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  1. It depends how talented you are. Let's say you are D1 AA material at 125 lbs and decide to wrestle D3. I could see a 'ship or two in your future without lifting heavy.
  2. Gable is the GOAT. If you are under 40 years old, you will likely not appreciate how great he was. Carl may equal him if he sustains his success for several more years.
  3. Cox is right up there. For me, I just need to see him win an Olympic weight. That may not be fair, but that is how I feel.
  4. This may be right, but I’d like to see how the top 2 do at an Olympic weight (I know Cox won Bronze in 2016).
  5. Merely making weight is not the same as competing at your peak for an Olympic Gold medal.
  6. Says the guy who gets triggered when we refer to Carl!
  7. I thought he said he has no desire to do MMA?
  8. How about he kid he helped who’s mother was sexually assaulted by Long?
  9. Seems a shame that Stieber’s gold and Cejudo’s gold are valued equally.
  10. Honest question: What is the point of having a club be recognized as an official RTC?
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