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  1. Looks like Pendleton just added Mike Kosoy to his staff as well. Should be a great addition for the upper weights!
  2. Just announced that Isaiah Martinez and Nate Engel are heading to Corvallis. Coupled with Pendleton, this looks like a great staff! https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling
  3. OR

    Oregon State

    IMar and Nate Engel just announced as assistant coaches!
  4. Love these Pac-12 previews, thanks for putting this together. Not wrestler related but it looks like assistant coach Chad Hanke won't coming back next year for Bakersfield. Any word on who will be replacing him?
  5. I believe that Ohio University had another finalist this year as well, Shawn Enright at 134.
  6. Following Pendleton to Corvallis!
  7. Always looking to support programs by purchasing shirts and other swag. Sometimes it is tough finding team stores/shops though. Post links to your favorite team/club online store.
  8. Steiner and Roberts leaving weighs heavy on OSU’s performance.
  9. Wanted to bump this topic. Anyone hear anything new related to this? As an Oregonian I am hoping that he ends up at Oregon State, but am also simply curious what happened or what is going to happen.
  10. Thank you! It did happen, I remember being there as a kid and watching it. I appreciate your investigating.
  11. Thank you. This dual was held at Boise State.
  12. There was a USA v. USSR dual in Boise in 1991. This was part of the Western Regional tourney. I was at this dual as a young wrestler, but can’t find any results of the dual. Anyone on this board attend this dual, or have the results anywhere?
  13. Just saw this news on twitter. Curious about the wording of "relieved" of duties. Anyone know what is going on?
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