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  1. Possible line up for next year and beyond. I thought Beitz looked good this year and like him to start at 141 if he can keep his weight down. He gave Citadel AA UGI a good match at the Scuffle and liked what I saw despite his not placing. I also think somebody between Conaway, Beitz, and Retherford will not be starting in 2014 and burning a year of eligibility. The most intriguing headline going into the 2014 season would be, assuming PSU landed Marstellar, how he might bust up the line-up. I think he's an immediate starter although I do have some conditioning concerns and mental toughness, i.e., how will he respond when he will be when he gets pushed to the brink on a consistent basis in the practice room and in competition like he did against Weiroch. In any event, I think he might come in and start right away if his points might mean an NCAA title for PSU which will not have the benefit of a Taylor or Ruth to pick up the lack. ’13 – ‘14 125 – RS SO Jordan Conaway (JR Megalaudis RS) • 2-time NCAA Runner-up 133 – RS FR Jimmy Gullibon • Seems to be beating Conaway in room who was RD of 12 this year 141 – RS FR Zach Beitz (FR Retherford redshirt) • Solid redshirt year but not spectacular, gave Ugi a good match at Scuffle 149 – RS JR Andrew Alton • 2011 RD of 12 (hopefully back to form after this years eye opener at NCAAs) 157 – RS JR Dylan Alton/RS SR James Vollrath • 2012 3rd Place or 2011 NCAA Qualifier, 2013 Scuffle Runner-up 165 – RS SR David Taylor • 3-time AA, 1-time champ, 2-time runner-up 174 – RS JR Matt Brown • 2013 NCAA Runner-up 184 – RS SR Ed Ruth • 3-time AA, 3rd place + 2-time champ 197 – RS SO Morgan Mcintosh • Solid but unspectacular True Freshmen season to work off, good potential though HWT – JR Jimmy Lawson • 2013 NCAA Qualifier ’14 – ‘15 125 – RS JR Nico Megalaudis • 2-time NCAA Runner-up 133 –RS JR Conaway/RS SO Gullibon • 2013 RD of 12, Gullibon (who seems to be beating Conaway) 141 –RS SO Gullibon / RS JR Conaway/RS FR Retherford • 2013 RD of 12, Gullibon (who seems to be beating Conaway), or Junior World Champ 149 –RS FR Retherford/ RS SO Beitz • Solid redshirt year but not spectacular, gave Ugi a good match at Scuffle 157 – RS SR A. Alton • 2011 RD of 12 (hopefully back to form after this years eye opener at NCAAs) 165 – RS SR D. Alton/FR *Recruit (Marstellar?) • 2012 3rd Place or possibly super-recruit Marstellar 174 – RS SR Matt Brown • 2013 NCAA Runner-up 184 - ??? 197 –RS JR Mcintosh • Solid but unspectacular True Freshmen season to work off, good potential though HWT – SR Jimmy Lawson/FR Thomas Haines • 2013 NCAA Qualifier
  2. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/penn-state ... --spt.html STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) -- Penn State begins its pursuit this week of a third straight wrestling national title, but that daunting quest might be overshadowed by the hype over a marquee matchup that could cap the NCAA championships. If Nittany Lions junior David Taylor defends his individual title at 165 pounds, he would likely have to beat Cornell three-time champion Kyle Dake in the final. Dake won his third title at 157 pounds last year, after winning the two years before at 149 and 141. He's the only wrestler in NCAA history to win three championships at three different weights. He's trying to become just the third four-time champion in a sport that's been crowning champions since 1928. The action starts Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa. The potential Taylor-Dake showdown is so anticipated that the NCAA - in an unprecedented move - announced that it would start the championship finals at 174 pounds and end at 165 pounds. That means Taylor and Dake would hit the mat last - if they last that far. But odds are good that they will. Taylor (26-1) was last year's Hodge Trophy winner, wrestling's version of the Heisman Trophy. Dake is 32-0 this season with 18 falls. ''When you see an MMA (card) or boxing, they save the biggest bouts for last,'' Penn State coach Cael Sanderson said. ''I think that's what they're trying to do. I can understand that.'' Taylor lost to Dake 3-2 in overtime in the championship finals of the Southern Scuffle Tournament on Jan. 2, and by a point in a November exhibition. He seemed to embrace the significance of the showdown. ''I think it's great for the sport,'' Taylor said. ''You want to wrestle the best guys. You want to wrestle the best guys in the national tournament. You want to win matches that you're going to be remembered for. That's the kind of match that you win that people will remember.'' It might also be just the kind of buzz that wrestling could use after the sport was voted out of the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. Sanderson, an Olympic champion in 2004, has been an outspoken critic of the move. He and wrestlers worldwide have mobilized to try to persuade the IOC to reverse course. ''Fans are out there. ... You've got presidents of countries fighting for this. That shows you the importance around the world,'' Sanderson said. Right now, he