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  1. Anyone know why Colt Doyle hasn't been in the lineup for the Beavers?
  2. Northern Colorado cancelled on Cal Poly?
  3. OR

    Iowa St - Colbray

    Colbray is bumping from 174 up to 197?
  4. It doesn't look like Colbray wrestled against Wartburg. Anyone know his status?
  5. Thanks for the updates, I appreciate it. Hoping that the Beavs get in the win column on the 10th!
  6. Lots of respect to Coach Jensen. We got to compete against the Gators quite a bit back in the day, he was always able to put a competitive squad out on the mat. I never realized the uphill battle he was fighting behind the scenes regarding funding etc.
  7. Extremely sad! If I recall 157 was an all Pac-10 final. Stith of ASU.
  8. If Stanford won't take the 10 million I say they look across the bay to Cal. Would be a colossal middle finger to Stanford to see Cal get a program up and running. I know it's not realistic, but fun to think about.
  9. Looks like Pendleton just added Mike Kosoy to his staff as well. Should be a great addition for the upper weights!
  10. Just announced that Isaiah Martinez and Nate Engel are heading to Corvallis. Coupled with Pendleton, this looks like a great staff! https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling
  11. OR

    Oregon State

    IMar and Nate Engel just announced as assistant coaches!
  12. Love these Pac-12 previews, thanks for putting this together. Not wrestler related but it looks like assistant coach Chad Hanke won't coming back next year for Bakersfield. Any word on who will be replacing him?
  13. I believe that Ohio University had another finalist this year as well, Shawn Enright at 134.
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