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  1. The Illinois Department of Public Health puts soccer in the "Medium" risk category and has wrestling in the "Higher" risk category. This is being used by the high school association (IHSA) to guide sports policy.
  2. Some Wisconsin guys: Ben Askren: He was great in high school, but I did not think he'd win two Hodges and be a 4X Finalist. Took his game to the next level in college. Ringer/Jesse Thielke/Jake Sueflohn: These guys were all in high school at similar weights at the same time and all were ranked #1 nationally at some point. Everyone thought Thielke was going to be the best one of them all. He beat Ringer in a dual meet. Sueflohn handed Thielke his only HS loss, which Theilke later avenged. Would not have guessed Ringer would go 3,1,1,1, win the Hodge, and have the only AA honors out of this group. Garrett Lowney: Was assuming he'd be a NC at Minny, despite being a tweener. King Cole: I was actually right about him, thought he'd be a stud and NC Beau Breske: Thought he would be at least a multi-time NQ and make at least one AA Matt Hanutke: Wisconsin's first 4X State Champ, but it was in the smallest school division at the smallest weight class; he didn't wrestle tough competiton. Went on to be a 4X AA at UW.
  3. What part of “in theory” don’t you understand? Just because my points don’t make sense to you doesn’t mean they don’t make sense.
  4. I’m clearly not saying it. I’m saying this is the theory. SARMs have not been extensively studied. methylated steroids (at C17) have been studied extensively, and they are very hard on the liver.
  5. I'm admittedly outside my area of expertise here. I was under the impression that: A) oral steroids are tough on the liver because they are methylated to increase bio availability, but because of this they make several passes through the liver. B) Steroids (injectable or oral) can be bad for the liver because they don't discriminate tissues, including liver C) SARMs have the potential for decent bio availability without methylation and therefore don't make multiple passes through the liver. D) SARMs have the potential to select anabolic effects specifically on muscle and bone, without targeting all tissues, including liver.
  6. It's all relative. There may be liver damage with SARMs. It's just that theoretically there is a chance they will not do as much harm as steroids. I personally would not take them, nor would I want my sons to take them.
  7. Ok. I know it's also used in Baseball.
  8. Wyoming is in the Big 12 (Power 5) for wrestling. I wonder why they show up as non-power 5 for wrestling?
  9. What needs to happen (but never will) is one of the following two: 1) Exempt Football from Title IX considerations 2) Create Women's Football
  10. Ok, this old biology and chemistry major will try to dust off his brain... Oral steroids are very tough on the liver, as they pass through the liver before finding their way to target tissue. Injectable steroids has a wide array of known side effects owing to the fact that they are not specific to one type of tissue. Some of these unwanted effects include up-regulating liver protein sysnthesis and decreasing HDL cholesterol, both of which are secondarily bad for the liver. SARMs are peptides, not steroids, and if taken oraly will not pass through the liver on their way to target tissue. And, specific SARMs are selective for specific tissue, such as skeletal muscle. They can avoid effects on the rest of the body. This is why there is so much interest in them.
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