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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in NCAA big 5 conferences ruling   
    seems like a half measure to me. the top schools are already de facto operating on another level then the 2nd tier D1A programs. the only thing missing from officially separate divisions is a new national championship for the non power conference D1A schools. but if everybody is happy with the arrangement then whatevs. 
    i think a bigger source of tension in the NCAA will be the one size fits all rules for all the sports, even though top level football and basketball have such different goals and needs than everything else from a institutional perspective. football and basketball programs on tv become a part of the marketing efforts of the school, to raise the prestige level and raise funds. the other sports serve the students far more than the sports serve the university. 
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    Coach_J reacted to Pinnum in NCAA big 5 conferences ruling   
    No, Coach_J, this was done to prevent the creation of a fourth division. It is kind of like allowing conferences the ability to make some more decisions but only recognizing two conferences--the haves and the have even mores.
    The Big Five do not want a new division because they want to be able to play the majority of their games at home (which wouldn't be possible if they were required to play each other). Additionally, they want to reap the benefits of the TV deal for basketball and they know the interest will dissipate if the field is cut in half and there aren't any Florida Gulf Coast, Wichita State, Davidson, or George Mason's getting upsets and making a run into the tournament.
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    Coach_J reacted to The_Education in Burroughs US loss, will it help the competition?   
    If other guys got upset in their country's qualification process and didn't make the team, it's no different than getting upset early in the tournament. Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran can only send one guy. That's part of the process. Burroughs had to go through it, too. He had to make the team over Howe, Taylor, and Dake.
    And the field at worlds was not "weak." Every guy had to qualify for his country, and the guys who made it included Hatos (2x world medalist), Hasanov (2x world medalist), Shabanau (world medalist), Kurbanov (world medalist), Terziev (world medalist), and Demirtas (who won two tournaments that year and was a junior silver medalist).
    And again, simply looking at hardware is not the entire story. 74kg is one of the most populated weight classes. So it's entirely reasonable to expect that the 74kg field as a whole is more talented than the fields at less-populated weight classes.
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    Coach_J reacted to The_Education in Burroughs US loss, will it help the competition?   
    I don't think 74kg is weak.
    Statistically, 74kg is one of the most populated weight classes. So that means there is much more competition to represent one's country at 74kg than at say, 57kg or 125kg.
    Further, 74kg is by far our deepest weight in the US. Internationally, Russia is deep here, too. There's Tsargush, who could have been a 5x world champ by now were it not for Burroughs. Then there's Geduev (world no. 2; Yarygin & Euro champ), Gadzhimagomedov (Yarygin No. 2), and Gadzhiev (beat Dake at the Golden Grand Prix). Azerbaijan has Hasanov (2x world medalist) and Aliyev (world medalist and also beat Dake). Then there's Iran with Paemami (world No. 3), Goudarzi (4x world medalist), and Akbari (returning silver medalist). Then there are other world medalists hanging around: Shabanau, Kurbanov, Lopez, Kumar, etc.
    I actually think 74kg is pretty deep.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Burroughs US loss, will it help the competition?   
    in soviet russia, wrestling federation searches for you!
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    Coach_J reacted to 2td3nf in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Congrats Adam Coon! (Way to break up the shutout.)
    Boy, just gotta love Semenov's nice fluid setup under Coon's armpits for the easy lock. Lights out after that.
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    Coach_J reacted to de4856 in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    A Jr. World Medal is quite a bit more than "not much" in my opinion. 
    I was referring to the USA's team effort. A World's Bronze medal is significant to the individual, and can be to a country as well. However, I believe our expectations are much higher than a single medal. I believe we see ourselves competing with the top countries like Russia, and Azerbaijan, as well as others. Anyway there was no disrespect meant, and I hope that the USA Greco program views this medal and effort as a positive result and can help energize our wrestlers, and our program.
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    Coach_J reacted to denger in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    How uncommon is it for a Jr. level guy to make the team in both styles?
    What is the precedent for winning two medals?
    I'm enjoying following Coon's story. You gotta respect how determined he is. 
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    Coach_J reacted to tec87 in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Mat A, fastforward to hour 3:19
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    Coach_J reacted to tec87 in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Day two:
    55kg:Carmona drops his Rd of 16 match against Lefter of Moldova, the Moldovan just lost in the semis and Carmona is eliminated.
