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    Coach_J reacted to Stove_Pipe in Bethany College   
    Excellent!  We'll be covering Bethany College results this wrestling season on WR.com's NAIA Forum and congrats to Coach Nugent.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from levityrel in Big 12 Conference   
    I like this.  Will be more like an actual tournament now.
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    Coach_J reacted to Plasmodium in Marable-Green Best of Three Thread   
    Says king_j the impractical
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    Coach_J reacted to BobDole in Non World Team Members now have to Root Against USA in Worlds   
    You need to get some more training from Braunman for great trolling threads.
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    Coach_J reacted to Plasmodium in Does Marable...   
    This is an eerily similar 'do.....

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    Coach_J got a reaction from BobDole in Non World Team Members now have to Root Against USA in Worlds   
    Exactly.  But I think there is some connection.  Russians, Turks, Azeris, Iranians, etc., spend far more time on technique and tactics beginning at a very early age.  We teach some technique but add in a ton of weight training, running, etc.  In mat training, we emphasize live wrestling; the other top nations technique and drilling and corrections.
    In the realm of selecting a team, those nations rely on expert coaches (who have been working with all the top guys) to make the tough decisions.  They don't bother with a system that makes sure it's "fair" for the #6 ranked guy in every weight to have a shot. Want a chance?  Work your way into the top 3-4 guys.  Our process is a colossal waste of time, but we persist in this system.  The other nations are too busy training and preparing for the big meet to waste time doing this.
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    Coach_J reacted to BigApple in Port Robertson   
    I'll add another story that showed the importance of Port to football. Chuck Fairbanks was promoted to head coach when Jim McKenzie died of a heart attack after one year. Chuck told Port he wanted to cancel the mandatory study hall for football players, Port said that's your perogative as head coach. The next spring 27 players are academically inelgible. Chuck comes to Port about getting them eligible. Port said Mr. Fairbanks you cancelled study hall you get them eligible. Chuck then said if you'll help get them eligible, i will never interfer again. Both kept the bargain. I ran the study hall one year. Port told me that when the second had went past 12 at 7 pm if they weren't in their seats they were late. The first offense for being late got you washing dishes from 6 am to 8 am for 7 days. Everytime the penalty doubled. There was no talking, three tutors, for math, english, and science were there the three nights a week it was held. You could get out with all Bs or better after the first semester. If you got a D or F you were back in study hall until you got your grades up.
    He would get jobs for former athletes who'd left to play in the pros and didn't have their degrees. One I remember was Albert Qualls, he got his degree and would up getting a PhD and was a college professor until he died a couple of years ago.
    My roomate in Vietnam was the captain of the 1961 team. He lived west of Ft. Worth, we'd go out the night before the OU-Texas game each year when I was at OU. We were in a bar shooting pool and a 5th string tight end Kirk Killion was also in the bar, he wasn't on the traveling squad. I introduced him to Bill, Kirk asked about Port. Bill said while you're there you'll hate him, after you leave you'll love him.
    Kirk said no way, Bill said trust me. The next monday Kirk asked me if that old guy actually played at OU. I said look in the training room he has 5 "TUG" awards for being the outstanding defensive player of the game. Carl McAdams had the most with 6. I then told him he played a lot more than you ever will.
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    Coach_J reacted to BigApple in Port Robertson   
    A group of former OU coaches and athletes, which included me, made donations to get the book published. I worked for him 3 years, and he asked me to stay two more till he retired. I said you won't retire until they make you. 10 years later he retired at 72. It took 8 people to replace him, and they didn't do as good a job as he did.
    I've tried to login on my computer without luck, but can on my Ipad. I wrote several stories about Port thatvI gave to Mark Cody when he got the head coaching job. He didn't know the history of OU wrestling under Port and Tommy Evans, he knew only about Stan Abel.
    The last time I saw Port was 3 months before he died at 88. Stan Abel, Barry Switzer and me spent three hours at his house. Stan essentially did a clinic in Port's den showing Barry all the things Port had taught him. About 2 hours into the evening the Spiral Ride came up, which Port invented. Barry asked what it was, so I got down on my hands and knees on the rug and Stan showed it point by point with Port crtiqueing it. I said well I learned from Stan in 1972 and I've been doing it correctly since then. Stan said 90% of the college coaches don't know how to do it correctly.
