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    Coach_J reacted to tightwaist in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    Folks like you are why people are giving up on religion. 
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    Coach_J reacted to RetiredPoster in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    Hey Bud....You should be ashamed of yourself.  It's no choice. And you're the "morality" police, too?   Don't you want your friends, family members and fellow wrestlers to be "happy"?   Do you really care who another person falls in love with?   Amazing...
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Tofurky in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    So when did you choose to be straight?
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    Coach_J reacted to WildTurkey44 in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    Hush 4444. Don't speak for someone else. I have a member of my family that is homosexual. I am 100% positive he did not CHOOSE to be that way.
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    Coach_J reacted to LemonPie in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    Exactly my thinking. Not only is the sport stigmatized, but there are many individuals within the sport who resent homosexuals for that reason.
    Pucillo is a badass for sticking with the sport and doing so well. Good story.
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    Coach_J reacted to BigRedMachine in Mike Pucillo announcement   
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    “Why would someone choose a life that is completely ridiculed their entire life? To me, people can’t wrap their head around that, there’s no point in me trying to talk to them. I’m not going to change the way their mind thinks,” said Pucillo.
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    Coach_J reacted to manyak in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    I hope this leads to a more tolerant environment at wrestling rooms and locker rooms around the country.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Tofurky in If the international styles are so good for your folkstyle...   
    Those bums Dake and David Taylor also did freestyle and greco--we're really onto something!
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    Coach_J got a reaction from LordNelson in If the international styles are so good for your folkstyle...   
    Those bums Dake and David Taylor also did freestyle and greco--we're really onto something!
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    Coach_J reacted to BigApple in If the international styles are so good for your folkstyle...   
    I think Illinois does a better job of getting it's best wrestlers to the national competitions in freestyle and greco. Also they have a good coaching staff that's been in charge since Illinois began dominating at freestyle and greco. John Kading has been the head freestyle coach for about 7-8 years now. He was at Overtime Club and last year became the head coach at Chicago Mt. Carmel.
    I've been to all the Junior National Duals since 2008. Oklahoma (host state) and Illinois usually have their best kids wrestling in the duals. Minnesota also does an excellent job. California, Ohio, and PA overall have better talent, but doesn't get as many of them in the national cadet and junior national duals and to Fargo. That is why the Illinois success in freestyle isn't translating to success in collegiate folkstyle.
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    Coach_J reacted to tbert in If the international styles are so good for your folkstyle...   
    Yea these underperformers also spent their summers perfecting styles they will never use unless they made the world team.... Dieringer , Stieber, Tomasello, Brewer, Gwiz, 
    I don't buy that  excuse
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    Coach_J reacted to GoNotQuietly in Logans Claw and Wrist tilt   
    Once he gets your arm strait there is no fighting turning to that side at all..

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    Coach_J reacted to AnklePicker in Logans Claw and Wrist tilt   
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    Coach_J reacted to Sheerstress in Michigan NCAA Results   
    Max has been planning to join his father and brother in the military this next year.  
    I don't know if he's completely ruled out the possibility of changing his mind and going for the sixth year, (obviously I would love for it to happen) but wouldn't count on it.  He has to do what's best for him.
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    Coach_J reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Really bad call and Matt Brown is a $%&*   
    LOL!  Well, it's pretty easy to just skip over 'em or simply put me on ignore.  I suggested that to you before, so it's really your problem if you continue to subject yourself to material you find boring - not mine.
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    Coach_J reacted to gimpeltf in Really bad call and Matt Brown is a $%&*   
    It is inappropriate conduct for the defensive wrestler to touch either or both hands or one knee to the mat in order to release the offensive wrestler’s lock, and the referee shall not call a violation if the lock is held in such cases.
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    Coach_J reacted to AKHUNTER in Jordan Oliver tweet - Classy   
    here is my list of the 4 timers and how they stack up.
    #1.... Logan Steiber
    #1.... Cael Sanderson
    #1.... Pat Smith
    #1.... Kyle Dake
    They are in a class by themselves.
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    Coach_J reacted to VakAttack in Jordan Oliver tweet - Classy   
    Wow, Logie is actually a month older than Dake. I don't think that affects Logie's accomplishment one bit, but it does make me respect Dake's even more.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from silver-medal in Cael just won Matt Brown the title   
    I'm just going to react to the title of this thread.  Would it be better if he totally dropped the ball like the Kent State coaches?  He did what a coach is supposed to do.
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    Coach_J reacted to JBluegill133 in Port   
    I would like to give a small shoutout to Mitchell Port.  I was watching yesterday and after the 141 final espn pulled stieber to the side to interview him and Port walked right behind looking completely devestated walking back to the tunnel.
     I was so caught up in all the 4xer hype and was so sure that Stieber was going to win that I forgot there was another immensely talented guy who put his heart and soul into this sport, and came so close to the top multiple years in a row (and probably wouldve been a champ if not for this phenom) only to fall short (in his eyes, certainly not mine).  
    He and all the other wrestlers who competed this week and didn't fully realize their goals should walk with their heads way up.  I applaud you mitchell port thanks for giving us years of truly great, great wrestling.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you aren't hanging up your shoes for good.
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    Coach_J reacted to Fletcher in Where will Tom Brands land as an assistant next yr.?   
    Any insider knowledge on this yet? Should make a great lightweight coach for some up-and-coming program.
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    Coach_J reacted to silver-medal in Missouri   
    Mizzou had an amazing season.   Congrats to Coach Smith and the Tigers.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Alexander_Delarge_655321 in The six (and only six) things you can say about Miller v. Realbuto   
    I don't see a point in a re-wrestle--at the end of regulation, the correct score was Miller 10, Realbuto 9.
    The Kent coaches should have gone to the head table and demanded the ref consult the score keeper before OT began.  This is very common--the ref consults the scorekeeper and tracks the progression of points to make sure everything is logical.  If the ref made the KSU staff sit down without a review, they should have raised the flag for an official protest.  Also, a competent ref would have gone to the table for a quick clarification of score before starting the OT and a competent scorekeeper would have spoken up.
    If Koll truly didn't know the score was wrong, he has no culpability.
    The wrestlers did their jobs and it was a helluva match.   Too many others did not, however.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from ironmonkey in Miller vs Green   
    None, but I have to say coming back to compete hard after Escape-Gate is a credit to Miller.
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