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    Validative experiences

    I was a sophomore in high school, football was my main sport. My position coach in football was the head wrestling coach and was just waiting out the head football coach getting fired so he could take over. I usually practiced with a senior who was a weight class up from me. He pounded on me every practice all practice. But he should have, right? He was older, bigger, and a returning state place winner. One day, the head wrestling coach was gone and the assistant ran practice. He was a real wrestling guy. When we were doing situational live goes, he came over to me and the senior and said loser has to do 20 pushups. I lost a few in a row. Then I started to get pissed. I lost a couple more. Now i’m really pissed off, this isn’t fair, i’ll be doing push-ups all afternoon. Then I win one go. Then another. I won the last four in a row. Being young, it took me a while to realize that the assistant was able to get me to perform at a level I didn’t believe I could. He believed in me before I did. I was almost 50/50 with the senior the rest of the season in practice, and started the whole year on varsity. I never even considered being able to do that before. About 15 years later I ran into the assistant coach and told him this story. He tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but I made sure he knew I thought it was.
  2. jchapman

    RTC's Continued...

    Forgive me, I did not take Econ 101. Of pareto is 80/20, is exacerbated Pareto 90/10, 95/5, ?
  3. jchapman

    Stoll and Turk

    Times are a changing. If I would have shot every one of my college buddies who came home drunk and woke me up, there would have been quite a body count.
  4. Guys are cutting way more than this.
  5. Not pre-med, just loved biology and had to take a lot of chemistry to satisfy the bio major. I decided I was more than halfway to a chem degree, so might as well finish it.
  6. I was a Chemistry and Biology major. Someone needs to explain to me how you can have online basic science classes.
  7. jchapman

    Favorite team moments/performances

  8. jchapman

    Favorite team moments/performances

    A teenage Lee Kemp beating Dan Gable at the Northern Open. Walk on Kevin Wilmont becoming the 1997 Big Ten Champ and taking 4th at NCAA after failing to qualify for the state tournament his senior year of high school. Matt Hanutke 4X AA
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  10. Schultz just tortured Koll in both matches, incredible. By the way, gotta love having the WTT in a middle school gym in front of mostly wrestlers sitting cross-legged on the floor.
  11. jchapman

    Lee v. DeSanto in the room

    Also, Ben Askren never looked imposing, and look how he rag dolled Herbert.
  12. jchapman

    Wrestlers killed in Afghanistan

    Waiting for Tbarr and MSU to pounce on this
  13. jchapman

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    I am not sure. I think the RTCs get liability insurance from USAW and the ability to use their affiliation with USAW as a marketing tool.
  14. jchapman

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    I think the rule is good. Why should the US National team spend its resources on the training of their members' competitors?
  15. jchapman

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    Here is the full set of RTC rules. http://content.themat.com/CoachesCorner/RTC-criteria.pdf Going off of this, it looks like Micic can only participate on a limited, intermittent basis (with the approval of the National Governing Board) in order to enhance the US national team development. So, bringing in Beloglazov to work with and improve Micic goes against at least the spirit of the RTC, if not the letter of the law. Now, if Beloglazov is truly just working with the Cliff Keen wrestling club, and that is separate from the RTC, then it probably isn't a problem.