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  1. Looking at the wrestlers on the award stand for 97 kg, I pointed out to my wife that all three medal winners other than Kyle Snyder were actually from Russia, though none were representing the country (not to mention how ironic it is that they all finished higher than Boltukaev). I understand why a lot of Russian wrestlers compete for other countries, but why do a lot of the wrestlers born in Russia and who seemingly still live/train in Russia (like Sharifov in Dagestan) compete for another country? It seems like Sharifov and Gaizumov have always competed for Azerbaijan despite being born in Russia. In their case, it's not like they couldn't have been top dog in Russia. Any knowledge as to why they chose to wrestle elsewhere so early on in their careers? I remember reading awhile back in Andy Hrovat's blog that Gaizumov still had close ties to Russia in Ossetia and still lived/trained there from time to time. And if memory serves me, I believe that Sharifov and Sadulaev both live in Makhachkala. Pretty crazy that they competed in the Olympics against each other. Do they ever train together? Just some thoughts, it was interesting to see medal winners from other countries immediately jump into the arms of Russian fans after their wins. I guess it makes sense when you remember that that part of Russia has so many different ethnic ties that has spread out to surrounding countries.
  2. I do think he gets passed Kaya this year, can't give up easy points against any of these guys. He has the motor to go with Mohamaddi, can his physicality outmatch Asgarov's slickness? But then again, he could have Gomez, Safrayan, or Garcia too.
  3. How insanely tough is that bottom half of the bracket?! But I'm sure Metcalf isn't too concerned where he is in the bracket. If he plans on winning this crazy weight, he's going to have to beat these guys at some point. Not a good spot to be in but hopefully he strings together a bunch of great matches tomorrow. He's certainly capable.
  4. I am by no means a Michigan fan, but it's worth noting how well this team did this past weekend. "Only" finishing in 11th place, but 5 all-americans is very impressive. Even more impressive when two others with high expectations didn't perform well (Panteleo, and Abounader). Youtsey - Unseeded and places 8th, beating Dance in the process Bruno - Seeded 14th and places 8th Murphy - Seeded 11th and places 7th Huntley - Lives up to his 8 seed and gets 8th Coon - Seeded 6th and places 2nd in a very tough hvy bracket Are any of these guys even seniors? They look to be very tough next year.
  5. In his defense, Yazdani has won multiple (2) world titles and placed numerous times at two different weights. Very likely would have won the Olympics too if he hadn't torn up his knee in the semis. Who has beaten him in the past few years (other than that loss in the Olympics)?
  6. Yazdani did the same exact thing to Varner 2 years ago. Anyone remember the 5 pointer he hit on Varner? He's freakishly stronger than Varner, who is also freakishly strong.
  7. Kraisser-Martinez - Two returning round of 12 finishers Retherford-Ugi - Wow! Horan-Nevinger Napoli-St. John - Returning champ vs returning 3rd seed at this weight Gonzalas/Rosholt winner-Cox
  8. By this, I am asking what you think the toughest section of 4 consecutive guys in any bracket is. Meaning, the winners of the first round will wrestle each other and the losers will wrestle each other. The first one that came to my mind was: Silver Hall Kraisser Martinez None are returning all-americans, but all 4 have beaten some studs and I believe 2 of them were in the rd of 12 last year. Ramos Lotitto (pigtail) Mack (pigtail) Wilcox Richards Obviously Ramos, but the other 4 guys are legit. Mack has been a rd of 12, Richards is a very tough freshman, and Wilcox is always a dangerous darkhouse. Alton Miller Greisheimer Miller
  9. What made Thom Ortiz such a bad coach? He was a little before my time, and anything I ever read about him is negative.
  10. I too think that Headlee will be the one to stay at home. He was a WPIAL champ last year and an OT match away from the state finals, and he might be staying home. It is almost disgusting that the WPIAL doesn't have the fourth spot. They did for so long and put up results at states, and still put up convincing results to show that they deserve it. I think the WPIAL won half the weights at states last year, and at many weights had all three guys place top eight. One or two weights the top three in the WPIAL placed top three at states last year. As previously mentioned, Headlee could be the second in his family to be a victim of this. I was there when Drew Headlee lost in the semis to Primus then to McKnight in the third place match, it was hard to watch. I remember when Rob Waltko took second at states then took fourth the next year in the WPIAL, so he couldn't wrestle at states his junior year (then won it his senior year). There are many examples like this. This should be addressed in the PIAA and this issue sits close to home with me (as I took fourth in the WPIAL and was unable to wrestle at states) losing to three kids who placed pretty high.
