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  1. PD3 showed up more at worlds and a random all star event than an entire team that claims wrestling supremacy...Cael has no obligation to USA wrestling, so it's his battle to win...
  2. I changed it to two years. Dumb= Over 16k posts about a college you never attended.
  3. Okay, maybe past 2 years, but if it ain't about PSU championships, they don't show up.
  4. PD3 has contributed more to wrestling in the last 5 years than Cael Sanderson and PSU.
  5. Is it smart for Flo to show that a 12 year old can do their job???
  6. How about invest in a bigger mat?
  7. Looking back at the finals' results, He had one of the more lopsided wins against one of the more credentialed opponents. Why are we doubting this kid? I also don't believe for a second that VJ is adding more weapons to his arsenal. He has maxed out his ability... #insidetriporbust
  8. Unrelated, but kind of related...where is Mekhi Lewis? Shouldn't he be contending for a spot on some team?
  9. I agree, I think, but the argument could be made that if his wrestlers do well at these events, it could help recruiting. I have no idea what the logic is, but I imagine some guys just want some time off, some guys don't.
  10. I like that; issues can build character. He seems to be making some strides to right his ship. Not perfect, but a work in progress.
  11. Serious issues? C'mon, he's just a little too much on the mat. Serious issue people are killers...
  12. How many 3rd matches are there? Will they start right after this round?
  13. There are so many transitive properties in freestyle it's crazy...
  14. Are we down to 1 mat for finals now?
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