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  1. Great match! Glory really commits to all of his attacks. No half-measures. Similar to the male cheerleader "saving" the female cheerleader from being squashed by the two wrestlers. Didn't stop protecting her until she was clearly out of danger.
  2. Stephen Abas. Successfully, backpedaled my way out of multiple takedown attempts. Only to be turned for the TF once I was takendown.
  3. So your answer to my questions: It is a big deal that he hired as the associate head coach? NO Has he proven himself enough to put in such a high position? YES
  4. Maybe "maybe waiting in the wings" in inaccurate since I don't know if any of them wanted the Associate HC gig. But they also have Alan Waters and Matt Manley on staff.
  5. It is a big deal that he hired as the associate head coach? Has he proven himself enough to put in such a high position? Especially considering Mizz had a few coaches waiting in the wings.
  6. No issue. Thanks Flo!
  7. Thanks! On their website now, prices look good in comparison.
  8. Would you mind sharing the contact information for the sublimation company out of China? Thanks!
  9. So I guess we won't be seeing Monday v. Monday this season.
  10. Well, he definitely won the headbutt war.
  11. Why do we as a sport expect athletes to commit to wrestling at such a young age? Why can't we take the same approach, recreational baseball, basketball, etc take?
  12. Why isn't it a good idea? Is it because the assumption is that said wrestler was wrestling 10 months a year for 14 years? What if I said, he wrestled three months out of the year for the first 10 years practicing 2-3X a week, and the last fours as a high school athlete just during wrestling season?
  13. How is that much different than what I said. I said he only competed at 157 his redshirt year, as in he weighed in and competed at 157 when was a red-shirt freshman. I'll quote myself, "a lot of that success came at 157, a weight he never competed in outside of his red-shirt year." Arguing where he had the most success is subjective at best. At 157 he won 3 open tournaments. And you can counter by listing some of his quality wins.
  14. Totally agree! Wrestling tournaments can by the worst and are a reason why the numbers have declined at the high school level, and probably at the lower levels too. I do appreciate that our area (and from what I've seen in other areas too) they little kids start in the morning, and for the most part are done by noon. The cadets and above weigh in at 10 AM (satellite weigh-ins are allowed) and done by 3-4. And to be a bit more on topic, the more parents who recognize kids wrestling is about development and enjoyment, the more our sport will grow.
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