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    Coach_J reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Cadet World Championship 2015. Results   
    not at all ;)
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    Coach_J reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Cadet World Championship 2015. Results   
    Thanks for the correction, sometimes i make mistakes, but I try for you, so you were aware of events in the world!
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    Coach_J reacted to rlw028 in Cadet World Championship 2015. Results   
    I honestly didn't watch enough (time difference) to tell, but did see some serious talent in Juniors this/last year (Iran has 2 senior members who won juniors last year).
    That said, Russia won 5 weights, including some light ones. With Lebedev getting up there in age, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of their champs take the reigns  at 57 in 2017.
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    Coach_J reacted to rlw028 in Cadet World Championship 2015. Results   
    Sadulaev won a senior world title just 1 year after winning a Cadet world title. I have to imagine he could have been top 10 as a cadet, but he is clearly a rare case.
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    Coach_J reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Cadet World Championship 2015. Results   
    Greco-Roman:  42 kg: 1.Marz Poyada (Islamic Republic of Iran) 2. AbuMuslim Amaev (Russia-Chechnya) 3. Fail Isgandarov (Azerbaijan). 3 Alpamys Dastanber (Kazakhastan) 46 kg: 1. Turabek Turkashev (Uzbekistan) 2. Kerem Kamal (Turkey) 3. Atmir Kotcev (Russia-RNO-Alania) 3.Sultan Olzhas (Kazakhstan) 50 kg: 1. Giovanni Freni (Italy). 2. Emin Sefershaev (Russia). 3. Abdulsamet Bashar (Turkey) and Hankavat Mashinzade (Azerbaijan). 54 kg. 1. Grushin Oleksandr (Ukraine). 2. Joni Khetsuriani (Georgia). 3. Maxim Nihoda (Belarus) and Tigran Minasyan (Armenia).  58 kg: 1. Amin Kaviyaninedzhad (Islamic Republic of Iran). 2. Egor Lord (Belarus). 3. Edgar Tamazian (Armenia) and Andre Zhinkov (Germany, he is of Russia). 63 kg: 1. Ivanhoe Rikadze (Georgia). 2. Mohamed El Sayed (Egypt). 3. Parvis Nasibov (Ukraine) and Malkhaz Amoyan (Armenia)  69kg: 1. Aleksandr Komarov (Russia) 2.Norbert Daszkiewicz (Polska) 3. Ulvi ganizada (Azerbaijan) 3. Nikoloz Tchikaidze (Georgia) 76kg: 1. Dmitri Kiashok (Ukriane)  2.Vadim Hrachuhi (Belarus) 3. Astema Baraguniv (Russia, Kabardina-Balkaria) 3. Samuel Ojgnicu  (Romania) ​85kg: 1. Artur Sargsian (Russia, Armenia) 2. Markus Ragginger (Austria) 3. Botond Kismoni (Hungary) 3. Arvi Savolainen (Finland)  100 kg: 1. Amin Mirzazade (Islamic Republic of Iran). 2. Robert Ersek (Hungary). 3. Patrick Kaminski (Poland) and Anton Savenko (Kazakhstan, he is of Russia). Freestyle wrestling girls: 38 kg: 1. Miu Shimizu (Japan) 2. Ankush Ankush (India) 3. Zelfira Alakbarli (Azerbaijan) 3. Laura Almaganbetov  (Kazakhstan) 40 kg: 1. Ekaterina Mikhailova (Russia - Chuvashia), 2. Assyzat Sagymbay (Kazkahstan), 3. Maria Cioclea (Romania), 3. Nastassia Kuryshta (BLR)  43 kg: 1. Yumeka Tanabe (Japan) 2. Areli Perez Solis (Mexico) 3. Aleksandra Skirenko (Russia) 3. Stefania Preceputu (Romania)...5. Mckayla Campbell (Ohio) 46 kg: 1. Turabek Turkashev (Uzbekistan) 2. Kerem Kamal (Turkey) 3. Atmir Kotcev (Russia-RNO-Alania) 3.Sultan Olzhas (Kazakhstan) 49 kg: 1. Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) 2. Saki Igarashi (Japan) 3. Anastasia Sizenko (Russia) 3. Marina Zaksevskaya (Kazakhstan, she is of Russia)  52 kg: 1. Leyla Gurbanova (Azerbaijan), 2. Alexandra Nitsenko (Russia, Krasnoyarsk krai) 3. Sae Nanjo (Japan) 3.Shakhadat Djullibaeva (Uzbekistan) 56 kg: 1. Viktoria Vaulina (Russia). 2. Kotone Narikuni (Japan) 3. Tatyana Rozhko (Ukraine) 3. Shabnam Ahmadova (Azerbaijan) 60 kg: 1. Angelina Lysak (Ukraine), 2. Maria Matyushenko (Russia), 3. Alexandra Sandahl (Sweden), 3. Elena Esposito (Italy) 65 kg: 1. Koumba Larroque (France) 2. Khanum Valieva (Russia, Azerbaijan origin) 3. Kayla Marano (Oklahoma) 3. Shiho Tanaka (Japan) 70 kg: 1. Denise Makota Strom (Sweden), 2. Mei Shindo (Japan), 3. Boriana Borisova (Bulgaria), 3. Alexis Bleau (New York) Freestyle wrestling: 42 kg: 1. Ivan Okoneshnikov (Russia) 2. Amir Mohammad (Islamic republic of Iran) 3.  Irlasbek Nurakhmet (KGZ). 3. Shahin Mukhtarov (Azerabaijan) 46 kg: 1. Aleskei Kapylov (Russia, Yakutia) 2. Georgios Pilidis (Greece) 3. Monu Monu (India) 3. Amir Parasteh (Islamic republic of Iran) 50 kg: 1. Anil Anil (India) 2. Erfan Aeini (Islamic republic of Iran) 3. Ertugrul Kahveci (Turkey) 3. Petr Konstantoinov (Russia, Yakutia) 54 kg: 1.Takuto Otoguro (Japan) 2. Abasgadzhi Magomdeov (Russia, Dagestan) 3. Daton Fix (Oklahoma) 3.  Gevorg Abramian (Ukraine, Armenian) 58 kg: 1. Yianni Diakomihalis (New York). 2. Jintaro Motoyama (Japan). 3.  Amirhossein Kavousi (Islamic republic of Iran) 3. Fazil Hasanov (Azerabaijan) 63 kg: 1. Jarod Varkleeren (Pennsylvania) 2. Khayrula Nuradinov (Russia, Dagestan) 3. Ahmed Medhizadeh (Islamic republic of Iran) 3. Orkhan Abbasov (Azerabaijan) 69 kg; 1. Slavik Naniev (Russia, RNO-Alania) 2. Ismail Abdullaev (AZE, Dagestan) 3. Mojtaba Osmavandani (Islamic republic of Iran) 3. Taro Umebayashi (Japan) 76 kg: 1. Aslanbek Gvaramia (Russia, Abkhazian) 2. Ivan Stefanov (Bulgaria) 3. Ahliman Guliyev (Azerabaijan) 3. Arkadzi Pahasian (BLR, Armenian) 85 kg: 1. Davidsoslan Lavoev (Russia, RNO-Alania) 2. Khasanboy Rakhimov (Uzbekistan) 3. Nail Seiyar (Turkey) 3. Owen Webster (Minnesota) 100 kg: 1. Gable Steveson (Minnesota) 2. Khasanboy Rakhimov (Uzbekistan) 3. Soslan Khinchagov (Russia, RNO-Alania) 3. Yakup Yerlikaya (Turkey)   MEDAT TABLE: 1. Russia Gold - 9, Silver - 7, Brozne - 7 = 22                            2. Japan Gold - 4, Silver - 4, Bronze - 4 = 12                            3. usa     Gold - 4, Silver - 1, Bronze - 4 = 9                            4. Iran     Gold - 3, Silver - 2, Bronze - 4 = 9   Team ranking : Champion - Greco-Roman: Russia.                                              Freestyle:         Russia.                                             Girl's Freestyle:Russia.                                                    Second     - Greco- Roman:Iran.                                             Freestyle:         Iran.                                             Girl's Freestyle:Japan.
