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  1. jchapman

    Last 25 years

    Right. And nothing was untrue.
  2. jchapman

    NCAA approves shorts

    Yeah, sign me up for wearing those shorts in public around my teenage kids.
  3. jchapman


    So you would like him to resign from the Badger RTC?
  4. jchapman

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Aren’t most of the champs wrestlers?
  5. jchapman

    Why wear a t-shirt under a singlet?

    No way. No need to look like BJJ
  6. Did the listing of his college major trigger you too?
  7. He did wrestle them, it was after the Smith bouts were resolved. But it think he only had to wrestle one of them because the last guy had too many losses to the others already.
  8. But Ringer hasn’t even gotten to wrestle Dake yet.
  9. Thanks, this helps. Also, why did Smith shoot on The Impossible Leg? All of Lewis’ scoring comes off those counters.
  10. But Gable got censured for complying with a subpeona. USA wrestling wanted him to ignore it and not testify.
  11. But it was later ruled that the re-wrestled bout should not have been a complete match that started 0-0. It was ruled to have been re-wrestled from the point in the match when the scoring was ruled to have been changed. Years ago lewboo was on this board (or maybe the old board?) and talked about having to re-wrestle that match that he already had his hand raised.
  12. No. The second bout was ordered to be re-re-wrestled from the point in the original second bout of the scoring controversy. That final one minute plus was wrestled and Lewis ended up winning the entire second bout by one point, thus winning the series with Smith two bouts to none. It’s like the third bout never happened.
  13. jchapman

    NCAA approves shorts

  14. Thanks, this explains it well and refreshes my memory.
  15. Except it wasn’t the deciding match because they re-re-wrestled the second match and Lewis won that to win the best of three series 2-0.