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  1. There is a grainy black and white video of their match at the Northern Open.
  2. I seriously mean no offense: how old are you? THis might be a generational thing.
  3. Iran had a democratically elected, secular Prime Misister until the CIA and MI6 led a coup d'etat and installed a monarchy.
  4. The Iron Shiek competed in AAU before coaching the national team.
  5. Come on, just say what you want to say. Cox should have just been selected for the team becuase you think he is the best wrestler.
  6. NBC probably would have showed the other mat.
  7. How do we know when KJ rules apply vs not for sr domestic events?
  8. Who do you think Illinois will hire as their head coach? Who should Illinois hire as head coach? Is Cox throwing KJ under the bus, or is KJ agreeing to take the fall?
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