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  1. I think the ref needed an out for that match, and he jumped on that. Not sure if I blame him...
  2. Thank God I can watch Minny/Iowa at the same time as this.
  3. I hope nobody invited a friend over to watch this match hoping they would become a wrestling fan...
  4. Poor Ryan Deakin probably logged onto the forum this morning thinking there was a 10 page thread about him...
  5. I see kids all over the country lining up their ankle bands after wins...huge influence!
  6. This is a great post...real wrestlers posting about wrestling prior to 2011. Appreciate your insight to this sport fellas.
  7. Further back than 5 years, but I think Alex Meade's quickness would be tough to match.
  8. I don't see this new group maintaining the standard. The four I mentioned replaced Nico, Taylor, Wright and Ruth. I"m not saying it's over, but it's going to be tough.
  9. I think PSU's recruiting momentum has slowed down a little bit. There's a bunch of PA kids ranked ahead of PSU kids who are wrestling at other schools. There's also a lot of uncertainty outside of Nolf, Cenzo, Hall, and Nickal. Once these guys are gone, the gap should close some.
  10. I'm trying to watch some of the matches that I missed. The recorded videos have such low quality. I wonder if the guys at Flo see this and are satisfied with what they're giving their customers??? They have to be a little embarrassed if that's the best they can do. I'm usually Pro-Flo, but man this can't be their best effort.
  11. Keller's high school coach, former Iowa wrestler Weber may have provided a good strategy..
  12. First of all, why was '09 selected? Seems a little random...anyway, here's my guess: 125) Lee by decision 133) Gomez by decision 141) Jaggers by decision - Great March wrestler 149) Retherford by decision, but this could be interesting 157) Burroughs by decision 165) Joseph by decision 174) Valencia by major 184) Herbert by decision 197) Varner by decision 285) Snyder by major I have it 17-15 2018 guys. It's a little hard not to let the old guys post college accomplishments influence my predictions.
  13. Are 7 minutes necessary? The reason they stall is because they use all of their energy to build up a lead early and have to suffer through the rest of the match playing prevent defense. Shorten the match length and both wrestles have to wrestle because of the limited time. I know this would never pass because we all want more wrestling, but I think it's the only way to end stalling. Wrestlers cutting weight or generally not in condition are always going to stall in a 7 minute match. I don't like stalling, but I don't think it's the worst part of wrestling...that would be internet wrestling forums! Anyway, carry on.
  14. Are we considering this a sporting event???
  15. Truth be told...I got the part about Jake starting it from the "Gary Dell'Abate" Wikipedia page.
  16. Yeah, he was part of the show, but the fact that people now randomly yell it (see video above) at sporting events is credited to Herbert and the opening Olympic ceremonies.
  17. Watching the U.S. Open today, I was unaware that Jake Herbert gets credit for starting the craze of yelling "Baba Booey" at sporting events. Joe Buck didn't mention him, but I did some independent research to find this out. What bigger way has wrestling influenced the sports world? This is definitely an off season topic.
  18. But what if there's another wrestler in PA that is much more subtle about it...places his anklets perfectly parallel back on his corresponding mat line, awkwardly raises the opposite hand the ref is raising to show he won the match, and uses every chance he gets to wrench his opponents knees, elbow, and spine into a potential MMA submission position.
  19. And sadly, he probably "byed" his way through regionals to get there!
  20. Aggressive move by the AD if this is based on performance. How long would the previous coach have lasted with this guy in charge???
  21. That last round had way too much camera work on people not wrestling...Billy, Barry, and anybody who just finished their last match. That was a huge round, but ESPN seemed more concerned about running their "stories" than showing wrestling.
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