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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Dake to wrestle Greco   
    People need to relax. What's wrong with Dake wrestling a greco world champion?  I think that's awesome.  Won't hurt his development as a freestyler either.  If he still plans on beating Burroughs, then ties and throws (the one area he is clearly superior to JB) is not a bad thing to work on.  
      regarding the most recent worlds.. Juflakyan has been near the top for a while, but kept losing to the Russian Vlasoev.  This last year, Bisek beat Vlasoev early (6-6 I think) before losing a match 1-0 caution in the semis to the eventual runner up.  Juflakyan must have been breathed a sigh of relief as Vlasoev went down, and he made no mistake in winning the gold.  He's a great, great wrestlers.  Should beat Dake cleanly, obviously.  That said, in these kind of duals the home town advantage can get pretty big, and Dake has made a career of winning matches he should lose on paper.  He's got a shot.   And a Dake/Bisek match, with something on the line, would be great as well.  Wonder how this will all play out.
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    Coach_J reacted to WRfan1 in Dake to wrestle Greco   
    Let's live in reality for a second.  This is America.  No one gives a rat's rear about Bisek.  Dake steps up to wrestle a world champ and you're upset because someone that no one knows, whether they should or not,  doesn't get the chance to send fans to concessions.   Sorry, but US wrestling has a precious few marquee names, and Dake is one of them.  Anytime we can get Burroughs, Dake, or even Taylor, on the mat in a big event, its a good thing for wrestling, regardless of whether its Freestyle, Greco, etc.  Any promotion of Dake that involves him getting on the mat is good for wresting.  He's always maintained he'll wrestle anyone, anywhere.  Broken hand? Beats Tsargush by 5.  The guys just loves to compete. 
    I also think its great that he's wrestling greco. i wish more of our guys would do it.  Its been talked about on these forums ad nauseum about how uncomfortable American freestylers often are in upper body positions - we need more guys that have more greco in their freestyle game.
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    Coach_J reacted to RED in Dake to wrestle Greco   
    You've got to give Dake a boatload of credit here.  He's working his tail off but determined to have fun while doing so.  This may be his 15 minutes and he's not going to waste a second of it.
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    Coach_J reacted to GranbyTroll in Dake to wrestle Greco   
    My $0.02 on this match:
    1) Dake will lose in embarrassing fashion; he'll probably get TF'd in the first period. 
    2) This is a great promotion. Use the decade's the biggest name in folkstyle wrestling to promote this dying sport (and the dead sport of USA Greco).
    3) This doesn't hurt anyone and can only help promote the sport.  
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Dake to wrestle Greco   
    i dont think this greco match is going to do anything to impede Dake's progress toward's achieving his international wrestling goals. i don't see Cejudo being a very relevant comparison to Dake either. 
    just my opinion. 
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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Chael Sonnen   
    Not sure Chael was ever the best cage fighter in the world, but whatever.
    I can't stand Sonnen, but I do hope he makes a comeback into greco, because he is going to get absolutely stomped.  Think his fights vs Evans and Jones levels of beating.  Even if we assume that Sonnen can suddenly pass drug tests, and do so while maintaining a functional endocrine system and some sort of wrestling shape, there is a reason we don't see a lot guys his age in greco.  Think Cheal can defend a reverse lift these days?
    Put another way... anyone remember Warren's attempted greco comeback?  It didn't go well, and Warren is/was much better at greco than Chael.  Chael seems to have a masochistic streak though- fighting at 205, grappling with Galvao- so why not get some air miles in wrestling too?
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    Coach_J reacted to IronChef in Chael Sonnen   
    Sonnen claiming something isn't a publicity stunt is rich. He hasn't done a single thing for any other reason in years. He has as much of a chance of making the team at age 39 in 2016 as I do.
    Three failed drug tests, money laundering, mortgage fraud, banned from MMA competition... Can we stop paying attention to this guy?
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    Coach_J reacted to cornercoach in How Will Foxcatcher do in Turkey?   
    ... required 5 takes in  one scene for f. feeney to get the call right ....
