans too, Dagestani, etc. It was pleasant and helped our wrestlers. We felt the support of the fans.
    Gadisov (answering why he lost in the final):
    The fans I think helped Snyder, but they did not affect me. I haven't watched the match yet. I think perhaps the long flight and adaptation period affected me a bit, but these are all excuses. If I lost, I need to seek the reason inside me: I lost, so I made mistakes. I think tactically I was a little bit off, he is a young guy and was very excited, going forward, and I felt a bit tired, and made defensive mistakes. We will work on functional training, its good to see your mistakes and have a chance to fix them, so we will work hard so that such cases don't repeat again at the Olympics.
    (they ask him: didn't you know about Snyder, he is a young popular wresler?)

    Well, in my brackets, the main opponent was Gazumov, also an Ossetian wrestler whom I lost to at the European games. So, I was entirely preparing for him (Sajidov also intervenes, says the same thing), so when I beat him, I thought thats it, we are done. But after that I watched some of Snyder's matches (before the final), and I saw that the final will not be easy.

    (they ask again: "So you did not know him before?")

    No, he also lost at the Junior worlds (Snyder), so did not pay attention to him...lets say, he was more like a dark horse.
    Trainers also are responsible, we prepared for the Azerbaijani, the Gerogian and the Ukranian, that was our main focus. Our side of the bracket was stronger, so from the weaker's side (Snyder), we expected the Iranian to go through, so Snyder was unexpected. We made tactical errors in the final.

    Gadisov (after journalist says it was 5:5 and noone won):
    Lets not seek excuses , we both wrestle  under the same rules. We will keep working so the score is not 5:5, but 5:0, like our Sadulaev (they laugh), who with his wrestling, shows how to win. Many guys should take an example from him, so I want to congratulate him now !

    Everyone thinks its easy from the outside, but they don't see how much I train. On the mat, its never easy. I don't aim to win with tech superiority. I just go out and wrestle and rely on God.

    Gadisov (why did he beat Gazumov this time?)
    well, again, it all depends on what tactics you chose, because the opponents are strong and prepare for you. So tactics are very important for the result. At the European games, I chose the wrong tactic, I attacked too much, and I allowed him leg attacks and lost 4:2. Here, I did more counter-attacking, so I prepared only for him, but again it was a tense match.

    Gazumov is very strong, at 97kg, so when they meet, every second is crucial. Of course, by focusing on Gazumov, we should not forget the Georgian, also very strong, a European games finalist. So I would say, Gadisov left all his physical and mental energy against these 2, before the final.

    sometimes its like that, you do what you can and still lose, fans are not happy, but it is God's will, so we need to accept it. We can just say thank God and work harder. So I want to tell the fans: thanks for the support, and follow God's will.

    Sadulaev (about a match vs. Synder): yes, they offered me to wrestle Snyder, but there was no official offer. I told them if they want to make the show, I agree to it.

    Olympic preparation is key, but yes, Americans like show, they even make it in the center of New York, its great, its pleasant, so if there is a free time in Olympic preparation, we can do the match with Snyder. We are always ready to wrestle, anyone, anywhere, they should know that (Americans). (Laughs).

    Sajidov (on if there are keys to beating Burroughs):
    Yes, there are always keys, especially with our coaches, we can find keys for anyone. As we already saw, Tsargush won once. In fact, Geduev's bracket was very difficult at the Worlds, so each match was hard, and Geduev cuts a lot of weight. I think if this match was in the finals, where Geduev had a couple of hours to rest (or earlier when he was fresher), it would be a different match. Its hard to say who would win. But generally, our wrestlers have the mastery, so we will prepare them to beat Burroughs or Snyder or whoever else is there, at the Olympics.

    Gadisov (on retiring after 2016 if he wins Gold):
    First, yes, after the 2016 Games, I think I will retire from wrestling. Because one has to wrestle when they want, when they are burning with desire, etc. But I feel for me, this is the last year, and next year, I will not have the fire in my eyes. And in this case, I will retire. Either you need to be no.1 and winning or just don't bother.

    If you win the Olympic games, we will talk again about delaying retirement (laughs). Many said they will retire but don't. Main thing is to have health (its clear Sajidov is not pleased with the retirement talk).

    Sadulaev (on going to 97kg): I am still growing, so I feel yes, I will go to 97kg.

    We like strong internal competition in the weight class. If there was no Shamil or Ahmed, there would be no Sadulaev. It is needed and required for us, if we want to be no.1

    Gadisov: (jokes)
    So now I control their food intake (Sadulaev's and Kudiamagomedov) , so they stay at 86kg :).

