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  1. https://twitter.com/thenjrtc/status/1281995930615664641?s=21 They dropped him today and then he said he is done with wrestling for good.
  2. You’d think a guy who writes for the Daily Iowan would know which year Lee won the Hodge.
  3. Metcalf* * Also won the Hodge the year he was a pinned champ.
  4. jchapman


    I thought they left because the money dried up? Or maybe that was the excuse given, I don’t really know.
  5. I think college sports will eventually be segregated by gender.
  6. jchapman


    So who does Iowa fire to make room for NATO?
  7. jchapman


    Like Duane Goldman?
  8. There are weight classes for a reason.
  9. I got a badly sprained ankle in a tournament, and told my coach I didn’t think I could wrestle the next match (3rd place match). He told me, “how about you go out there and try, and if you can’t do it, we’ll just default?”. So I limped out and once the whistle blew I didn’t feel any pain. I won, the match ended, and I limped off the mat, with ankle throbbing and a new appreciation for the affects of adrenaline.
  10. No disrespect, but is Kennedy a highly sought after talent? What are his NCAA credentials?
  11. How many home matches do D1 wrestlers have a year? 5-8, maybe?
  12. I think you have me confused with someone else.
  13. You thought regurgitating Fox News talking points would class this place up?
  14. Yes, I know. I live in Illinois.
  15. Funny that he always brought politics into the wrestling topics.
  16. They better hope Illinois hits Phase 4 by then (which they currently are on target to do).
  17. No, but you need to keep going to school while you use up your 6th year of eligibility, and business degrees are easier to get than STEM degrees while competing in athletics, no labs, “business math” classes, etc.
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