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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in Snyder & 97kg discussion   
    What I hate so much about the US program is we have to hope for favorable draws to win medals. The Russians, Iranians, and the likes of Azebaijan don't care what the draw is.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jim L in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    It does seem to me that only way that Mecalf medals is if he puts the perfect tournament together, like slay or Zadick did to win there medals.  We have enough evidence that he is not a top 4 wrestler in the world, despite the fact that he was a great NCAA wrestler and clearly the best the US has to offer at this weight.
    Unfortunately, it looks to me like Mango and Lester fall into this category as well
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    Coach_J reacted to Perry in Metcalf & 65kg discussion   
    I wonder if Metcalf is his own worst enemy in a sense. He still utilizes the same grind and go game he used in college to wear guys down and win on his conditioning. In an event like the world championships where you get minimal rest time I wonder if the guys he loses to are so worn down they can't give the next match their all and end up losing due to fatigue. In this sense he ends up knocking himself out completely once the guys lose the next round. I think the same thing happened at his last showing at worlds, but maybe I'm just overthinking things..
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    Coach_J reacted to ConnorsDad in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Boris spent most of his life in CA and was an above avg. but not great college wrestler. How is it he has improved that much? Are other countries freestyle programs that much better than ours? I would have never predicted that for him or the Uzbek wrestler last year from the American college program. Amazing they wrestled the same type program as our best collegiate wrestlers, folkstyle and free in the summer.
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    Coach_J reacted to rickybobby in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    And as if on cue, the Williams match happens.  Only thing worse than the ref, was the USA coach holding the brick over his head and yelling instead of throwing it.  
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    They called it a 2 and 2 on the 2nd gut counter. The first gut counter was only given 1 point. The first counter should have been two and the 2nd counter should have been 2 for Williams only. The score should have been 5-2 Williams.
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    That was fcked up
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    Coach_J reacted to WalterWhite in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    That ref and everyone working at that table needs to be fired immediately. That was horrible. 
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    Coach_J reacted to 2td3nf in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Coach, just go straight to livestream.com/unitedworldwrestling     You should get all 4 mats there. 
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in 2015 Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Coach J use the above link
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    Coach_J reacted to GoNotQuietly in Bisek's Draw   
    Here's the throw, don't think the whole match is up yet:

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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Bisek's Draw   
    Vlasov beats Juflakayen.
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    Coach_J reacted to quanon in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    I guess it might be worth doing a medal count by year for each country.
    Anyway, based on gold medalists, Iran might have gotten better after the Soviet breakup.  This suggests that Iran improved more than we did in the past 20 years.  Which in turn suggests that we are doing something wrong -- it's not just that there are more ex-Soviets, it's that a variety of countries are widening the performance gap on the United States.
    On the one hand, our results could by cyclical.  That would mean that we just happened to get lucky with a crop of fantastic wrestlers in the early to mid 1990s, and after that the talent just wasn't there.  I'm a little skeptical of this, but it's possible.
    My guess is that training situations have a lot to do with our results.  The early to mid 1990s was also the time that Dupont was funding Foxcatcher wrestlers full time -- and I think Sunkist and maybe 1 or 2 other clubs like Gator stepped up their game at that point (?).  For a long time (up until the last few years) that level of funding for full time freestylers dropped off.  Now that there are multiple regional training centers, results might start to improve.  It all depends on what the other countries are doing.
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    Or maybe we have just lost our luster in freestyle and the US does not have a large enough coaching talent pool to bridge the gap. I hate to be a pessimist but I only see 2 medals coming out of freestyle and none from greco. The women will fare better with 4 perhaps 5 medals. Pretty sad especially with the double bronze.
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    Coach_J reacted to quanon in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    Personally, I'd like to see a tour like tennis has.  Four grand slams a year, one in each season.  Regional tournaments spread out throughout the rest of the year.  Each wrestler gets points for finishing at tourneys, and gets to count the best results from the slams plus two or three regionals.  Highest point total from the tour that year is the world champion.  Built in seeding system, based on the results going back over the previous 365 days.  Tennis does this the right way.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    I'll kick in 10 bucks to get it started!
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    if i had billions in the bank i'd start an annual worldwide invitational with massive payouts using a round robin black mark format. 20 of the best wrestlers per weight class, regardless of federation etc. 
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    would be better if they didn't have teams, just all the best wrestlers competing at least once a year. you could still root for your favorite county's wrestlers if that's your thing. 
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    Coach_J reacted to LJB in Clash of the Titans   
    come on... clash of the titans was not prime mirren caligua... calm down....
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    Coach_J reacted to gimpeltf in Clash of the Titans   
    Laurence Olivier is in the movie and you pull out Harry Hamlin?
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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Clash of the Titans   
    We have the following to look forward to;
    57 kg: 3 world champs, maybe 4 (dunno if Yang is there) plus Bonne and Khinegashvilli
    65 kg: 3 world champs, plus a ton of other world medallists, not a single if of which wrestles boring matches
    75 kg Greco: 4 world (or Olympic) champs, all highly accomplished veterans
    130 kg Greco: a 6x champ, 3x champ, 2x champ and 1x champ.
