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  1. To me it seems like the coastal states have improved their high school wrestling so much that colleges in the middle of the country are going to have a hard time selling their programs to some of these elite kids. I think this is why schools like NC State, Cornell, VT, and ASU are out recruiting ISU, OU, and others.
  2. Great career, but has anybody ever gone close to 4, 1, 1, DNP while being healthy?
  3. It should show up once matches start...it will look like 4 little rectangles that make up one bigger rectangle.
  4. Separated at birth...Joey McKenna and Spencer Lee, right?
  5. Until that knee brace comes off...I can't be all-in for Lee.
  6. and then we can refer to him as CMar, right?
  7. and with all due respect, those states start with rather small participation numbers, right? Are they all single division states?
  8. Then it becomes a state vs. state situation? I could see kids/coaches wanting to participate in something like that. Now, there's a new goal to accomplish. Verifying your state championship by beating another state champ doesn't seem appealing.
  9. I don't think today's kids would buy into this. I know I sound old saying this. Once they earn the title "state champ" they aren't going to wrestle another match to prove they're the "all state champ." Virginia was doing this for a while (maybe they still are), but it wasn't recognized by the state league. Some kids would show up, but most times you had to fill in with placers rather than champs.
  10. https://twitter.com/jasonmbryant/status/964378720646586369/photo/ 6 divisions and in a high school gym for their state meet.
  11. I think it literally tells you step by step what you need to do...they're almost full proof, but training is always a plus.
  12. "7 wins over top 10 opponents" and I assume that doesn't include the Hall win in the all star meet. How does Hall stack up with that?
  13. Not a big deal to me, but how will he react when Zahid's doing it to him in March on a Saturday night in Cleveland...
  14. This whole thing is starting to remind me of...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnGo6Qm0Wt8
  15. Click bait? I think 25 is crazy because a previous finalist is struggling to keep himself in the top 20...or maybe that shows its weakness...
  16. 125 Lee- Getting healthier and more experience still and he's already beaten a previous champ who many favor this year. 133 Gross- He seems the most consistent at this weight and even challenged himself by bumping 141 Heil- I wanna pick Yianni, but I think Heil's experience helps him in March. 149 Retherford 157 Nolf 165 IMart- Cenzo is going to be there, but I think IMart gets his revenge.k 174 Zahid- I've become a big fan of this kid and don't think a headgear pull saves Hall this year. 184 Martin- I think he now understands the strength and conditioning he needs to beat Bo 197 Moore- I think he'll feel the pressure of earning team points at the upper weights and pull a win after Martin's. 285 Seriously? He ain't missing weight, so unless he picks up some funky skin infection I don't see anybody here but Snyder.
  17. If NATO doesn't choose bottom, how does this change the match? Lee's reattacks looked like they had potential, but he wasn't too close to finishing his own shot. I'd imagine going forward not too many people are going to pick bottom in matches with him.
  18. When's that brace coming off??? I think conditioning is his biggest weakness more than anything at this point.
  19. FWIW, before seeing this, in a recent match or two it seemed to me that Nolf does a lot of working elbows and knees in the ways they aren't meant to bend. I don't think he's a dirty wrestler, but he's good enough to win with out doing this kind of stuff.
  20. I hope Lee is not the wrestling equivalent of the Pittsburgh Steelers....
  21. But...is their BTNstudentU good or what? Local weather and everything...
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