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  1. DT still winning these internet matches, huh? what is this 12 years strong?
  2. Great DT call out...will he respond or do the typical PSU ghost???
  3. Based on their level of effort, I think most ADs only tolerate other sports outside of football and basketball...if football can't happen, I can't imagine there will be much effort to make the others happen. ADs jobs are safe, and they can support the keep the kids safe approach until football can resume.
  4. 23 players for Clemson's football team tested positive...certainly doesn't help. I'm growing less and less confident each day.
  5. I'm going to take a different perspective maybe. I looked on Wikipedia to see the Hodge winners since 2000 based on weight class. Here's what I have: 125: Lee 133: Ness 141: Steiber 149: Retherford (twice) 157: No Hodge winner, so Nolf vs. Burroughs maybe? I want to choose JB because of later contributions, but Nolf probably had better college stats. 165: Dieringer/Taylor/Dake...nod to Dake based on most champs, but wow tough group. Edit: maybe the nod should go to DT, who won it twice at this weight. 174: Askren 184: Sanderson (2X at the weight) 197: Nickal/Wilson...nod to Nickal for most championships 285: Mocco
  6. Steve Martin? You could just say he's The Jerk. This sucks. They were a legitimate program; probably never a top ten team, but fielded a good squad given minimal history. Maybe the school getting D1 football a few years back made this bound to happen.
  7. I guess I'm thinking Fix and Suriano fit this idea because they are now considered 33s. Also, hasn't Gross competed at 57 kg? I would think Rivera would throw his hat in the ring too at that weight. I could be off with this thinking, and I'm okay with being wrong. I just know sometimes weights appear easy, but in reality it's because guys move up or down to avoid dominate wrestlers.
  8. When discussing the depth of a weight class, could it be argued that several fellas left 125 to avoid Spencer? I feel like some of the guys at 133 planned on wrestling 57 kg internationally, but chose to wrestle up during the season. I don't buy into kids at this level running away from guys, but this forum is filled with silliness so why not?
  9. Has he won 3 yet? Maybe we should consider him the best 2 timer first... Poor Spencer, all holdup in his home and has to read all these hateful posts about him.
  10. Nah, a dude that pinned another guy in practice several, even hundreds of (according to you), times before is not focusing on 7 minutes. However, it's your agenda; I'm just not sure even DT would co-sign.
  11. Soooo, you (and Bubba) are saying that DT wasn't the practice dummy that Mokoma thinks he was? My man was just trying to not get pinned himself according to...himself.
  12. Not sure if this was already mentioned (I skipped to the last page), but I have to assume he's the first non-champion to win the award, yes? Furthermore, anyone saying 125 was a weak weight class should be ousted from this site.
  13. I like your determination. You surely would have gotten out of Bubba's cradle with as much effort as you're using to convince yourself and the others of this idea.
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