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  1. RIP brother - he was one of the good guys in wrestling
  2. Totally doesn’t fit the moniker
  3. DF is very entertaining- medicineman and KMF are some of the best posters
  4. Wow the flap posting twice ! He must be really passionate about not seeing PDiii in a hawk singlet. He better give Tommy some of that truth serum and talk some sense into him !
  5. I wrestled in college late 70's and early 80's. We periodically have a reunion and would say the vast majority of my teammates are in great shape for there age. I think the wrestler mentality stays with you for a life time. Myself I have gained a few lbs and make tilt the BMI index. Myself I do some form of exercise every day. It has been a habit since I have been 12. Don't see that changing ever.
  6. What happened to opening up ? Something's will never change.
  7. Todays young wrestlers need to watch videos of Lewbo, Dallgatta and Metzger. Never a lack of excitement from these guys.
  8. Is ASU at the Midlands ? That could be the wrestle off ?
  9. The part I don't understand his brother could score on his feet against anyone. But Alex would get ridden like a mule - while Jason gets away from the bottom can't score on his feet.
  10. Well it looks like nothing changed - 2 matches 2 tackdowns - not going to beat anyone decent like that
  11. Jason is a sound mat wrestler - short sit and gets away. Rides well - but doesn't turn anyone. The key for him to open up on his feet. He has to wrestle to score bonus points not to hang on for the win.
  12. 149 is a better spot for him. He looks small at 157. My guess he wrestles the 49 pounder in practice regularly- I'm sure someone knows how it looks
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