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  1. Chrissn2001

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

    Looking back at the finals' results, He had one of the more lopsided wins against one of the more credentialed opponents. Why are we doubting this kid? I also don't believe for a second that VJ is adding more weapons to his arsenal. He has maxed out his ability... #insidetriporbust
  2. Chrissn2001

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    PSU fans have entered the game
  3. Chrissn2001

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Unrelated, but kind of related...where is Mekhi Lewis? Shouldn't he be contending for a spot on some team?
  4. Chrissn2001

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    I agree, I think, but the argument could be made that if his wrestlers do well at these events, it could help recruiting. I have no idea what the logic is, but I imagine some guys just want some time off, some guys don't.
  5. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    I like that; issues can build character. He seems to be making some strides to right his ship. Not perfect, but a work in progress.
  6. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Serious issues? C'mon, he's just a little too much on the mat. Serious issue people are killers...
  7. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    How many 3rd matches are there? Will they start right after this round?
  8. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    There are so many transitive properties in freestyle it's crazy...
  9. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Are we down to 1 mat for finals now?
  10. Chrissn2001

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    I thought he already won FS championships? As unimpressed I was with him in folk, I'm overly impressed with him in FS. Does he just wrestle college to get a free education?
  11. Chrissn2001

    Wrestlers doing good stuff

    Collin was a 4X VA champ (when they had 3 divisions) and wrestled at MSU. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/virginia-beach/good-samaritan-saves-life-of-man-trying-to-commit-suicide-on-lesner-bridge/1999778526
  12. Chrissn2001

    Spencer Lee movie

    Coming March 2017; not sure I can wait that long.
  13. Chrissn2001

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Introduce your casual wrestling fan friends to Yianni...
  14. Chrissn2001

    2 of Stieber's NCAA titles came in controversial fashion

    So the ignore feature doesn't really completely ignore somebody does it??? I was hoping that wasn't the case.
  15. Chrissn2001

    Who will Maryland hire?

    I wouldn't pay for Kolat's name when I could get Moore's equal or greater experience/success and Kolat's understudy Marstellar as an assistant for the same price.