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  1. Feel sorry for White up there with all the other champs.
  2. jchapman

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    I wonder how much fun Nevills is having this season?
  3. jchapman

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    He placed fourth at FloNationals and won a state championship, so it isn't like he was pulled out of the hallways his senior year to fill a roster spot.
  4. jchapman

    Freshman Champs that never repeated

    Didn't McCoy win as a freshman and a senior?
  5. jchapman

    Guys going up

    Askren went up and beat Kish.
  6. dis·crim·i·nate /dəˈskriməˌnāt/ verb verb: discriminate; 3rd person present: discriminates; past tense: discriminated; past participle: discriminated; gerund or present participle: discriminating 1. recognize a distinction; differentiate. "babies can discriminate between different facial expressions of emotion" synonyms: differentiate, distinguish, draw/recognize a distinction, tell the difference, discern a difference; separate, tell apart; separate the sheep from the goats, separate the wheat from the chaff "at birth, a baby cannot discriminate between foreground and background in its visual field" perceive or constitute the difference in or between. "features that discriminate this species from other gastropods"
  7. But there is discrimination. Less talented athletes are cut, or not permitted to participate, at the highest levels. I had a friend in high school who was not allowed to participate on the gymnastics team, based solely on his gender. If there was no discrimination, there would me no gender based teams and no roster limits.
  8. Health and education of youth is not the same as creating equal opportunities (to mean equal numbers based on gender) to compete at the collegiate level.
  9. Girls are not as interested in sports as boys. Drive through a park or playground. Who do you see playing pick up basketball? Who's playing soccer? I'm not talking organized soccer games, who's just playing for fun? Who's shooting hoops in their driveway? My son and the neighbor boys would always play wiffle ball, 500, strikeout, all day long, and then go to baseball practice or games. What if we started cutting opportunities for women in female dominated majors and professions (elementary education, nursing, etc) in the name of giving males an equal opportunity? They may have an opportunity, but just are not interested.
  10. jchapman

    Marinelli's draw

    The problem is the three victories came by a total of four points, and he has gotten dinged for stalling in all of them. The big wildcard will be the ref in this potential matchup, and how that ref decides to call stalling.
  11. jchapman

    Willie Saylor Seeding Idea on FRL Today

    If this is the case, the NCAA seeds are gonna look a whole lot like B1G Tourney results. I'm not saying that is a bad thing...
  12. jchapman

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Thanks. Yep, he wanted to wrestle.
  13. jchapman

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Please post this picture, because the photo on the PSU wrestling homepage does not show a single person with their head covered by a hoodie.
  14. jchapman

    Sorry, not PSU or Iowa related

    No, I hadn't noticed. I am only vaguely aware that it is a university. Where is it located and who are some wrestling alumni?
  15. jchapman

    Did Rahseed duck?

    I though he and Carl want to wrestle, but the darn trainer overruled them?
  16. jchapman

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    Yes, the red gator skin ball!
  17. jchapman

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    It sounds like you would have been my favorite teacher back in my junior high days. My 8th grade gym class was harder than my varsity track practices. I loved it back then. When I hear people talk about the trauma and horror of gym class, I just shake my head.
  18. jchapman

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    Now my kids have to play it with a nerf ball in gym class. One of my son's baseball teammates got a displaced fracture of the elbow (medial epicondyle) trying to throw the nerf ball as fast as he could in 7th grade gym class.
  19. jchapman

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    What were your main events?
  20. jchapman

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    Point taken. But he couldn't even physically wrestle last weekend.
  21. jchapman

    9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!

    If you are a returning AA, you might as well take the whole season off (Moisey got in too).
  22. jchapman

    Did Rahseed duck?

    Now you're just being silly.
  23. jchapman

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    So Eff Hemida, huh?