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    Coach_J reacted to wrestlingnerd in Did Ian Miller win?   
    I really hate to say this because it feels like taking a potshot, but, again it is Miller's coaching staff that deserves the most blame. Human error happens all the time, every day in fact, in everything we do. This is why we have rules. The rules are clear, and if they're not, it is a coach's duty to get them clarified for himself and his staff. I hate them, but I also hate paying taxes, and as an American, I pay them because I like living in our country. Andrassy, as a D1 coach, and everyone on his staff MUST learn every rule in the book and. It is quite literally their jobs to do so. While it is not his job to do the ref's job properly, if they see a mistake, it IS their job to use the means required by the rules he must memorize to protest for his athlete. It's like not throwing the red/blue cube in freestyle, allowing a blown call to go unreviewed.
    Again, sorry for saying this, and I think Kent State's coaches are all great guys, really I do. A great injustice has been dealt to a kid I was actually rooting for and one of the sport's most exciting wrestlers. But if we're going to play the blame game. at least let's be accurate with whom we blame..
    P.S. Whoever was running the scoreboard should be strapped naked over a barrel and caned for at least one straight hour.
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    Coach_J reacted to scrambler in Did Ian Miller win?   
    Protest has to be filled before leaving the mat.
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    Coach_J reacted to scrambler in Did Ian Miller win?   
    This falls solely on the coach. I was taught to not step off the mat if anything was in question. A challenge or protest cannot happen after the fact. He wasn't sure if the score was right, so he should have challenged. Instead he went with it and human error prevailed.
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    Coach_J reacted to VakAttack in Bad tourney to be a 2-seed....   
    Garrett down to the consis; Ryan Taylor down to the consis; Port and Tsirtsis still going; Realbuto in the biggest controversy thusfar; Moreno down to the conis; Brown still going; Thomusseit to the consis; McIntosh down to the consis; McMullan still going.  Wow.  Half of the 2 seeds are in the consolations before the semifinals.  That's insane.
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    Coach_J reacted to SetonHallPirate in Northern State U "suspends" wrestling for two seasons   
    Like I said in another thread, the equivalent of taking an artificial heart out of a transplantee for the purpose of determining his long-term viability.
    Wonder what Nebraska assistant and Northern State alum Matt Meuleners thinks about this...
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    Coach_J reacted to Tofurky in Jason Bryant   
    Did someone say Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan?
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    Coach_J reacted to armspin in Iowa vs. The World   
    My exact thoughts. Fun card though.
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    Coach_J reacted to SetonHallPirate in Boise State?   
    Obviously, having more resources should lead to expecting better results, abovetheline.
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in States with most qualifiers   
    careful, the sarcasm police may see this!
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    Coach_J reacted to BigRedMachine in Georgia Southern -5.5 NCWA Points?   
    ^Is there a dislike button?
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    Coach_J reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in States with most qualifiers   
    haha, well it is tournament time. might as well geek out.
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in States with most qualifiers   
    Good info, but man, we must be effing in need of a life!  Other Ohio wrestling cities and populations:
    Cleveland (390,000; 3.5 million metro)
    Toledo (290,000; 650,000 metro)
    Columbus (822,000; 1.9 million metro)
    Cincinnati ( 296,000; 2.1 million metro)
    Akron (200,000; 703,000 metro)
    Canton (73,000; 404,000 metro)
    Dayton (141,000; 800,000 metro)
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    Coach_J reacted to TBar1977 in States with most qualifiers   
    RichB, the attached link is consistent with what you wrote, but I think some context is needed.
    I found a link for the Philadelphia Public Wrestling standings. While it does have a number of schools listed with wrestling, there are many more public schools in Philadelphia that are not listed here. 
    Also, while they may offer wrestling, they are essentially on a statewide or even local level non competitive with suburban or rural schools. I honestly can't remember the last wrestler at PIAA's from a Philadelphia Public School. To get even one handful of kids (maybe even to get 1 kid) we might have to go back several decades. 
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    Coach_J reacted to BigApple in States with most qualifiers   
    A factor that hasn't been discussed is school size. Pennyslvania and Iowa are similar in that both have quite a few communities that have one or two high schools that I'm guessing are between 700 and 1500 students. The population of both states are spread fairly evenly throughout the state. Conversely while California has a much larger population, much of the state is sparsely populated. I'll guess most of the high schools in CA have more than 1500 students. Some will be really large schools with 3,000-5,000 students.
    Other factors not considered are:
    1. Quality and quantity of feeder programs for high schools
    2. Salaries for high school wrestling coaches.
    A head wrestling coach in the Oklahoma City Public Schools gets a. $5,500 stipend, however the quality of the junior high wrestling teams aren't very good. Conversely Perry (250 students) and Tuttle (probably 400 students) are the predominant 3a and 4a wrestling programs. Both have great community support, excellent feeder programs, and well paid head wrestling coaches.
    There is definitely a "wrestling culture" in certain areas of the US and throughout the world.
    Why are Iran and Turkey wrestling powers, but Iraq hasn't been even in peaceful times. Russian wrestling is dominated by the Caucaus Mountain region, who dominate at world level in freestyle.
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    Coach_J reacted to figure4 in Reflection on Big Tens After 1 Week   
    Tomasello definitely didn't have his best acting skills at Big 10's.  In the beginning of the year, he lost to Peters after being up 3 takedowns to none because he forced a bad position and got pinned. Lost to Waters because he got caught being too aggressive on a shot and got broomsticked. I think he overcorrected for those issues by completely shutting it down after his first takedown.  In fairness though, Gilman really hasn't come close to scoring in either match.  I felt he tried harder to fake shots and get a stall call than he did actually trying to score.  Remember, Gilman didn't score a takedown in the first match either despite Nate chasing him the entire time.  He won on rideouts.
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    Coach_J reacted to buck in Seeding Criteria missing a key element   
    I'm a November guy, I shine when the lights are dull.
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    Coach_J reacted to scribe in Seeding Criteria missing a key element   
    Coaches whose top seeded wrestlers pull and lose to one of these animals in the early rounds, will have plenty to say about this after the tournament.
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    Coach_J reacted to BigRedMachine in Preposterous Statement   
    Not everyone can wrestle. I am living proof of this.
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    Coach_J reacted to redblades in Preposterous Statement   
    "I swear it on Zeus, an outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler."
    Good enough authority for me!
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    Coach_J got a reaction from HuskyHero133 in sean boyle chattanooga   
    Boyle didn't seed himself--no need to trash him over his seed.  Sometimes a change in scenery revitalizes a kid.  Good luck at the big show, Sean.
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    Coach_J reacted to stp in HWC switches to Nike   
    Maybe not undo whats happened at Oregon but we can voice our displeasure and refuse to buy their product.
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    Coach_J reacted to hammerlockthree in My at-large projections...   
    Shoulda defaulted at 0:02
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    Coach_J reacted to TripNSweep in HWC switches to Nike   
    I will never buy any Nike products again.  If somebody offered me free Nike gear I'd rather pay for something Adidas made. 
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    Coach_J got a reaction from Alexander_Delarge_655321 in Brands' post-tourney TV talk   
    I did play the clip backwards and it said:  "Drink more Ovaltine."
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    Coach_J reacted to stp in HWC switches to Nike   
    You will also notice many tOSU wrestlers who wear Asics.
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