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    Coach_J reacted to Eagle26 in Congrats to Cornell   
    Get your head out of the gutter! I guess that does sound bad though lol. I will fix it for you!
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    Coach_J reacted to BigTimeFan in Cadet World Championship 2015. Where is USA team?   
    Postscript on Fix: in the long and growing list of "what the hell do I know anyway" we now have the Russian who beat Fix got handled by Japan in the finals. I won't spoil it for you, but if you get a chance watch it. It's an incredible match. It really showed how a wrestler can handle aggression like the Russian's and if you are anything like me, you are probably wondering how Spencer Lee would have fared against the Russian and the Japanese wrestler. Fix has his work cut out for him! 
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    Coach_J reacted to BobDole in Cadet World Championship 2015. Where is USA team?   
    One thing to realize is Steveson is a FIRST year cadet, he is extremely young and the sky is the limit for the young lad. Some of the guys he had looked like they were 25 and Gable still looks about 12.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from newyorkwrestler in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    Thanks for all your posts--very appreciated.
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Cam Tessari   
    He spent two years out of school working in construction.  He was ready to get back to school and wrestling when Lindsey Wilson called.  The coach understands kids like Cam and they have a great rapport.  He's doing well in class and working very hard in the room.  By all accounts he's happy and grateful for this opportunity.
    Cam Tessari is a good kid and a terrific talent who was not ready for combination of academics, athletics and the freedom of a college campus when he finished high school.  He's more mature now.  Wishing him the best.
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    Coach_J reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Russian Greco-Roman rosters! NEW!   
    Today were World team trials and total:
    59 kg - Stepan Maryanyan (Moscow oblast)
    66 kg - Artem Surkov (The republic of Mordovia)
    71 kg - Adam Kurak (Krasnoyarsk krai)
    75 kg - Roman Vlasov (Novosibirsk),
    80 kg - Evgery Saleev (The republic of Mordovia)
    85 kg - Davit Chakvetadze (Moscow oblast)
    98 kg - Islam Magomedov (Dagestan)
    130 kg - Bilyal Makhov (Kabardino-Balkaria and Dagestan)
    In trial match super star Roman Valsov def. world champ Chingiz Labazanov in 75 kg and Vlasov will face to Bisek, (among them the 1-1)
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Denis Tsargush replaced by Aniuar Geduev   
    Thanks for all your posts--very appreciated.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from BobDole in Josh Moore leaves Kent State for Cleveland St.   
    Bob Dole, wait 'til my Lions get ahold of those Brownies!
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Josh Moore leaves Kent State for Cleveland St.   
    Coach J;  You'd be shocked at how much nicer many areas of Cleve have become over the last ten years.  CSU has a much improved campus.  Biggest problem with the program has been lack of funding and vision on the part of the athletic department.  
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    Coach_J reacted to cornercoach in Josh Moore leaves Kent State for Cleveland St.   
    ...... they did extinguish the Cuyahoga river fire some time ago .....
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    Coach_J reacted to BobDole in Josh Moore leaves Kent State for Cleveland St.   
    I was poking the bear that is Coach J, he's old enough now I can risk it and not be fearful of a whoopin!
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    Coach_J got a reaction from BobDole in Spencer Lee to Michigan State   
    Can he take care of the parrot as well?  Critical in this program...
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    Coach_J reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Togrul Askerov returns!   
