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  1. Not sure about VJ, I've seen him rattled. His hands start to flutter when he can't get to his shot. I don't care either way. I'm also apathetic, but I still don't think GS cares to outwork his talent.
  2. Does GS care either way? Am I mistaking his calm confidence for apathy or does he really not care what happens out there? He seems to be taking for granted his talent...am I wrong?
  3. Maybe this was mentioned earlier, but if there is ducking...wouldn't it be DeSanto protecting his against Gross?
  4. Agreed, I pull hard for him. I have a dvd of PA states from his freshmen year, so I've been a fan for a long time. That double to backs in the finals is just what America needs in 2020! To avoid political infusion, I realize America may need more than 4 point moves!
  5. Watching Oliver's post match interview, it's obvious that he is very focused, mature, and confident. If he wrestles Retherford this way, it would be a great match, but I'd see him winning by at least 4.
  6. PD3 showed up more at worlds and a random all star event than an entire team that claims wrestling supremacy...Cael has no obligation to USA wrestling, so it's his battle to win...
  7. I changed it to two years. Dumb= Over 16k posts about a college you never attended.
  8. Okay, maybe past 2 years, but if it ain't about PSU championships, they don't show up.
  9. PD3 has contributed more to wrestling in the last 5 years than Cael Sanderson and PSU.
  10. Is it smart for Flo to show that a 12 year old can do their job???
  11. How about invest in a bigger mat?
  12. Looking back at the finals' results, He had one of the more lopsided wins against one of the more credentialed opponents. Why are we doubting this kid? I also don't believe for a second that VJ is adding more weapons to his arsenal. He has maxed out his ability... #insidetriporbust
  13. Unrelated, but kind of related...where is Mekhi Lewis? Shouldn't he be contending for a spot on some team?
  14. I agree, I think, but the argument could be made that if his wrestlers do well at these events, it could help recruiting. I have no idea what the logic is, but I imagine some guys just want some time off, some guys don't.
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