    66kg:Sancho wins his first match by fall against Austria and drops his Rd of 16 match against Turkey 2-0, Turkey just lost in the quarter finals and Sancho is eliminated.
    84kg: Carlson drops his first match by TF 10-0 to Georgia, the Georgian won his next match, and the Georgian loses in the semis and Carlson is eliminated.
    120kg: Coon wins his first match by fall over Czech Republic, second match won 8-5 over South Korea, and Fall over his Hungary opponent in the quarters. Coon is blitzed in the semis and will now wrestle for Bronze.
    Adam Coon will be wrestling for Bronze today. Hopefully he can double up on medals this week.
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    Coach_J reacted to Husker_Du in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    yes, buck.
    and thanks for your contribution to the discussion.
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    Coach_J reacted to TouchFall in Junior Worlds Results and Discussion   
    Our entire Greco Program needs an overhaul. Coach Lindland has his work cut out for him. I realize he was a late spring hire, and the best he can do is work this summer is work with the talent he has.  
    After the senior World Championships he is going to have to put together a program that elevates these guys to another level. I'm not sure what happen to our Greco Program. in 2007 we won a World Team title at the senior level, we had an incredible development program at northern Michigan (Coach by World Silver medalist Ivan Ivanov), where most of those kids in the Northen Michigan program were challenging the senior level guys and consistently winning Junior World medals. USOEC wrestlers absolutely dominated the FILA Juniors and University Nationals, and one USOEC wrestler at the time (Lester) made a World Team and medaled at the Senior level.  
    The solution is investing in the development program. The USOEC program lost alot of funding (no full scholarships anymore), while by comparison, the freestyle program has expanded it Regional Training Centers throughout the U.S. (almost all the top colleges for wrestling - Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Arizona State, Iowa, Iowa State) has a regional training center for freestyle,  and their student athletes are on scholarship.  Not so with Greco, and until this changes we will continue to see the results.
    The options also for senior level involvement are very sparse. Essentially it boils down to the U.S. Army's WCAP program, or Minnesota Storm. Two great programs, but Lindland is going to need to create some incentives for new senior level clubs to emerge.  In 2007 the year we won the World's in Greco all of the armed force greco programs were competitive, we had Minnesota storm, Gator club, NYAC, and as I stated earlier a very, very strong USOEC program that was pushing the senior level wrestler.  
    I think we can get back, and surpass where we were. If your reading this coach Lindland, I have confidence that your the man you can guide to a new level. 
    With all that being said, I'm optimistic about Coon's chances in Greco,   
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Cormier getting lots of love   
    i see no reason not to root for DC. he seems like an awesome guy and a great ambassador for the sport of wrestling. 
    he made some poor decisions while trying to cut weight but its not like he did it on purpose. 
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    Coach_J reacted to Medicine_Man in Jads vs. unruly crowd, part II   
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    Coach_J reacted to cornercoach in SDSU Assistants   
    those two guys leaving reduced the state population by 20%
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    Coach_J reacted to DF in Reluctant to meet up with old teammate   
    I won the battle (state championship) but I feel he won the war.  
    He lost in the first round at state and I still remember the glorious pep talk his dad gave him about how this was a "test of his character" and how they could either pack it up now and go home (a sarcastic jab at me since I was sitting a few feet away basking in my first round victory by tilt-fest) or how he could pick himself up and wrestle hard for 3rd.  My dad didn't even know I had won state until I called him in Brügge (pronounced like it rhymes with luge) where he was on a business trip.
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    Coach_J reacted to Ching in Reluctant to meet up with old teammate   
    Why would you want to hang out with someone that couldn't even make the finals?
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    Coach_J reacted to TheOhioState in Who needs to deliver in order to win a team title.   
    Arizona at the 1988 NCAA's, winning with 93 points.  Iowa 2nd with 85.5.  Iowa St. 3rd with 83.75.
    118 6th
    126 3rd
    134 No Q
    142 4th
    150 No Q
    158 3rd
    167 3rd
    177 No Q
    190 2nd
    275 5th
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    Coach_J reacted to JasonBryant in What Coach Has The Most Pressure To Win A Title This Upcoming Season   
    Really? I hadn't heard you say this before. 
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