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  1. I think it is Ben Askren emphasizing the Ben Askren-esque technique.
  2. You think Berge is better than Deakin?
  3. Counter wrestling is a style. Just ask Randy Lewis!
  4. What about sitting on an ankle and not improving your position? Also, did you miss the part where Gross spladled RBY? That might have had something to due with winning the match.
  5. Really going out on a limb there... lol
  6. Also, Flo is gonna bump McKee up in the rankings because there is no way to know if he wouldn't have beaten Lee, had he not forfeited.
  7. Is it the spirit of the rule to call stalling when you have the guy on his back, even if you have one of the legs? I mean, it was a pinning combination. This isn't Greco.
  8. Why did Parris choose not to pin “Hilfer”? Do you think he preferred a 3-1 victory instead?
  9. Maybe an extra hour of recovery from weigh ins, with the meet starting at 184?
  10. Yeah, I edited the post after they said that. Thanks.
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