    Azerbaijan announced for World Wrestling championship in Las Vegas, Nevada
    57 kg: Makhir Amiraslanov
    61 kg: Haji Aliyev
    65 kg: Togrul Askerov
    70 kg: Ruslan Dibirgadjiyev (Dagestab)
    74 kg: Jabrayil Hasanov
    86 kg: Magomedgadzhi Khatiyev (Dagestan)
    97 kg: Khetag Gazymov (RNO-Ossetia)
    125 kg: Jamaladdin Magomedov (Dagestan)
    59 kg: Rovshan Bayramov
    66 kg: Gasan Aliyev
    71 kg: Rasul Chunayev (Dagestan)
    75 kg: Elvin Mursaliyev
    80 kg: Rafig Huseynov
    85 kg: Saman Tahmasebi (ex-I.R.I wrestler)
    98 kg: Orkhan NurIyev
    130 kg:  Sabah Shariati 
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    Coach_J reacted to headshuck in Is Vak superold/oldsuper and should he be banned?   
    MSU158 is Vak the self promoter!
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    Coach_J reacted to Tofurky in Best wrestling families - International (US)   
    While not always the most decorated in terms of world championships, how about the husband and wife duos or the Saunderses or Stadniks from Ukraine?
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    Coach_J reacted to Shiraz123 in 2015 Worlds rosters?   
    57 -  Rahimi
    61 - Ehsanpour
    65 - Mohammadi
    70 - Yazdani
    74 - Ghasemi
    86 - Karimi
    97 - Mohammadian or Tahan
    125 - Hadi 
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Lee Kemp   
    this Lee Kemp highlight reel was published to youtube in 2012 bu somehow still has less then 2,400 views. It is awesome. 18 minutes of Kemp just ruining his opponents. please enjoy.
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    Coach_J reacted to lewboo in Lee Kemp   
    With the World Team Trials in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend, and with the 1979 World Team being honored, I would like to take this time and let the wrestling world know a few facts and opinions from Lewboo about one of America’s greatest wrestlers EVER!!!! No, I am not talking about myself, lol, but rather about the GREAT LEE KEMP!!!!! I had the pleasure off being teammates of Lee Kemp on 2 World teams, a Pan American team, a World Cup team, and a boycotted Olympic team, and became a great fan and friend of a great wrestler and a great person. Looking at this, I just realized I was on 5 different teams with Lee in addition to several USA vs. Russia dual meets, including the one in Rapid City, SD in 1980 when I became the Toughest Kid on the Block! On those teams, Lee Kemp won every time he was my teammate!!!!! He was Jordan Burroughs before there was a Jordan Burroughs!!! In this little story I am about to tell, I may compare Lee Kemp to some of today’s stars, and to some of yesterday’s stars to let you know just how great Lee Kemp really was!!! And so let me get on with my little story about Lee Kemp’s career.
    The year was 1972 and a sophomore in high school in Ohio named Lee Kemp finished his 2nd year of wrestling at 132 pounds with a record of 11-8-3. That same year, one of America’s greatest wrestlers ever, and my idol and coach for many years, the legendary Dan Gable wrestling at 149.5 pounds went 20-0 for the entire year, winning the Tbilisi tournament, the Olympic Trials, and the Olympics, with only 1 point being scored on him the entire year!! Flash forward 3 ½ years, to November of 1975 where a sophomore in college, who had still not yet turned 19 years old, beat the great Dan Gable 7-6 in the finals of the Northern Open!! That spring, in 1976 a now 19 year old Lee Kemp would also beat Stan Dziedzic, who would go on to win a bronze medal in the Olympics that year and then win a World title in 1977. Pretty strong work for a kid who had only been wrestling for 5 years. Lee Kemp was just getting started!