    Near the end Switzer asked Port when he went into Europe in WWII. Port said on D-Day. Switzer asked which beach? Port said Omaha. Barry said no wonder you never talked about it.
    As we walked out Switzer said I learned a lot tonight. Stan turned to me and said we could have sold tickets to wrestling fans tonight and made a lot of money. Stan told me later that whenever he'd visit Port, Port would talk about how much he enjoyed the evening.
    If i can get logged on my computer I'll paste the stories I wrote.
    It was 72 rows on the lower section of the stadium. You had to do them in 15 seconds up for them to count, 10 seconds counted double. Only two wrestlers did it Don Reece ( who beat Myron Roderick twice) and Duwane Miller 1961 NCAA champ at 123. The wrestling teams did 10 in a row after a hard two hour practice.
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    Coach_J reacted to LemonPie in Marable making weight today?   
    Easy to pass when you never had a concussion
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    Coach_J reacted to GranbyTroll in Marable-Green Best of Three Thread   
    "Tough guys get tougher in tough situations." - Manning
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    Coach_J reacted to MadMardigain in Marable making weight today?   
    That floor looked a little sketchy glad to see everyone made it out ok.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jim L in Marable making weight today?   
    Go Green!
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    Coach_J reacted to headshuck in Marable making weight today?   
    Just feels wrong
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in Marable making weight today?   
    It's bull**** plain and simple. I hope Green kicks his ass.
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    Coach_J reacted to Plasmodium in Marable making weight today?   
    Anyone know if he has started cutting yet?  Or did he apply another six week extension?
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    Coach_J got a reaction from IronChef in Marable making weight today?   
    Marable looking good to make weight:  
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    Coach_J reacted to TheOhioState in Marable making weight today?   
    More fun on a treadmill than I ever had.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from TheOhioState in Marable making weight today?   
    Marable looking good to make weight:  
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    Coach_J reacted to Plasmodium in Andy Long Everybodys All American Comeback Kid at Grandview   
    Say it aint so Sandy!!
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    Coach_J reacted to AKHUNTER in Andy Long Everybodys All American Comeback Kid at Grandview   
    When I was teaching HS I had a kid come to class late..... I asked where he had been, he said " I was at the principals office... I just got my 9th last chance"... true story
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    Coach_J reacted to Kentucky_Mudflap in Andy Long Everybodys All American Comeback Kid at Grandview   
    Gents the stories out but I told you months ago Andy Long was up to the halfway house there got Jesus and all paid his debt to society registered up and all and cleaning up his act I did that same thing there in the joint toting around the good book chapter and verse got those old bags on the parole board got me off now Im the Voice of Wrestling you gents are like a reel family to me.
    Gents we all got to get behind him stand up and cheer doff your caps to Andrew Long everybodys all american comeback kid sometimes it takes seven or 8 second chances to get it rite Andrew took a long swim up Whisky River gents got into some trouble there to Ames took out some cops when he was all drunked up then they tasered him up KJ took him under his wing hes fought his own battles and won KJ had a hart of gold helped him and his old man out getting him to some programs and helped out with them love children he was his cut man in his battle with the demon rum tell me and won of you guys aint been there and Ill call you a liar but then Kale come in Kale needed them points and Andrew couldnt live up to KJs rules and all so KJ and Pollered tossed him on a bus to Happy Valley stapled the ticket to his poncho and faxed the release to Kale and like they say a fresh start and got Kale his points and his first Ntl title think that dont stick in Cornells craw they was second and would won it if it was all on the up and up no Andrew but Kale dont take no prisoners not win it comes to his money and all gents.
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    Coach_J reacted to Perry in Marable making weight today?   
    Hopefully he dries the scale off before stepping on. It'd be a shame to see him slip and hit his head again.
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    Coach_J reacted to Illifornia in Coach's Sons Coming Up   
    Carson Kharchilava, son of Miron Kharchilava. Watch out for that kid in the coming years.
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    Coach_J reacted to heelpick in Marable vs. Green: who's your pick?   
    Green on principle alone. It left a bad taste back when Lindland took a b*tch route back in, and it leaves a bad taste now.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in 2015 Russian Nationals Results on Wikipedia   
    in the last 3 Olympics, 7 freestyle medalists were won by people born in Vladikavkaz, 6 from  Khasavyurt and 5 from Makhachkala
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