said, he's concentrating his efforts into his own team. ''I'm just trying to do the best we can with our program now and do the best we can with the position we hold,'' Sanderson said. ''I hope that's what every other college coach is doing right now, too, is just building their program up.'' Just don't call Penn State's quest for a third team title a ''three-peat.'' ''That's not coming from our staff,'' he said. ''We want to win nationals this year. ... Everything in the past is great, but we celebrated that already. It's time to do something else.'' Besides Taylor, junior Ed Ruth is looking to defend his title at 174 pounds, while senior Quentin Wright is also looking for a second career crown. After winning at 184 two seasons ago, Wright lost in the finals last year. ''They're not defending anything, but there's a big difference between a one-time national champion and a two-time national champion,'' Sanderson said, ''and they have an opportunity to win a second national championship.''
  3. Conaway got pinned by Ramos, but has wins over Graff who was, I believe, #3 or #5 at the time, and then beats Daryl Thomas, who was #8 at the time of the match.
  4. Did anybody else notice McIntosh using, what looked like Varner's turn he has been very effectice with in freestyle? I don't think I saw this all year from McIntosh and he seemed to not have much from top but this is definitely a turn in the right direction with all the back points he secured albeit seemed a little sloppy with the move at times (got reversed at the end and lost a shot at a major). I guess he has been rolling with Varner a lot (maybe why he's so dinged up). Too bad he faces Simaz next round (he got a terrible draw).
  5. Again, you don't read and comment. Do you know what it means when I say everything is relative? Everything is relative, this is the 20th time I said this. If you don't want to read the post then don't comment and make an ass out of yourself. Let's compare teams over the next two years, you have a downgrade at 141, Dziewa has been okay. Who else do you have now at 141 besides him? Who else is redshirting now that is ready to step-in and be an AA contender? PSU doesn't lose much and replaces what they lose with solid guys like Andrew Alton and Matt Brown. OSU loses at HVY but also adds Kenny Courts. Minnesota loses Yohn and Sanders and replaces that with Schiller who had had an amazing redshirt year. So these teams essentially take one hit or none but you take one hit with an already weak line-up. 125 - McDonough - NC but gone after next year, i.e. within the two year period I am assessing. 133 - Ramos - solid AA contender 141 - Dziewa - nothing in his redshirt year indicates anything close to what Marion has done 149 - Mike Kelly - results this year speak for themselves, out of top 20 guy. 157 - DSJ if 100% healthy NC threat. 165 - Evans (tough, should be an AA). 174 - Lofthouse - Round of 12 possibly mid-AA. 184 - Gambrall - Terrible this year, might be better, nothing to suggest otherwise based on recent results. 197 - Thomas Lira, Wagner? Burak (zero college wrestling experience to base any thing off of, not a Metcalf, Schlatter type recruit we can assume will come in and do well). HWT - Telford - Probable AA I count 141, 149, 197 as straight up holes in the line-up next year that will give up points next year and if things continue as is and he doesn't have a miraculous turn around, a hole at 184 with Gambrall. That is basically three or four holes in the line-up. After that, I see another hole at 125 when McDonough graduates. If your telling me that those holes don't at least make you say there not the favorite to win a title the next two years at the tournament, then you are dumber then your posts indicate. In contrast, PSU might have two holes in the line-up because I don't know of any very good redshirts or recruits waiting to get in the line-up so 133 and 141 will likely be the same results as this year, maybe a little better. Outside of that they will have Megalaudis (ranked 6th currently), Andrew Alton (RD 12 last year, likely top 3 pre-season next year due to graduation), Dylan Alton (currently ranked 6th), David Taylor (#1), Matt Brown/McIntosh depending on weight shuffling, Ruth (#1/#2), Wright (#1/#2). I think OSU will only lose there heavyweight and there 184 and replace that with Kenny Courts after a redshirt and bring back the rest. Minnesota will have a hole at 125 and that's basically it, the whole team comes back otherwise. So tell me why its crazy to say Iowa will be top five for the next two years, Iowa guys that might enter the line-up haven't shown anything to suggest they will jump the rest of the pack. So they are top five for the next two years, not too crazy. Oops, you probably didn't read the post after the first two sentences. Sorry for writing more than a paragraph, thats outrageous and apparently not an attempt to rebut your idiotic posts, that just say I think they will develop and thats it, no facts, data, results, nothing but rather just some attempt at me to feel brilliant and use "big words" like "substantive" or "prediction."
