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  1. Gibson was a runner-up in 1975 and 1976. In 1975 it was Oregon v. Oregon State in the finals. Larry Bielenberg from Oregon State beat Gibson in the finals.
  2. Andrew Long, from Iowa State to Penn State?
  3. Uncle Chael Sonnen says that Oregon has built a new facility on campus that has a wrestling room in it. Is this true? Is it a possibility we see wrestling reinstated at UO?
  4. We also don't know who will be wrestling for PSU in 2 or 3 years. Maybe PSU will eclipse Iowa, maybe they won't.
  5. There are plenty of individual examples of wrestlers competing into their mid 20's, Daton Fix for example which was mentioned above. However, to see a full line-up like Iowa's is pretty shocking.
  6. Let's talk about PSU if and when it actually happens. In the here and now Iowa's lineup in basically a bunch of dudes in their mid 20's. Eierman will be just a few weeks away from turning 26 years old at the NCAA tourney next year. Kemerer isn't that far behind him. Young and Marinelli will be 24. Warner, Desanto, and Brands will be 23.
  7. I would put Truax in at 174 for California. You are correct though, I expected some more top end power from CA. It's not there this year.
  8. I am hoping really hoping your prediction becomes truth! It does feel like positive momentum is gaining.
  9. Nice to see Stanford and Bakersfield kicking things off! Sidenote: If you follow Oregon State's social media accounts I would recommend registering and attending one of the weekly Zoom "socials' they have been hosting. Great insights from the coaching staff and 2 of the wrestlers that attend the session. They open things up to questions, it's a great and fun way to interact and get to know the team. As always, thanks for the Pac 12 posts Bronco.
  10. Love these throwback pics and all the memories that come along with them. Wanted to throw out a few Oregon connections while I can, god knows we can't do it that often. Matt Gentry is a Native Oregonian, while both Chris Pendleton and Jason Powell are coaching in Oregon.
  11. Anyone know why Colt Doyle hasn't been in the lineup for the Beavers?
  12. Northern Colorado cancelled on Cal Poly?
  13. OR

    Iowa St - Colbray

    Colbray is bumping from 174 up to 197?
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