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    Coach_J got a reaction from stp in What is it about Ohio State??   
    Many coaches are "deeply religious" but don't tweet or post about it or make it part of their recruiting pitch.    
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    Coach_J reacted to HuskyHero133 in is kyle dake done with cf   
    I'm shocked it didn't work out.
    Who could have seen that coming??
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    Coach_J reacted to 2td3nf in the "Stay-on-the-Mat-Rule"   
    How refreshing! Thank you Coach Jones!
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    Coach_J got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Taffur named Asst at F&M   
    Jamil Kelly, never an AA.  Who would want that loser on their staff???
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    Coach_J reacted to Tofurky in Flo Premier League - Ben Askren as Commissioner   
    How many more different rule sets does wrestling need?
    Is nine minutes really crucial to finding out who the better wrestler is or the more conditioned wrestler? For one, I want to know who the better wrestler is. Why can't that be done in six minutes? This was talked about in the past, but how about a scoring analysis of each minute of a match to see if minutes six to seven, seven to eight and eight to nine are even necessary or worthwhile?
    30 seconds to turn seems to be too much. I'd rather it be 15 seconds, which can be indicated on the clock once a takedown is awarded. For the guys at the level who are looking to have more opportunities to compete, they're working on takedowns to turns anyway. Again, this is another rule that just seems ridiculous and makes for boring matches of guys laying parallel on the mat.
    I'd like to see forced par terre following a push out, an illegal hold or action that carries out of bounds when one of the wrestlers has established control.
    I do like that the only guy who can score exposure points is the one who has established control.
    For top work, give the guy a three count to earn that extra point. That seems like more efficient control than two seconds.
    In all the rules are decent from my point of view, but some of them, in my eyes, are unnecessary. Some additions to language and scoring opportunities would be nice, too.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Taffur named Asst at F&M   
    With all due respect to you, superold, youre not very impressive. I don't see how you consider these "good comments" or "great discussions" for the message board. In your comments you say that you are interested in "good conversations". Oh boy. In light of what we saw over you're commenting career, I'm not sure why you would be allowed to post any longer. As you probably already know, you consistently ruin every thread you comment on. no one enjoys your comments and not one "good conversation" was started by your comments.
    I would have liked to see you leave the board and never make another post. I have nothing against you, I just don't think anything you say is worth reading.
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    Coach_J reacted to Hubbard in Asian Games   
    My pick Jong Hak-jin won gold at 57.  Some say (many actually) that he is better than Yang.  57 had Rahimi, Kumar, Moris hita, Batbold and Kaliev among others.  He beat Kaliev in the finals 8-6.
    Abdurakhmanov  won 70.
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    Coach_J reacted to Glastonbury Grappler in Russian Coach-Head Coaches-Greco & Freestyle   
    Sorry but it's time to bring in head coaches from Russia for both Greco and Freestyle. The USA Gymnastics team did not dominate till we took our talent and brought in the top coaches from Romania, etc. We know our style better than anyone else but Greco and Freestyle we have been passed a long, long time ago. I am 100 percent convinced if we made this move in the next 4 years our programs would dominate. Right now it is about pride and we need to move on. 
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    Coach_J reacted to dsnc471 in Interview with Denis Tsargush   
    Tsargush is a sore winner vs Burroughs, but in general he's the classic example of the sore loser who only compliments guys that he can beat.  I doubt he would speak so highly of Goudarzi if he had not won every match against him.  He's quick to praise the technique and tactics of guys he beats, because it's a form of self flattery.  The implication is that "If my opponent is so skilled, I must be amazing".  You see it all over the sports world.  But plenty of guys tip their hat to their opponent when beaten.  Not Tsargush.  Although in the case of Burroughs, I'm not sure what his great excuse is.  If Burroughs has no technique but only strength and speed, what does that say about Tsargush?  His technique was not good enough in the other matches to counter Burroughs speed and strength?  As far as excuses go, that one isn't very good.  
