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  1. The officials in Atlanta were wearing this one under their suits.
  2. So you are in favor of the USA being banned from the Olympics/World Championships for refusing to participate in the 1980 Summer Olympics?
  3. That national championship only cost them the sexual assault of a teammate's mother.
  4. I know, it boggles my mind that people root for the USA on USA Wrestling's forum. So annoying.
  5. But... MDogg read it on Wikipedia, it must be true!
  6. How do you feel about a Doc acting inappropriately with an EIWA wrestler? Can they handle themselves? What about a D3 wrestler?
  7. Guys who trash Flo for crashing during big events or their horrendous customer service. After all these years, it’s on you if you didn’t know this already.
  8. Thanks for the spoiler in the title!
  9. 1980 boycott prevented me from wrestling in the Olympics as much as it did Churella.
  10. I can't tell if you are obnoxiously trolling or genuinely clueless.
  11. Is JB your spirit animal?
  12. The ridiculous lack of game plan against Robles kept him from his third title. The shoulder/neck kept him from his 4th AA
  13. It was my attempt at humor, because you studied European History, and part of Turkey is in Asia and part is in Europe. So, maybe you studied a little of Turkey’s history, but not all of it.
  14. He is the mayor. This is an educational task force. They gave him their recommendations one day ago. You are latching on to one aspect of it and saying that it is his idea and what he wants to do. He literally has said he wants to read and digest it first before commenting. Who is being misleading?
  15. You heard wrong. He was handed a proposal from a task force. He has not commented on it one way or another yet. ”Many people are saying..”. Where have we heard this before? You are intellectually lazy.
  16. Cael will be in David Taylor's corner when he wins Olympic Gold in 2020. PSU administration, sensing the need to keep the latest and greatest on campus, will fire Cael and offer Taylor the head coaching postion. Taylor replies, "loyalty be darned, I'm in!" In 2024, Taylor gets offered a ton of cash elsewhere and bales on PSU. Sensing the need to replace an Olympic Champion with another Olympic Champion, PSU hires Kevin Jackson. And thus, The Dynasty ends.
  17. Schultz was way more hairier than Yanni.
  18. How can this be anything but scratch weight? Are there any rules citations that someone can point to that would allow a different weight? From USAW 2019 WTT Procedures: IV. Final Wrestle-Off 1. The Final Wrestle-Off of all weight classes will be contested in a best-of-three format. a. Weigh-ins for Final X will be held the day of the competition and will be at scratch weight.
  19. What about Big Bruce? Of course we know how good Dake was from 2013-2017, he won the Granma Cup and the Grand Prix of Paris.
  20. He is still about to collapse from exhaustion, and this was how long after the action ended? There were several minutes when the judges were trying to decide who won (this is when Jads famously tried to influence the judging). When he took a knee in front of the reporter — that was just trying too hard.
  21. This right here is the ultimate matchup.
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