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  1. Actually, right now they are fitting large "curtains" to cover up the glass for the NCAA Final Four this year that will be installed in a few weeks. Now that they have these, they may use them for the wrestling in 2020 as well if they think they need to.
  2. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/2019-03-11/ncaa-wrestling-championship-qualifiers-be-announced-3-pm-tuesday-march-12
  3. Askren was asked on twitter on a scale of 1-10, how much he'd like to have the UW job, he stated a 10. However, he also stated in the same tweet that how important AWA is to him and he said a 10.
  4. From Ben Askren on the wiwrestling.com forum LOL David is a friend of mine and he isn't giving up his olympic dream to come coach Wisconsin. That being said if he was in the running he would be my #1 choice. That being said here are your choices: Bormet(although unlikely to leave MI as he will assume the head job soon) Bono(Psyched for the opportunity would do a great job) Schwab Snyder(Would fit in well in Madison) Hahn Pritzlaff Luke Becker Me Cunningham and Kolat not very interested.
  5. This is what Askren posted back in December when a lot of the posters on the wiwrestling forum were clamoring for a change at UW and wanted Askren for the job: I am retired from MMA sans 1 more fight against a #1 to prove I am the best. I love running the academy system with Max, John and Josh, but I also very much enjoyed my 4 years of college coaching at ASU and Mizzou. I would consider coaching at the collegiate level but only in a head coaching role at the D1 level and with the roots I have built here I think it is unlikely I leave Wisconsin so that only leaves 1 option. That being said it is a 2 way street and UW would have to want that also. Obviously by this it sounds as if Ben would certainly entertain the idea if the feeling by UW were reciprocal. And looking at everything the guy does, he does everything balls to the wall. A lot of people don't like his attitude or seem to doubt his abilities in some aspects of possibly being a head coach. I'd say he probably takes that as a challenge. The guy doesn't fail at much. Wisconsin needs a shot in the arm, someone that can bring instant credibility and excite the fan base. I think Askren could be that guy. Not to short change any of the other guys who will be candidates, but Askren is a home state guy and brings big time name recognition.
  6. UW had a good idea to have 2 of the better high school programs in the state wrestle before the dual. The problem was they did this on a Thursday night when pretty much every other HS team in the state is wrestling as well. Had they done this dual on another night, they probably would have had more attendance.
  7. The placement order of Big Tens will be the seeds at NCAA's.
  8. I'm a UW fan and I hate to agree but I thought both stall calls on Zeke were correct. UW might have a legitimate beef on the 1st stall call, but the one to end the match you can't really get around. It was the right call. Sucks to end that way. In any case, I'd rather have Zeke lose to Massa now and Zeke get him back in the NCAA's. Massa has beat him 3x times this year and I think Jordan is too good of a wrestler to have it happen 4x in a row.
  9. Based off of previous years order starting this year: Indiana Michigan State Minnesota Penn State Michigan Northwestern Purdue Illinois Wisconsin Ohio State Iowa Now the thing about that is that for this rotation, I'm not sure where Nebraska, Rutgers, and Maryland will fit into the mix. I'm sure the Big Ten can't wait for Rutgers turn and try and have it at MSG.
  10. Rumor is hip replacement is needed.
  11. They're hosting, let them do what they want. 5 or 6 of the teams won't come close to selling their allotment for their sections and those tix will probably go to Iowa fans as well. It's part of having the perk of hosting, being able to wrestle in front of your home crowd. I would imagine many of the other schools do the same.
  12. Anyone know the date when they will be announced? I know they announce the wild cards on the 11th, but couldn't find anything on when the actual brackets are set to be announced.
  13. IMO, Fader pretty much got railroaded by the UWW. There's a lot of opinions of why it happened, but I think one that makes the most sense to me is that the administration is basically making a point to the other coaches that they should be contacted first before the authorities. UWW has a very successful athletics program these days, and with success comes a lot of rumor of things happening behind the scenes that may not show things in such a great light.
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