    Gadisov (on do how would they do at 97kg)
    In 1 interview, Sadulaev said that I win most of the time against him, but this is the opposite, its hard to beat him. He is very strong physically and also a very modest person.

    These 2 wrestle all the time, but we don't care for the score, many fans watch them wrestle and count the score in practice.

    Tthis is sport, our matches are very tense, but in general, Sadulaev wins most of our matches, just to tell the fans (laughs).

    Gadisov helps me all the time, supports me. They are helping me, Gadisov, and Sajidov. They are helping me with their experience. God's will, all will go well at the Olympics.

    Sajidov (about Makhov's performance)
    We decided to risk and go with 2 styles. He justified our trust. We know his character and his abilities. He had a bad draw at the Greco worlds. At the Greco tournament he weighed 124kg, but at the freestyle few days later, he only weighed 116kg, he lost a lot of weight, and this affected his result at the freestyle Worlds. But the main objective, getting the Olympic quota, was accomplished. We all saw he had no strength left after each match at the freestyle worlds. He would lay down and hardly be able to stand. The other wrestlers were all motivating him, etc. They almost had to lift him to his legs so he can make the walk. I even asked Mahov today, do you have a place in your body without an injury? He started counting: 4 surgeries on 1 knee, 2 on the other, both shoulders, elbows, etc...This guy guy has incredible spirit...he shows one can do anything.

    Sajidov (about Mahov's MMA)
    I was not a big fan, you need to chose 1 thing. But he managed to convince me and the other coaches about both styles. But the Olympic games are no place for such experiments. So he needs to chose one style. We want him to win a gold medal, freestyle or greco, we don't really care.
    He deserves it...of course, we prefer he comes to freestyle (laughs).

    Sajidov (on Greco vs. Freestyle for Mahov)
    Before the Turk, Mahov had the hardest match, with the Iranian, very important match he had to win to get the Olympic spot.

    Another coach
    Olympics are a totally different thing, so need prepare mentally. Turk may be champion now, congratulations to him, but Olympics is a different thing. Until they lift your hand, you have not won.

    Sajidov (on Vlasov's national anthem mixup):
    I don't know if there was a mistake, but Vlasov did great, congratulations to him. But due to the anthem mix up he actually got more time on the podium (laughs).

    Sadulaev (on did you feel pressure by Americans, etc):
    Nno, I did not feel such a thing (perhaps for Gadisov cause he wrestled an American). But with me, I did not wrestle an American in the final. I felt that the fans suppported me. I don't know what good I did for them, but they supported me.

    Sadulaev (on youth):
    I wish all kids/teenagers to not spend time doing bad things and to have a health way of life. And to most importantly, make their parents happy. To create goals and to try and reach them.

    Youth should chose what they want to do. Some want to work in medicine, some sports, some science, etc. Some kids cannot be professional sportsman as they do not have the physical qualities. They should make their parent happy, should not make them ashamed. When the kids do bad things, this is the biggest shame for the parents in front of others.  And the biggest joy is when the parents are happy, so I wish them to make the parents happy. This is the greatest
    happiness, when they are happy for you and are proud of you, in whatever it is that you manage to succeed.

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    Coach_J reacted to Tofurky in All African Games   
    My man! Good on you and endless respect, sir.
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    Coach_J reacted to maligned in All African Games   
    It goes without saying, but it would take more than a post on this board to talk about the experiences (I've lived either in Africa and/or a 100% african city quarter in Europe for 7 years).  I have a passion for justice, opportunities, and development, so it's been an unbelievable experience personally in terms of having so many relationships with people that are like-minded in these areas (both African and foreigners in Africa).  The biggest thing that I think Americans miss is that "Africa" is enormous with dozens and dozens of cultures and sub-cultures that are profoundly multi-layered.  People will ask me things like, "what do they eat over in africa?"--as if all the people of 50+ nations and thousands of ethnic groups all have a common diet or common way of life.  It's been a privilege to experience several of these cultures from both Sub-saharan and North African nations quite deeply.  If I had any say in international school curricula, it would definitely be required for all students in their teens to spend significant time in a culture far from their own.  The lessons and perspectives learned go so far beyond generalizations or political ideologies they can read about.
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    Coach_J reacted to IronChef in Dake To 86?   
    Everyone lies about height. If you say you're 5'10" and he's taller than you, he's probably exactly 5'9" :)
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    Coach_J reacted to Hubbard in Mike Mitchell goes 0-2 in Russia   
    Beats going to the mother-in-law's for dinner.
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Mike Mitchell goes 0-2 in Russia   
    Front page of this website has this as a lead story.  With all due respect....who is Mike Mitchell?
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    Coach_J reacted to PRyan2012 in Chris Mintz   
    Pretty amazing story. Guy was a vet, wrestler in high school and in the army. Did some MMA and was just starting college at 30.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Husker_Du in Sadulaev Facts   
    It's not his fault he was 24 when he was 16....
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    Coach_J reacted to TheRealOne9050 in Sadulaev Facts   
    He had to lie about his age to compete at the Senior Worlds, actually. He claims to be 19, but he's 15.
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    Coach_J reacted to TheRealOne9050 in Sadulaev Facts   
    Let's list here the best facts about the greatest, undisputed pound-for-pound wrestler of all times.
    I'll start with a few.

