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  1. Way to go Iowa, so great for the sport when you are forced to add women’s wrestling through a Title IX lawsuit!
  2. Just curious, does an Ivy League trained lawyer know how to perform a basic Google search?
  3. Nope. AJ doesn't drink and Tony has 7 and 7s at the disco.
  4. I put Kemp on Mt. Rushmore. The 1980 Oly boycott was unfortunate. It was right in the middle of Kemp's prime. Plus Kemp won the 1980 World Super Championship.
  5. Some people don't reduce every decision to a strictly financial cost/benefit calculation.
  6. Did Dave Schultz really drop a weight class though? He won his first world medal at 82, but also won the World Cup that same year (and two years earlier) at 74. But since then, Joe Williams won a world bronze at 76 and then another one four year later at 74. Don't know if that is considered dropping a weight class, but at least dropping in weight. Kyle Dake won two world championships at 79 then took Oly bronze at 74. Not sure if this is considered seemlessly as he placed lower at the lower weight class.
  7. So Gable Steveson is not a true senior level guy?
  8. He also was a 1976 Olympic team member.
  9. Ok, you mean he could go to any of those weights and be second best as long as no one else goes to any other weights.
  10. Huh? "Bo Nickal is legitimately the second best guy..."
  11. He beats one of DT/Cox at 92?
  12. The Steiner Brothers wrestled at Michigan.
  13. No. They said “taking aspirin.” Not “an aspirin.”
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