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  1. If Ferrari is the future of wrestling, I am out!
  2. Didn't realize until reading this article that he is related to Anthony Amado. Anthony was a legit stud!
  3. Linfield University is adding men's and women's wrestling. Great news for the Pac NW. The Restore Oregon College Wrestling organization is doing a great job bringing back many of the smaller college wrestling programs we have lost over the years. Hoping this momentum can eventually lead to Oregon and Portland State reviving their programs! https://www.linfield.edu/linfield-news/mens-and-womens-wrestling/ Linfield has an exceptional football program, I hope that the wrestling team can follow suit.
  4. Oregon State will have a banger of a schedule- Campbell/Lehigh at home @ Penn State @Journeymen @ Iowa @Cliff Keen @National Duals Utah Valley in Boise @Penn/Drexel Little Rock at home @N. Colorado @Wyoming @Arizona St Nebraska at home @Bakersfield @Stanford
  5. Oregon State has sent theirs out via an email.
  6. Probably not..... Larry is in Oregon, helping coach at Woodburn High School.
  7. That is a great question. I've heard the rumors flying around about the room, but I've never seen actual pics or videos of the room itself.
  8. Yes, not sure how I missed Koll to Stanford in my original post.
  9. I almost hate to mention this as many will consider this a dig, which it is not. Kenny Cox. Kenny was almost untouchable in high school both in Oregon and nationally. Went to the University of Oregon and never really had the success that most thought he would. Kenny was a great man, and I hold him in high regard. Kenny sadly passed in 2009 to a respiratory illness, his obituary is here: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/registerguard/obituary.aspx?n=kenneth-george-cox&pid=131942803
  10. For sure. Madison had to be tough for him also, considering he was from the L.A. area.
  11. Alright, it seems that the Pac 12 conference is perhaps gaining a bit of steam. Conference comes out with a plan to support/grow wrestling, Stanford is saved and funded, Pendleton is moving the needle at Oregon State, Arizona State keeps pulling big recruits, Wick just announces he is going to Cal Poly, Luke Smith is hired at Bakersfield, Little Rock is improving, etc, etc. What are your thoughts about where the conference will be in 5 years? 10 years? Beyond? Might be fun to pull this thread in the future if themat forums are still around. Do they poach some Big 12 teams? Does ASU maintain itself as an annual trophy contender? Do any Pac 12 schools bring wrestling back? Does Pendleton start getting consistent AA's?
  12. But it's not his decision, it's ours! :-D
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