    Flash forward to Edmonton, Canada, in 1892 where Lee Kemp would win his 3rd World title in 5 years, along with a bronze medal in 1981, and, like Jordan Burroughs, a three year unbeaten streak at the senior world level. That’s right, Lee Kemp was an undefeated World Champ in 1978, an undefeated World Champ in 1979, and an undefeated Olympian in 1980, who did not get to compete in Moscow because of politics, and he also beat the Olympic champion that year. Lee Kemp was also an undefeated World Champion in 1982. That is four undefeated years out of 5 at the senior level, making 5 straight World and Olympic teams!!! Jordan Burroughs just finished 3 straight undefeated years internationally at the senior level, winning two World titles and an Olympic Gold Medal!!! Now he has finally lost one match and has been threatened in several others, and has some great, great challengers in Kyle Dake, David Taylor, and Andrew Howe!! During Lee Kemp’s run, he had several great challengers, like Dave Schultz, Mark Churella, and Chuck Yagla and others. But just like Jordan Burroughs, he continued to win and win and win. I say this with tremendous respect for both Lee Kemp and Jordan Burroughs, they both know how to WIN!!!! During this 5 year run, Lee Kemp was 9-0 against the great Dave Schultz, finally losing to him once in 1983, then beating him in the US Open, but opting out of the world team trials. Dave then won the Worlds in 1983, and then beat Lee Kemp 3 out of 3 in the Olympic Trials in 1984, with 2 of the 3 wins coming on criteria.
    I mention Jordan Burroughs with Lee Kemp for their 3 straight years of going undefeated internationally at the senior level, because I know how hard that is to do, and how few Americans have done it. Lee Kemp has 4 undefeated years at the senior level, Jordan Burroughs has 3, and I don’t know of anyone else with 3. I believe John Smith with 6 World and Olympic titles in a row has a total of 2 undefeated years, not in a row. I don’t know of anyone else with two. Dan Gable has one, Dave Schultz has zero, Tom and Terry Brands has zero, Randy Lewis has zero, Bruce Baumgardner has either one or zero, Kenny Monday has zero, Cael Sanderson has zero, Kevin Jackson has zero, Mark Schultz has one or zero, John and Ben Peterson have zero, Chris Campbell may have one or zero, Ed and Lou Banach have zero, I think Kurt Angle has zero. I am not sure on some other world and Olympic champs, such as Wayne Wells and any others before 1972. Lee Kemp made 5 consecutive World and Olympic teams, from 1978-1982, going undefeated in 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1982.
    Lee Kemp is still America’s youngest world champion, winning his first World title in 1978 before he turned 22. He won his second World title before he turned 23. To put that in perspective with some of today’s stars, Kyle Dake, David Taylor and Logan Stieber are all 23 years old. Lee Kemp is the youngest NCAA finalist of all time, as he did not turn 18 until December 24, of his freshman year in college. He was three months younger as a true freshman in college than Aaron Pico will be this year in what would be his junior year of high school!!! Lee Kemp went 30-5 as a true freshman, beating NCAA champion Chuck Yagla once, and losing to him on split referee’s decision in the NCAA finals. At the same age, Logan Stieber was a junior in high school, and Kyle Dake and David Taylor at the same age were seniors in high school. Lee Kemp then went undefeated in college the next three years, winning
    3 NCAA titles. At the age of 21 years and 3 months, he was the youngest 4 time All-American of all time and the youngest 3 time NCAA Champ of all time until Kyle Dake came along.
    I am writing this to let some of you know how great and at such a young age Lee Kemp was, and it was an honor being his teammate many times! Also congrats to the 1979 World Team, and also to Andre Metzger who beat me out to make the 1979 World Team and become America’s youngest world medalist!!
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in The best college wrestler who never won a high school state championship?   
    Dan St John 3x AA 2x NCAA champ
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Tofurky in Coleman Scott to 57kg   
    Because it's just a one-run deal, I think it's possible.  A very full plate, though, with being a first-time head coach.  The key is the support of his wife, who is backing him in this.  All said, I don't see how he can be a max-performance coach (with recruiting, travel, daily training schedules for the team, etc.) and max-performance Olympic hopeful.  Good luck to Mr. Scott.
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