  6. OKAY? So then, thats exactly what I said save for I think they'll be top five maybe not exactly at three the next two years and you said you think " They still may be top 3 in Nationals this year" so my post was wrong why? I said top five, I said other teams will be better the next two years and Iowa won't have enough to move past them in the next two years. Iowa loses Marion and replaces him with Dziewa who has not looked like a world beater, solid not spectacular. Other then that, same team, then year after that they lose McDonough as well. I said that line-up, without Marion and then McDonough, with no big-time replacements, I do not see how they will surpass teams like OSU, PSU, and even Minnesota with more top to bottom talent and or more studs in the line-up. Maybe you should of read the whole thread before making idiotic comments or not commented rudely about anything if you didn't care to read it. The stupidest person of all is one who doesn't even care to inform himself on a topic before providing an evaluation.
  7. I call them how I see them. You should have been polite to begin with if your so above this type of discussion. I also strongly disagree that a spelling error, and making a factual statement about your lack of intelligence, inability to argue substance, ignorance on what a prediction is all make you much more the idiot then typing the wrong key on the keyboard. Again, when all else fails, the last vestige of the idiot is to avoid arguing substance and try to find any other trivial thing, like a misspell to call into question the substance of an argument. If I was arguing my typing prowess and how conscientious I am then great, but I wasn't, we were talking about a prediction about wrestling and your addressing a typo doesn't really get at the heart of the matter nor does it speak to intelligence.
  8. You see that's the thing hillbilly Bob, your clueless, you didn't read the post, won't fess up to it, don't like to read more then a few paragraphs or else you wouldn't of made the comments you made complaining about reading so much, and so with all that said, you look like a complete dope, can't address anything substantive, and then pretend to take the "high road" and say your too intelligent to discuss an issue when you in actuality, lack the aptitude to do it. It's an easy way out, you also might of taken this "high road" before being rude and insulting rather than addressing the substance of the post itself, you know, like people do when they have a conversation? In sum, your an idiot, that couldn't respond intelligently to a post that had factual support, tried to make wise crack comments, when I called you being the idiot that you proved yourself to be as evidenced by your attempt to insult, confession that you don't like to read long posts, the fact that you were attempting to question the validity of my post even though you admittedly didn't read all of it, so whose the idiot? Your probably just an idiot that recently learned how to use those new fangled message boards and want to share your intellect and comedy that won over the heart's and minds of your wood widdling friends by way of glass jug blowing and armpit fart God Bless America routine.
  9. The last refuge of the idiot - let's try to make a point of a spelling mistake or a typo, that should do the trick to invalidate any substantive argument presented and make it so that I can avoid addressing substantive points (or in your case, avoid the arduous task of actually reading more than three paragraphs) . Good job, I was waiting for that gem to show up.
