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  1. Yep, I picked him earlier in a thread about dark horses. I'm not sure I'd call him a potential finalist, but I feel good about him AA'ing.
  2. He had a good run, so did Zeke Moisey, Ronnie Perry and a lot of others at NCAA...why do we think this is a home run for PSU? It's going to be interesting next year when PSU doesn't have a single returning champion.
  3. Trying to figure out what is Nolf’s signature win...
  4. Maybe you have friends that like cross country/track, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, golf or whatever other FLOs there are and you can sublease your login to them and make some money back...
  5. His panic was evident by his hand flapping...he really had no answer for Marinelli.
  6. How effective is ducking? We need to look back at the ducks this season and see how it has benefited them. You can only run for so long and next weekend, the running stops. I can't help but think that the conversation between Cael and Shak went just like the one between Rocky and Adonnis in Creed 2 about fighting Drago Jr...
  7. Me thinks you believe in jinxing...I would hope you have more confidence than that in VJ.
  8. Moore seems very okay with 2nd place.
  9. I like that you can login to the other FLO sites and have access to those sports as well.
  10. Nope, you got all of 'em...the entire history of our sport right there...in the last 7 years.
  11. Ha! I've been on for over a decade, but I've up'd my activity lately trying to keep my number of posts higher than Jimmy Cinny's...I'm finding that impossible!
  12. Why does the word "caught" get some people so upset? I assume it's because people think it's a way to say the lesser wrestler did the catching? For guys that claim this sport is soooo tough, I've never seen such a sensitive group the last couple of days.
  13. I think a lot of people are trying to speak his failure into existence. I also think we need to consider the history of the 125 weight class. Has there ever been a dominate athlete at this weight? Without researching, any 3 timers? 2 timers? I know all weights are competitive at this level, but I think the difference at the lower weights is so minimal that what Lee did last year was extraordinary.
  14. That final final today was a really exciting match. If we could get some more of those kinds of matches at the college level, maybe we could expand our fan base...
  15. My early dark horse AA is Pitt's heavyweight Demetrius Thomas. He's such a dark horse to me that I had to verify his last name was Thomas before I posted this.
  16. All Cael had to do was get that kid in shape, and he couldn't...I would think most "great" coaches could do that, right?
  17. It's odd that "we" hold Suriano to such high expectations. He's really good, he's been a finalist, he beat a champion to get to the finals, lost in the finals to an obviously talented wrestler, and like others said he has had very close losses to really good kids this year. I think PSU fans are pushing this agenda of him not living up to his billing, but really?
  18. Anyone use this website? https://www.primesport.com/d/ncaa-wrestling-tickets?utm_source=ncaa.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=2_1_exchange_launch_email&utm_campaign=ncaa_wrestling_exchange
  19. I saw that show in Pittsburgh, but I don't remember ATR. I also thought Wu Tang should rehearse a little more because they were all over the place. Still, one of my top 5 of all time.
  20. Hand on the mat and "inch worm" your fingers forward...
  21. If you're looking at ASD, then actually no. The prior is more consistent with the diagnosis.
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