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  1. I'm glad it's not getting cut, but what a bunch of pricks. The program has been gutted-no coach, wrestlers are gone, gonna have to start from scratch. Then in a few years when they are still trying to build it back up they'll cut it again and cite lack of competitiveness as the reason.
  2. Anyone know the company or name of the mops they are using at NCAA’s?
  3. I run a pool for my buddies and the rules are that you can only pick 1 wrestler from each weight class and you can only use a seed one time. So for example, if you pick Spencer Lee, you can't pick any other wrestlers that are a #1 seed and you can't pick anyone else from 125. You can pick as many wrestlers as you want below the #10 seed if you want. Pretty fun.
  4. 125: #27 Eric Barnett (WIS) tech fall. Jerimiah Reno (NEB) 18-2 157: Devin Bahr (WIS) dec. Kevon Davenport (NEB) 10-4 285: Cale Davidson (NEB) major dec. Peter Christensen (WIS) 10-1
  5. This will postpone Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, PSU matches. https://mgoblue.com/news/2021/1/23/general-university-of-michigan-athletics-enters-department-wide-activity-pause.aspx
  6. There are 2 schools in West Bend, East and West. East is the superior team. The previous head coach was a good coach and his son was the 132 state champ this past season. They have a new head coach this coming season. They wrestle in the North Shore Conference which has a couple of good teams(Slinger, Port Washington, WBE, Nicolet on the rise), but they have some very high level individual talent in the conference as well. In the past 4-5 years the conference has boasted D1 recruits such as Parker Keckiesen(Nicolet) and Dajun Johnson(Whitefish Bay) both to Northern Iowa, Beau Breske(Hartford) a few years back went to Nebraska and then Wisconsin. Currently, they have a couple that may get some D1 offers, many other wrestlers that will be getting looks for D2 and D3 as well. The improvement of the conference in the last 10-15 years is significant because of realignment and the proliferation of wrestling schools. It's right in the backyard of Askren Wrestling Academy and Ringers which both produce lots of state placers and champs.
  7. I'm not going to hijack this thread and make it about P.E., but as an Elementary Physical Education teacher(not gym teacher) I can tell you it's much more than just rolling out a ball and blowing a whistle when it's time for the class to leave. May not seem like a a lot of work because we do get to play a lot of games, so I guess some might be jealous that we get to run around outside or in a big gymnasium and play games while others are stuck in a room teaching math? But there's lot more that go into it than just playing games. That's not what it is from the beginning of class till the end. There are different models of teaching P.E. and to each his own. But I can say being at the elementary level there is a lot of motor skill development being taught, lots of mechanics, evaluations of students that may need OT or PT, etc. In addition, it's a great class for teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, problem solving, etc. As for the PE teacher that just comes up with activities and then wrangles them up, that's the exact kind of PE teacher that gives us a bad rap. And I think the chances of their being HS or college wrestling this year are less than 10%.
  8. Probably wasn't much of a reason to give a douchebag response. But nice job, you still accomplished it. The point was to get a thread going about the actual cancellation without all the political BS that's on the other threads and to point out that they also cancelled spring sports completely. But go ahead, continue being douchey. I always visit this forum and rarely post, and this kind of bulls*** is why.
  9. NCAA just released via Twitter all winter AND spring sports are cancelled. Yikes.
  10. Yeah, just saw he tested for influenza A. I'm glad it's "just" that, but still. Had he tested for coronavirus, the Big Ten basketball tournament would have been cancelled no doubt and wouldn't have moved the needle closer to canceling other sporting events all together, not just holding them without fans.
  11. The head coach of Nebraska basketball, Fred Hoiberg, left before there game was even over. Nebraska isn't being allowed to leave the arena and there's talk of quarantining the whole team. But what about the team that they played, Indiana? Wouldn't you think they'd be quarantined as well because of the close contact with Nebraska? This is how is starts. Not even talking about 1 person infecting people now. Now we're talking about dozens. In a full arena. Dispersing out into the world carrying the virus. Not good. With the way things have escalated in the last 24 hours, I think the chances of the NCAA's happening is pretty slim unfortunately.
  12. UW-La Crosse in Division 3 announced a suspension in all travel last night about 10:30, including all spring break competitions and the NCAA Championships for wrestling in Iowa and Track and Field in Virginia. Pretty big outcry and protests this morning. Early this afternoon they let up on the travel ban and allowed the teams to travel. UWL has 5 wrestling in Cedar Rapids this weekend.
  13. They've already said if the Olympics are delayed it'll be 1-2 years, probably 2 years.
  14. They will be released at 2pm CST today according to the NCAA Wrestling Twitter feed.
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