  10. It's not that I can't read, I simply didn't want to read it. So thanks for telling me Iowa will not win for two years. That takes all the pressure off of them for awhile to prepare for their next run.:roll: And this is all I will say about this thread...unless you want to talk about me being "ass dumb." :lol: To re-affirm, you are ass dumb. You make a claim, try to belittle my post, and then you have no actual substantive response and only have to say that you don't want to read it. Then if you didn't want to read it, I assume you didn't read most all of it, then how founded is anything you have to say? Just making a stupid remark without even reading it. Second, if you didn't want to read it, why did you even read it to begin with. You could have just moved on. Only about two posts, possibly, even said well hey I disagree, I think Iowa will develop such and such a guy, or such and such a guy has beaten XYZ wrestler, Carew has fully recovered and looks like a world beater, etc. and Iowa should close the gap with the other teams I mentioned. All I have received instead is stupid little quips and the good old "I think everyone will improve," I think everyone has a shot" and "I think we should wait until after its over to say who we think will win." Those have been completely irrelevant to a thread about the future and why you think one team will win. At least Gonzo said he disagrees and I assume (since he did not clarify) that he feels what Iowa has now will win them a title in two years or push them above PSU, OSU, Minnesota etc. and left it at that.
  11. Ronald, you are the idiot. You can't comprehend more than a few sentences, and just want a quick one-liner because your too dumb to comprehend anything more. If you were smart, and something displeased you, why read the thread? People on this board have serious reading comprehension problems, and a lot of you come off as ozark hillbillies where darn tooting I must be selling some magic or witchcraft by predicting that a team might win before the event actually takes place. If somebody makes several points, its probably respectful to try to address each point, so if people wouldn't make so many unsubstantiated opines about my post that were never there, I wouldn't have to address them all. Or maybe I should take a cue from you and many other posters and just call them stupid and stop right there and feel that I have won the battle of wits.
  12. Your really, really, are a stupid person. Honestly. Do you know what a prediction is? Did you read the rest of the thread? So why does anyone ever say you think anyone will win this year? Let's just say, you know what, I think everyone has a shot, let's make predictions after NCAA's? People that complain of long posts honestly are just slow or having reading comprehension issues, its not that much to read. Do you even read a newspaper, there's a lot of words in there? If you did, did you happen to stumble along the sports page ever, where some writers actually predict who will win a game before it happens? For shame on them, apox on them, how dare they predict who might win before it actually happens based on a team's current success, performance, and roster.
  13. Your just ass dumb - I said this will continue for the next two years. Do you understand how that would require analysis? You know, because two years from today hasn't happened yet. Iowa has declined in that everything is relative, that means you you have to compare them to everyone else. There doing the same things they always did its just the talent isn't there and they whiffed on recruits and other teams did better in both departments as well as developing their talent. Because you can't read more a paragraph, here's a quick one-liner: IOWA WILL NOT WIN A NCAA TOURNAMENT TITLE THE NEXT TWO YEARS.
  14. Well what? Was I disproven yet? Is it March 2014 yet and I didn't realize it? Your simply stating I will think there are surprises is a well-founded assertion whereas facts and results aren't? lol. Anyone can take it match-by-match, what's the point of predicting anything than? Another inane post. You guys need short sentences and can't read more than three paragraphs so I will write you a a short sentence. Iowa WILL NOT WIN AN NCAA TEAM TITLE THE NEXT TWO YEARS.
  15. Agree to disagree I guess. I just think the holes in their line-up aren't developing enough nor do they have start them right now recruits or redshirts waiting so I think it will take about two years to possibly get back to being the team they were a few years ago where they more or less had a title threat/high-placer at every weight class. Doesn't mean Iowa is just terrible all of a sudden, other teams have hit on more recruits and are just better. Doesn't mean Iowa is bad the way most people take it, they just have work to get outside of the top five range and into the top spot. I just think that won't happen this year or the next two due to graduations and some of their recruits not panning out. I'm sure they would of been in better shape had the Moore's, Carew, et al. been what they would of hoped given there credentials but sometimes things don't work out for various reasons. Stand by my prediction, two years minimum before Iowa is the favorite to win a title again.
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