  11. Are you guys talking about the world cup?
  12. Whoever wins B1G will probably get the top seed, though I would see nothing wrong with giving it to Port if he is undefeated.
  13. Agreed ^ So Ryan by your logic is Logan Steiber overrated too? Both only have one loss to somewhat unproven guys, at least by two guys who I would put at the same level.
  14. Mena seemed to be doing great with the lightweights at Indiana, whatever happened to him?
  15. Yes, seems to happen more often than not with them. They are constantly having errors during their live feeds. I for the most part support Flowrestling but they simply just don't ever properly address their problems or complaints from their customers.
  16. Hofstra.. does that mean Marty will be a fan of mine?
  17. I think that Penn State up and down the line-up truly has and has had in the last few years a team that is constantly attacking - more than any other team. Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, and Illinois in the past few years (and historical) had plenty of guys with constant offense, but no full line-up can compare to the way Penn State consistently attacks and gets on the legs. I am an Iowa fan, but they do do a lot of pushing and shoving, while Penn State creates a lot more angles.
  18. Why aren't you a fan of Schwab? Just by looking through the lens of Flo, he seems like a great guy and an awesome coach. His guys seem to love him too and a lot have bought into his system already. I do agree with you about Oregon State's staff, that was the first team that came to mind. I am actually a fan of the staff, so I hope they turn it around. But their two of their three returning all-americans both placed lower here than at last year's NCAA's. Pena hasn't looked nearly as good as he did at last year's NCAA either, although he's having a better tournament than the other two - Sakaguchi and Meeks.
  19. No disrespect during this sad time, but what I don't get is how he got in a car crash from Krasnodar to Vladikavkaz on the way to Krasnoyarsk. It seems out of the way. Not trying to say that this news isn't true, but someone else's suspicions in another post got me thinking. My first thought was, "He was in the bombing", but I'm not saying that's what happened.
  20. You sure Burroughs hadn't used his redshirt up?
  21. I understand your sarcasm in this post, but Grajales graduated high school the year after Oliver, so he's completely in line to graduate in as much time as most D1 wrestlers do, five years. Now, I couldn't tell you about his age, maybe he's the same age as Oliver. But he definitely graduated the year after Oliver. Not sure how I feel about these new rules. By this, I mean the ones that have changed the definition of a td. I love the back points/pin rule even if the shoulders are out of bounds. On one hand, these rules bring us a lot closer to freestyle and to wrestling year round as the rest of the world does. Watch most matches at the world championships and there will be a td awarded that would usually never be awarded in folkstyle; stuff like having control of one leg and the other guy having a whizzer, and the offensive guy still being awarded control. This is an example of what I am talking about, at 1:20 in the video: These rules allow for a lot less reaction time, which brings our style closer to freestyle, and will help our wrestlers learn to get in better position to avoid their opponents better from even getting behind them, which now greatly gives the offensive man a better chance of scoring a td. These rules also make the calls a lot more objective, and allow much less room for error of the refs, which we all know is a good thing. On the other hand, these rules take away the reaction time and a good bit of scrambling ability (especially with the hands touch the mat, td awarded rule) from the defensive wrestler. I think that scrambling adds to the creativity of folkstyle and can be an aspect of wrestling that separates competitors. I liked the old definition of control much better, as it was much closer to actually having control of your opponent. In summary, these new rules will cause us to wrestle a style that is closer to the rest of the world, improving our country's level of freestyle wrestling ability. They also make the td calls more objective and defined. They furthermore take away chances for a defensive wrestler to scramble out of those positions and thus some of the creativity of folkstyle wrestling. Even though I like the old rules of td control better, I think that if these rules help the innovation of our style in the U.S. and raise our level of freestyle wrestling and chances to be the best country in the world, then I am all for it.
  22. Iowa did not look too great, and Edinboro pretty much did everything right in each match. I'd say the only Iowa guys that did their jobs were Gillman, St. John, and Brooks. Moore, Evans and Lofthouse won, but they had much lesser opponents and only put up 10 points total. Ramos did not look on his game at all. I wonder if the knee tweak affected him. From watching on Flo, I have no idea if the riding time was accurate or not (sounds like they stopped it too early) but either way it seems like Ramos was lazy in that attempt to erase the R.T. point - not like him at all. Not a pretty way to finish either at HVY. I would not want to be in that room tomorrow.
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