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  1. If Tbarr takes his fandom too far, he's Bo's biggest threat...
  2. If we're going to say DeSanto is on the spectrum, then we must also say that Nolf is too. Message board diagnoses must be consistent.
  3. I wasn't 100% sure who was who until the 3:25 mark of the video!
  4. I'm relatively pessimistic about this idea of growing the sport, so I don't think DeSanto will have any influence on increasing fan base. Promoting girls wrestling is probably the only significant thing that will influence growing the sport.
  5. Then we need better refs? Cause they are missing a lot of calls that board posters are catching...
  6. How many times has he been called for stalling this year? Isn't he really the kind of guy you claim to want to see wrestling? There's a lot of sensitivity on these boards. I don't care for the antics, but if it's that big of a deal the refs will ding him team points. Then Brands should take care of it.
  7. That idea of him wanting to take over the national team is an interesting one. I mean, the best coach in the country is nice, but what if he could create the world's best team???
  8. A lot of empty seats...
  9. It's not hate, that's a strong word. If he said tomorrow that he was going to represent the US in the 2020 Olympics we'd all be behind him. For now, it's a general frustration that he's put together such a strong program that has crushed the parody of our favorite sport. I think most of us want wrestling to be like the 133 weight class. Cael is eliminating the climax of the national championship.
  10. I didn't read the entire thread, but I see him like a Shaq, Wilt, or Hakeem. Sorry to bring basketball into this, but these guys are rarely considered to be the greatest in that sport because of the position they played. Heavyweights have that same perception from many of us. Many of us leave the gym when these guys start wrestling. However, he doesn't wrestle like a typical heavyweight, so maybe he has a chance...
  11. Just re-watched the Hall/Valencia match from this year. PSU guys don't stall in Rec Hall, but if they did...Hall tried 2 slide bys and 3 leg attacks. Zahid had about 12 leg attacks. Only 1 or 2 of Zahid's shots seemed legitimate. They both resorted to the double collar at the end of the match. A stalemate or two was called, but no stalling. The ref allows it, so it can't be stalling, right? I can't watch the other two periods. Hall bores me to death. 2nd period was 5 shots to 1 reshot. Luckily for Hall, the reshot scored. 3rd period. Hall road the ankle and and Zahid was gassed from doing all the wrestling the prior two periods! March should be interesting, but PSU fans should not feel great about that win.
  12. We never thought TBar could be replaced, and then you came along. Anything is possible!!!
  13. Taylor already has the shoe. If Zahid wins two more titles, could pull off Olympic gold, return to ASU, and then corner the California market, maybe he could do something...
  14. What if a cooler, more fun coach comes along to another school in a cooler, more fun location than Happy Valley?
  15. Flo would have a gold mine if they brought these guys, the official, and coaches back years later to watch the match and get their reactions to what was happening. I'd call it, "Sorry, not sorry!" Make it a whole series and get Caldwell/Metcalf, Bubba/Taylor, and more recently Fix/Suriano...
  16. Can a lower ranked guy be a duck?
  17. South Carolina, and one of Clemson's linemen was a 4 timer from S.C.
  18. What are the details on why the chose to give it to two people in 2001? BTW, Stieber got it in 2015.
  19. I can't get excited about this because it was against the "cowboys" and seems to be a gesture mocking their mascot...I couldn't get excited for a lot of other reasons as well, but that one seems to show some legitimate connection. I mean, who still does that?
  20. How many different ways can we say this kid is good? I guess if I stick around here long enough...
  21. It seems odd that it's something subjective like stalling, but it isn't ruled the same way. The refs seem to casually "warn" the wrestlers by telling them to "watch the hands" or "keep your hands off the face." Maybe an actual warning like with stalling would be a better look.
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