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  1. The Joe Rogan podcast describes JB as a four-time Olympic Gold medalist. Is it common that he over-inflates the credentials of his guests?
  2. He was on NBC with millions of people watching. Multiple times. Good morning America, etc.
  3. What about JB being on NBC winning Olympic Gold?
  4. What about the Olympic year non-olympic weight World Golds?
  5. Friends with The Iron Shiek?
  6. A round robin with two wrestlers, or straight bracket with byes to the final?
  7. Yep, Vegas doesn’t want too much action on any one side.
  8. ASKREN JUST HAD A HIP REPLACEMENT!!!!! Am I the only one who thinks they might have an effect on his preparedness and ability to fight?
  9. He just had a hip replacement, did he not?!?!?!?!
  10. Continuing the Buckeye tradition. Bo Jordan had a stay at home wife and two kids when he was wrestling at tOSU. I didn’t see much concern then about how a college student could afford a family of four on zero income.
  11. Ray Brinzer/Dan Gable Mark Perry/Tom Brands
  12. At least in Bruce’s day, you had to really earn that bronze by winning a third place match.
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