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  1. He's currently in India on an educational excursion.
  2. Eiwaman


    Some people in the LV did not appreciate the fact that Bethlehem Catholic had kids from various areas including NJ on their team yet were allowed to compete with the public schools. I don't agree with how some "adults" handled it as the Becahi kids are good kids but I understand their frustration. I'll leave it at that as this thread celebrates a great kid.
  3. Eiwaman


    There was a reason for that, but it had nothing to do with the kids and their demeanor.
  4. I know someone selling 2 in section 319. I know that's upper level but most of the seats in St. Louis are pretty good.
  5. The Nolf/Kemmerer prediction may not be as wild as some think. They're both W PA kids (District 7) and both trained with the Young Guns under Strittmatter so they may know each other pretty well.
  6. Remember Coleman Scott and Jordan Oliver also made huge weight cuts their freshmen year with not so great results that first year so this is not something new. Oliver did finish 4th but was not very aggressive that year. They seemed to recover so let's give this some time and see how it plays out.
  7. Dance 4-3. Either way I see it as a low scoring match as Dance does not give up many points.
  8. Career 151-22 at North Allegheny and did finish 5th at states the year before. Quality kid, just life in the WPIAL.
  9. Moisey did win the Beast and Escape the Rock this year.
  10. What about Bradley? Isn't he on a Mormon Mission right now?
  11. He's only a sophomore? Yes, did 7th grade in Kentucky and I think when he transferred to Apple Valley came in as a 7th grader.
  12. The last Peppleman will be at UVA next year 1 Rappo went to UNC and another is at Maryland I believe 2 Dakes at Cornell
  13. Eiwaman

    Jay Hammond

    I was stunned when I heard the news of his passing. I had met Jay a number of times and really enjoyed speaking with him as he brought so much knowledge and passion. I remember sharing a ride with him on a shuttle from the airport one year during the NCAAs. He remembered me and we talked about his site and how he wanted to expand it. Back then it did not have all the conference tourneys or other portions. I will miss him and agree there should be some mention during the NCAAs this year. RIP Jay you will be missed friend.
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