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  1. Were you at the tournament? It wasn't an issue for me because ESPN told me who was who, but I could see how being there and without close-up camera views could be an issue. Oddly enough, I thought about a similar thing during the B1G tournament and how many of those schools have red singlets. I don't think there needs to be a rule about this...We seem to be obsessed with developing rules for this sport.
  2. By the time you pay off equipment and ice time for youth hockey, aren't you basically pushing even with college tuition? There's a reason some sports are easier to get scholarships for and that's because of the general access to them. Poor kids don't play hockey.
  3. And look how respectful the wrestlers are to finish right at 11 pm, so ESPN can show tall guys dunking balls in hoops just above their heads...
  4. This is probably dumb, but does success on the world level make some of these guys not appreciate college success???
  5. Here come the "how does Zahid make 174?" comments...
  6. I don't know for sure, but I have a hard time believing that they would use up all of their bricks prior to a semi-final with a guy that was a finalist a year ago with the same guy...if true, that's on the coaches. Be safe fans in Pittsburgh...heard there was a not guilty verdict tonight. Things could get tense.
  7. Have we seen a review like that all weekend? That much time? Multiple discussions? Away from ESPN mics? Without a coach's challenge? Seems strange...
  8. You're confirming my theory that you kidnapped the original ref and were on the mat making this obviously biased calls!!!
  9. Time wasn't the issue because they put :04 back on the clock. The reason was the ref did not believe Nolf could be taken down.
  10. Can refs throw a challenge brick to themselves?
  11. Nolf can't get taken down or can't stall...how fortunate for PSU.
  12. People excited to know there's a guy better than the guy who's better than their guy...
  13. meh, little 8s and little 9s look so similar...
  14. For as crazy as we thought 133 might be...it's the only weight where all the top seeds made the quarters...
  15. 84 and 97 aren't great weight classes this year...
  16. Did DeSanto deliver a knee to the head towards the end of that???
  17. I remember watching him and his dad interact years ago at the Beast...He's got a good family...he'll be fine.
  18. That wasn't the issue. The takedown was closest towards the center of the mat. RBY hit a high-crotch (or head outside single) and DeSanto's hands hit the mat, but before RBY controlled the hips DeSanto's hands were back up and he was defending the takedown.
  19. I think the hands came off the mat before he doubled off...he only had one leg secure when the hands were on the mat.
  20. Awesome job by Flo, linking the arena to the espn mat.
  21. Flo's IG tomorrow is going to have so many people "triggered."
  22. John Smith seems to be very aggressive with weight cutting. Is this still an effective approach? Also, these schools have strength and conditioning coaches at their disposal...how are any of these fellas not conditioned. FWIW, I’m a coach Smith fan.
  23. If he’s doing the latter is he with Nick Nevilles?
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