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    Coach_J reacted to wfan24 in Interview with Imanmurza Aliev (coach of Abdusalam Gadisov)   
    I translated another one. Source: http://wrestrus.ru/news/Novosti_turnirov/chempionat_mira_po_bor_be_2014/imanmurza_aliev_segodnjashnie_pobedi_gadisova_ochen_nenadezhnie/
    Gadisov's wins today were much harder than in the Europeans in April - said Imanmurza Aliev - Opponents know each other very well. I mean not only Gazumov but also Shamil Ahmedov, who now competes for Turkey under the name Erdogan -- him and Abdusalam Gadisov have been training in the same room since they were kids. Everything went difficult and in a nervous manner...Even now I cannot talk about this !
    In London 2012, Gadisov lost to Yazdani 1 sec before the end of the match. At Russian nationals 2013, again, to Boltukaev. Today it was the opposite -- he won in the last second vs. Shamil. Did Gadisov learn something from his losses and learned to be more careful?
    No, this is luck. This is not good -- one has to wrestle with more points on the board and not depend on 1 point. We will work on this.
    Did Gadisov make mistakes today?
    Yes. In particular -- his semi-final match against Shamil went tactically wrong. And once you are ahead on the scorecards, you need to add more points. Gadisov's wins today are too unreliable, we have something to work on. Even Abdusalam himself was worried. Said: the way I wrestled the semi-final is not good. He understands.  1-2 seconds too early and we would not be in the final, instead Shamil would have been wrestling there.
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    Coach_J reacted to Workers` Wrestling in Makhov takes bronze   
    This is a great example and encouragement to our FS guys that they can switch to GR and be successful.
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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Difficult to watch Greco   
    I liked the Armenian in the 98 kg finals, has lost super controversially to Russia the last couple of years. You'd think he would feel a lot of pressure in the finals, but he just goes out and techs his guin a minute.
    Also any match with Chunayev is compulsory viewing. Think middle weight Gaber.
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    Coach_J reacted to wrestfan in 2014 Greco-Roman Worlds Discussion   
    1. Iran 42
    2. Russia 36
    3. Turkey 34
    4. Azerbaijan 32
    5. Germany 30
    6. Armenia 28
    7. Hungary 28
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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in 2014 Greco-Roman Worlds Discussion   
    Bisek beating Vlasov is a huge deal. Good on him, wow. Incredible match too. I bet Juflaken bought him some drinks, he's lost to Vlasov the last 3 years.
    Lopez wins yet again. Arguably the best active combat sports athlete in the world today. I want to see his match vs Makhov.
    Russia and Iran must be losing it, wow. No golds in two days I'm happy for Basci. His final was 2-1 but he's had some wild matches this year.
    Chunayev tomorrow!
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    Coach_J reacted to AnklePicker in Recent Fireman's Carries   
    Here's a video of Sajidov (current Dagestan head coach) teaching the fireman's to youth wrestlers.  They hit it in a variety of different ways.  Sajidov emphasizes at one point taking that extra step or the "walking" fireman's Bob refers to above.  Instead of hitting your knees and taking the man the way he was facing, you step up with your back leg, drive down to that knee and then continue your momentum and take him the direction you were facing.  I learned it this way from Joe Melchiore.  
    I found another video where a Russian is teaching his youth wrestlers the fireman's from a Russian.  Pretty cool too because he shows all of the warm ups he puts them through.  These are the types of exercises our youths should be doing.  The one thing that jumps out to me are the amount of bridging exercises they do compared to us.  They can almost all do bridge flips from a very young age.  My HS wrestlers have a very difficult time doing those even when holding onto a partner's ankles.  Anyway here's the Sajidov vid.

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    Coach_J reacted to quanon in Recent Fireman's Carries   
    Ramonov, 65 kg finals
    Far side fireman's / dump
    Note the pressure from Ramonov's jaw onto the backs of his own fingers, and the pressure from the back of his head into IRI's armpit.

    Opposite angle.
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    Coach_J reacted to quanon in Recent Fireman's Carries   
    Sadulaev's carry (initiated by a defensive whizzer)

    Opposite angle:

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