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  1. To be fair, Dake was like 87 years old at the time of this match.
  2. I don't see him dropping to 141, that would be a much harder cut than 143 with morning weigh ins (and I think the World Cup has a 2KG allowance?).
  3. I think the fact that this clip is in slow motion makes it seem like posting the arm might be easier to do.
  4. Garrett Lowney enters the conversation... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2667069236642676
  5. John Peterson placed fifth in NAIA then Oly Silver and Gold with World Silver and Bronze.
  6. Tossup between Gable Steveson and Spencer Lee in 2020.
  7. Davis - 6 Fred - 1, Barry - 3, Tony - 1, Phil - 1
  8. World Champion and FILA Wrestler of the Year
  9. Martin is top. He is the only one with 4 AAs and is the only 2X Finalist.
  10. Carl bringing in his little brother had nothing to do with it?
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