    Sadulaev's shadow stays ten steps behind him in fear of a gutwrench.

    When Sadulaev wants butter, he doesn't need to do it like all the other people. He just gutwrenches the cow and the butter comes straight out.

    The original "300" was a movie based on Sadulaev's victorious stand against 10.000 persians. 300 was his GWPS (Gut Wrenches Per Second).

    Once, a wrestler from Cuba threw a haymaker at Sadulaev. The Cuban's ghost is still wrestling to this day.

    Sadulaev has already been to Mars. That's why there are no signs of life.

    Sadulaev and Superman once wrestled each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.

    Sadulaev was born wearing a singlet.

    If you met Sadulaev in your dreams, he would gutwrench you back to reality.

    I don't watch Sadulaev's matches. I'm too scared he might gutwrench me from the computer screen.

    Death once had a near-Sadulaev experience.

    Sadulaev is the only wrestler Gaidarov never tried to punch, choke to death or pour a kettle of boiling hot water over.

    Lucifer did not fall from heaven because he sinned. He was gutwrenched by Sadulaev.
    Sadulaev is never put on the shot clock. It's the shot clock that is put on Sadulaev.

    Sadulaev once couldn't finish a gutwrench during a match. The opponent and everyone within 100 feet were knocked out by the sonic boom. He vowed never to fail at it again.

    Voldemort refers to Sadulaev as "You-Know-Who".

    Sadulaev won the Cadet World Championships despite not being a cadet.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from silver-medal in Jake Deitchler wrestling again?   
    So much is still not known about severe trauma injuries to the brain and their long-term effects.  If his injuries were severe enough to end his collegiate and international career, he should not be anyone's training partner especially as it pertains to live, uncontrolled goes.  And this is why I felt it bogus when Marable claimed a concussion severe enough to necessitate removal from the trials and then was good to go with no restrictions for the special wrestle-off weeks later.  Concussions need to be treated far more seriously, and if diagnosed with one there should be a mandatory lengthy time period to sit out and allow the brain to stop swelling, ensure recovery, and limit the risk of further damage.  Not to stir the fecal matter, but just my humble opinion.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Jake Deitchler wrestling again?   
    So much is still not known about severe trauma injuries to the brain and their long-term effects.  If his injuries were severe enough to end his collegiate and international career, he should not be anyone's training partner especially as it pertains to live, uncontrolled goes.  And this is why I felt it bogus when Marable claimed a concussion severe enough to necessitate removal from the trials and then was good to go with no restrictions for the special wrestle-off weeks later.  Concussions need to be treated far more seriously, and if diagnosed with one there should be a mandatory lengthy time period to sit out and allow the brain to stop swelling, ensure recovery, and limit the risk of further damage.  Not to stir the fecal matter, but just my humble opinion.
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    Coach_J reacted to IronChef in Great move in 74kg bronze match   
    The Indian wrestler was down by 8 with under a minute left when he threw this awesome headlock for a fall. I wanted to post this in case anyone missed it. 

