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    iowawrestling8989 got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Michigan NCAA Results   
    I am by no means a Michigan fan, but it's worth noting how well this team did this past weekend. "Only" finishing in 11th place, but 5 all-americans is very impressive. Even more impressive when two others with high expectations didn't perform well (Panteleo, and Abounader).
    Youtsey - Unseeded and places 8th, beating Dance in the process
    Bruno - Seeded 14th and places 8th
    Murphy - Seeded 11th and places 7th
    Huntley - Lives up to his 8 seed and gets 8th
    Coon - Seeded 6th and places 2nd in a very tough hvy bracket
    Are any of these guys even seniors? They look to be very tough next year.
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    iowawrestling8989 got a reaction from irani in Observations on World Cup   
    In his defense, Yazdani has won multiple (2) world titles and placed numerous times at two different weights. Very likely would have won the Olympics too if he hadn't torn up his knee in the semis. Who has beaten him in the past few years (other than that loss in the Olympics)?
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