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  1. Hey, wasn't Greco Johnson right? Yes he was.... Its a great cheesy quote! I was hoping he'd show up in the conversation....lol
  2. Clarification: Dennis will be assisting Terry..... Now I know this move has a much higher probability of working....
  3. ANY... I said ANY!!! National Coach can recruit NCAA all Americans..... The Fraser administration chose not to even though they were told to do so by their OTC alumni. A world championship and 3 top 3 finishes in 5 years will make you pretty damn arrogant. What good is getting the best wrestlers in the country if you can't train them. He knows NOTHING about Greco or Greco training therefore the direction of the program will be suspect by the athlete he's attempting to lead. Not a great hire Terry has a "expiration date" where ever he goes of 2 years! He never stays anywhere. I'm sure when the going gets tough he will get going and take a college job.... We have better candidates for the position....
  4. All im gonna say is I told you so about the Greco National Team coach. Just doesn't make sense to make Terry Greco coach. ..... BTW Zeke is out too. If you want him that bad make him FS coach since Zeke is going to ASU
  5. Terry Brands is set to replace Steve Fraser as US National Greco coach. Lots of us in the know are hearing this from VERY reliable sources. This is apparently why the selection will be announced in March which happens to be after the NCAA's. The rumor is Terry can bring NCAA talent to the Greco program(s)... If this is true about Terry what are your thoughts. I have my own that I will keep to myself until I see how people weigh in on this... By the way I like Terry very much as a coach and person. Not as Greco national coach candidate. It will definitely set us back 20 yrs internationally from a respect standpoint. Thoughts?
  6. I said in "NO" order.... He is definitely a candidate IF he is interested. Experience, knowledge of sport, leadership, business experience to raise funds for "Greco". And lets be honest USA Wrestling is not known for it's diversity in leadership positions. Yep I pointed out the black elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.... lol
  7. My Short List in no order ... TC Dantler Ivan Ivanov Jim Gruenwald Brandon Paulson Brad Vering Mat Lindland Jay and Roman are NOT even legit candidates for this position they both flat out suck!
  8. The Olympic coach from Iran is now Azerbaijan's national Greco coach. He brought with him 12 coaches and 2 trainers and 4 doctors.. The wrestling room in Azerbaijan has 14 mats, each has 2-4 coaches.
  9. "I understand Greco just fine. I AA'd in Fargo twice in it back in the day, so I would say I have a better understanding of it, than the average fan. I would gladly cut Greco if it meant adding more weights to freestyle. We don't have the talent at Greco here in the US to compete at worlds. We have a bunch of mediocre not well known in college wrestlers competing for us, because the top guys want nothing to do with Greco. Lester was a stud, but he doesn't fit at that weight anymore, nor is his age helping him. He is past his prime. If you wanna enjoy watching Americans win medals in Greco instead of having to appreciate foreigners, than convince the best to take Greco seriously." Wow great commentary!! And FS had how many medals this year? One... FS won their last World Championship when? Whats wrong with appreciating GREAT wrestling? Think beyond its coming from foreigners. That actually sounds racist.. lol But those are also the words of someone that is uneducated and not appreciative of our beloved sport wrestling. Shame on you as a wrestler....
  10. Ummm maybe you didn't notice that FS and women's wrestling went first as it ALWAYS does because it's least popular in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Geez! Get out of your fishbowls the world is bigger than just the United States...
  11. Let's not put the carriage in front of the horse here.. lol "IF" he made a team in FS it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to medal in FS then Greco... International wrestling in Greco is a beast unlike in FS where only about 5-6 countries really matter.. In my professional opinion Dake is Greco wrestler "pretending" to be a FS... lol
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