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    Coach_J reacted to tirapell in Interviews of foreign athletes   
    I did, but it is funnier that way :)
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    Coach_J reacted to Jim L in Interviews of foreign athletes   
    I am only pointing this out because of the humorous malaproprism, but I think you meant insightful instead of inciteful.
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    Coach_J reacted to tirapell in Interviews of foreign athletes   
    Thanks for doing this.  Very inciteful and interesting!
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in WOW!!!!!   
    I will gladly eat crow now! I love being wrong!!!!!!!
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Snyder & 97kg discussion   
    wfan:  What if Gadisov had been stuck wrestling Snyder without several hours rest?  Snyder would have won by 4-5.  Everything you're saying is a bunch of nonsense.  
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    Coach_J got a reaction from headache in Snyder & 97kg discussion   
    Oh, and for what it's worth, this kid should NEVER go 197 again.  He should be used sparingly at heavyweight and kept healthy for his future in freestyle.  JMHO
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    Coach_J reacted to Chasden in Snyder & 97kg discussion   
    That finals match was electric to watch! So proud to be an American and root for Snyder, you can just see the passion this guy has for wrestling. Many were claiming his youth and lack of experience would never get him a gold medal against the Russian. Looks to me Kyle Snyder didn't get the memo. Hopefully this will motivate all his teammates tomorrow that great things can be achieved.  
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    Coach_J reacted to sgallan in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    I like Metcalf. Been been following him since was in grade school. His late brother before that. I just don't think he has "it" (whatever that means) to get through the deep fields at these fields when everyone is peaked. He seems to be able to go with the best on any given day, but in these kinds of competitions you have to go through a lot of tough people. He is a known commodity at this point and can't seem to get through everybody. Who else is there? Pico maybe? He is awfully young still and needs some more seasoning at the senior level...... something Metcalf and some results as even the junior level have shown. Is there anybody else I am missing
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    Coach_J reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    I wont argue with you on any of your post.   Since the weight and rule change, Brent has absolutely been a better wrestler.  The competition domestically was basically extinguished once the changes took, and even on the world level, Brent became better.   You will get no disagreement from me.   
    But as he improves, the rest of the world does as well.   Take the Chinese for example, that guy appears to be headed for an assault on the weight class next year in Brazil.   And lets not also ignore other up and coming countries such as India, Turkey, Armenia, Mongolia, etc. 
    If you are Brent's personal and professional adviser, do you tell him to keep doing what he's doing, with confidence in order to get on the medal stand?   I want to see Brent win just as much as anyone, that's why I deliver these tough love posts.    Brands just cannot do it.   He just cannot get Brent to the next level.   He just can't.  That's no knock on Brands, that's just assessing the result, and being honest with myself.   
    If I'm managing Brent's final push for a world level medal and an Olympic berth, I'm sending him west to ASU or OSU.   
    Imagine Brent training with, and fending off shots from those monsters, the Valencias, or at OSU, mixing it up with a 190 pound Oliver, day in and day out.   Guerrero and Smith's technical brilliance can't hurt either.  Look what Cael did for Gomez, took him right to a world silver.   Look at Novochkov, looks lime a world medalist (screw job notwithstanding), and the list of guys improving goes on as Brent seemingly cannot get over the hump.  
    Lets also consider Pico has been improving by leaps and bounds.  He looks like the better wrestler to me, right now.   I mean that in terms of how they are freestyling.   Brent looks like the best folkstyler trying to wrestle freestlye.   Can Brent ride that style to an Olympic berth and Olympic medal?   Do you actually trust Brands will get him there?  
    I urge you to be honest with yourself.  I'm being honest up and down this web site since I got here.   You know why a few people don't like on here?  Because I spoil their pie in the sky dreams by injecting reality into the discussion.   I burst their bubble before it's inevitably burst and they can't stand to see me thinking i will gloat.   Of course not, I am an American and I want to see our guys win.   
    I'm willing to call it a stalemate and leave it be, but first answer me, is Brands the best choice for Brent to get on the medal stand next year? 
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    Coach_J reacted to BigTimeFan in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    Results speak for themselves. At this point it doesn't really matter why Brent has not won a medal, what stands out is that he consistently falls short. Echoing CT it's really not interesting to hear about a 29 year old and three-time world team member who beats champions in the off season and then pushes them real hard (but ultimately loses) at the worlds. In fact, it was barely acceptable to hear everyone ooh and ahh about Snyder's performance vs Gatsalov at BTS because he took him down and showed he isn't afraid. That's fine, but win the damn match. At 29 you have to win. Period. 
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    Coach_J got a reaction from sbdude in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    I agree with you regarding Metcalf.  He has not yet shown the ability to adapt.  He does the same things the same way and gets the same results; that worked in college in bouts determined by conditioning and control, but it hasn't resulted in a top 5 world finish in a style that rewards technical precision and explosive athleticism.  I am reminded of Keith Gavin a few years back--the best we had and a damn fine wrestler, but his skill set didn't translate to international greatness.
    Lester had his time; two world bronze medals is an awesome career for a US greco man.  Mango, I feel, was hurt by the upsizing of the lightest weight class.
    And this isn't knocking any great wrestlers who even at my best would all kick my ass with no trouble at all, just a fan trying to be objective and honest about what I've seen, which every fan has a right to do.
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    Coach_J reacted to Billyhoyle in Snyder & 97kg discussion   
    Armspin said Gayzumov is on the other half of the bracket? 
    Nobody likes this, but how many are willing to take the steps necessary to allow us to compete with the rest of the world (phase out folkstyle and replace it with freestyle)?
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