    This is we we seed tournaments, UWW. Oh well. Let the matches be epic and the best man win!
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    I don't buy the Soviet breakup argument at all. The US first tier was competitive with Soviet top tier and our top tier would regularly beat their second teamers. The US has gotten worse over time while letting the rest of the former eastern bloc pass by.
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    Coach_J reacted to MA_Wrestler in 2015 World Championship preview, prediction and discussion   
    Team overview:
    USA: With this years event on our home turf, expectations are at an all time high. As a team we have had great showings at the last two World Cup's, as well as some promising results over seas from plenty of individuals, but the last two World Championships have brought home just 3 medals from 2 different wrestlers. We have our superstar in Burroughs, but we lost our next most consistent wrestler in Dlagnev. We have a former medalist in Herbert, a seasoned vet with a great international resume in Metcalf, Humphrey on his 3rd world team with a couple of impressive showings in past trips, and we have some new blood as well. American fans always have high expectations, and this year is no different.
    If you look at our results over the last 10 years, 2-3 medals is a pretty good showing. Since 2005 our medal counts were as follows; 2, 4, 1, 1, 2, 0, 2, 3, 1, 2. We've also had plenty of wrestlers reach the medal match and finish 5th in that time, so hoping for 1 or 2 5th place finishes as well is not out of the question. Unlike some years past, I really don't see anyone in our lineup who isn't capable of a top 5 finish. No disrespect to anyone who ever made a world team, but I can remember years where we sent guys that I felt just had no chance at all. Most of our guys have enough of a proven record to show they are int he discussion for a top 5 finish, and the new, less experienced guys have the skill sets and domestic wins to suggest the same thing. I'm not saying all 8 of our guys will medal or reach the medal match, but everyone one of them is capable of doing so without it being a huge shock.
    As a fan I'd love nothing more than to see us win the team title on home turf, have everyone wrestle to the fullest of their abilities and all win medal. That's what I'll be cheering for, but realistically, I'm hoping for 2-3 medals and 1 or 2 others finishing 5th.
    The field: Russia reclaimed their throne last year after a disappointing (by their ridiculous standards) 2013. They crowned 5 world champs, after having 2 others win title in 2013, giving them 7 different world champions in the first two years of this cycle. The most ridiculous part, 4 of those 7 won't even be competing this year, and 1 of those that will got beat at Russian nationals! They are the clear favorites, with a legit gold medal threat at every weight class. They have a couple defending champs, a couple former champs, and some new blood ranked near the top of the world looking to make their first big splash. That said, Iran is damn good and has some quality depth themselves, so the margin for error may be small.
    Iran stole the team title in 2013 and made it interesting again last year. They have some pretty impressive depth at a few weights as well. They have former champs, returning medalist and a few break out stars in waiting in this years lineup, and they are very capable of taking the team title yet again.
    Azerbijian was a clear #2 in the world for a while before the resurgence of Iran, then they seemed to fall off a bit in the last year or two. This years lineup looks to be one of their best in recent years, maybe ever, at least on paper. If everything falls into place they could absolutely be in the hunt with the top two teams.
    Georgia may be the next most powerful wrestling nation, having put more wrestlers on the medal stand than any country after the top 3. Despite the great medal hauls, they haven't won a gold since the Olympics in 2008. They look to have solid medal threats all over their lineup, and if they can get a gold in there too they could certainly challenge for a top 3 spot.
    Turkey had a great showing last year, winning multiple medals and crowning a world champ. I believe they finished 3rd in the team race and definitely have the top end talent and the depth to be in the mix again.
    Cuba is only sending 5 wrestlers, but all 5 are legit. They haven't won a gold medal since the turn of the century, but they have a couple capable of changing that. Ukraine is always tough, particularly in the upper weights where they have 3 former world medalist, including a 2013 champ. Many of the other former soviet nations bring several former medalist and or contenders for this year. Armenia, Kazakistan, Uzbekistan and more. Bulgaria and Belarus both have a few former medalist in the filed as well.
    India was a nation that really emerged on the international wrestling scene for a few years. They didn't have much of a showing last year but look to be sending a stronger team on paper this year. The other nation that has really emerged the last two years has been Mongolia. They have won a few medals, have a few guys ranked pretty high and are especially strong in the first few weights.
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    Coach_J reacted to straggler in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    How do you put the word unfair in quotations. The US qualifying system is a disgrace. You might as well tie weights to the challenger's ankles. There is no way to defend or excuse any system that confers a physical advantage on the incumbent wrestler. So is it that I am bitter about Dake or that the people who defend the current system are just not willing to admit that the qualifying procedures are seriously tainted because that would diminish from their favorite's accompliahments? No other contending nation does this. Of course had they then maybe Tsargush would be wrestling.   
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Wire in Is Vak superold/oldsuper and should he be banned?   
    I prefer ignoring people, not banning them.  Just my preference...
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