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  1. So they can give the other kid a concussion?
  2. What about the weigh in? Seems like a perfect weight for Imar with the new rules.
  3. I hear ya. Maybe I am complaining but it comes out of a genuine concern. Actually currently doing what I can to help and see some embers burning but it’s not enough. We have rescued a completely dead entity by us and quality and quantity have improved, but not to where I would see it as a complete success. Guess I think we need some paradigm shifts or even some professional consultants or something to come in and completely revamp the system because the old one is broken and not coming back. The days of major volunteerism and investing in the community are dead. But maybe it just needs a facelift and United professionalism.
  4. Yeah you could argue against my points and even probably with some merit. USA Wrestling memberships are at an all time high, etc. I am a HUGE believer in the International Styles and those who do not participate are generally flawed Wrestlers. The eye test says to me that the numbers are way down, The refs and support staff numbers are down and the refs, etc. are generally old. It can never be good to have less of anything.
  5. So that is the overall indicator? Because we are on the upswing at the highest levels internationally? What the hell does "no real business being there" mean? I say anyone who wants to show up and fight has business being there. The point is these elite guys had to start somewhere, compete in some tournament, and turned on to the sport by someone in the past. If the events are garbage and small, the talent pool will go WAY down.
  6. If this isn't the best then kudos to whomever else is.....especially in terms of OLYMPIC MEDALS. My original point is that this will be hard to replicate in the future if participation does not increase. ROBBY SMITH - 2016 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) BORIS NOVACHKOV - 2016 Bulgarian Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) JAKE VARNER – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) JESSE RUIZ – 2012 Mexico Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) ADAM WHEELER – 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist (Greco-Roman) MARCIE VAN DUSEN – 2008 Olympic Team Member (Women’s Freestyle) STEPHEN ABAS – 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) JAMILL KELLEY – 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) PATRICIA MIRANDA – 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist (Women’s Freestyle) ERIC GUERRERO – 2004 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) HEATH SIMS – 2000 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) QUINCY CLARK – 2000 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) TOWNSEND SAUNDERS – 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) MARCO SANCHEZ – 1996 Puerto Rico Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) DAN HENDERSON – 1992 & 1996 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) TIM VANNI – 1988 & 1992 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) MARK FULLER – 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) DEAN MANIBOT – 1988 Philippine Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) DAVE SCHULTZ – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) MARK SCHULTZ – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) GREG GIBSON – 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist (Greco-Roman) JOE GONZALES – 1984 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) JOHN AZEVEDO – 1980 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) SERGIO GONZALEZ – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) J. ROBINSON – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) BUCK DEADRICH – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) JAMES STEIGER – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) RICHARD TAMBLE – 1968 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) GABE RUZ – 1968 Mexico Olympic Team (Greco-Roman) RUSS CAMILLERI– 1960 & 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) PAT LOVELL – 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) CHARLIE TRIBBLE – 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) BEN NORTHRUP – 1960 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) DICK DELGADO – 1956 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle)
  7. I don't think that any 2 teams or one town has that much effect on things. CA is a huge state. This is a nationwide issue. But, my example of Southern California is to prove a point in that we have a MONSTER population of people and not enough participants. One other problem is the overemphasis on the top kids and not enough emphasis on participants in general. Also, there used to be a much larger "volunteer army" that no longer exists. USA Wrestling needs to understand this and professionalize . Even if you look at the current gold standard states like Illinois who are thriving and have things dialed in, the numbers are probably at most 30-40% of what they were in the 90's. Because of this, less people passing the skills on and helping out.
  8. Our top level guys are doing great at the World Level and that is awesome. But one thing that is alarming is the relatively small numbers of actual participants in grade level/age group events. For that matter, National level events can have tiny numbers. In the early/mid 90's it was easy to have 50-100 kids in one weight class at a state tournament. Now, the numbers are usually between 10 to 30. Local tournaments had 300+ total and now are lucky to break 100. CA has been the #1 producer of Olympic talent over the years. But now, FS and GR Wrestling in Southern California is on life support. Sure there are some great athletes out competing, but its very hard to get people out. A little research will show the same exact thing all over the country. Heck, look at the numbers for Junior Freestyle for the state of ND at Fargo. The National Tournament is in the same town and they can't get people to go! There are plenty of potential explanations such as: most kids do not want to go get their ass kicked if they are not going to win, the coaching pool is declining, so and so governing body is at fault, etc. The thing is though that this needs to be addressed or the only people Wrestling these styles in 20 years will be the 5 best dudes in the country and no one else. And without age group and grassroots participants, there will be no Freestyle and Greco in America. It is super awesome how great we are doing on the World Level, but I think there is some smoke and mirrors here. "Regional Training Centers" often consist of like 3 dudes who are there just to train with the college kids. We need to invest in the youth and developmental programs. I am seeing our governing body out here making some very needed changes so that is good. But the truth is youth Wrestling is light years behind up and coming youth sports in terms of professionalism and a branded product. Without pointing fingers and placing blame what are your thoughts on how to move forward and increase participants?
  9. The pilot program was at the NCAA Softball Championships. Different animal haha. Kinda like baseball or hockey, stop sales after 157 pounds! Imagine those R12 and other tournament losers with this option! I think its great but will definitely add some flavor to the event!
  10. I do not even understand how anyone could be dumb enough to even equate the two things at all. They have nothing to do with one another. Pro Wrestling does nothing to hurt amateur wrestling. Pro wrestling has afforded some former Wrestlers a really good living. Who gives a **** what Kyle Snyder does? Would you be mad if he became a rich businessman because of his name? God bless him if he went to WWE and became rich. (Even though he probably will not anyway.)
  11. Even without the sauce? Because I don’t count his results. Tervel should have a medal. It’s not like wasn’t juiced to the gills at the Olympics 4 years older than the one he got popped at.
  12. Why does someone say that California, this huge geographical entity is just going to boycott? That's silly. Sounds like Adam has a great reason to be pissed and sure Clovis is probably done with these guys, but the whole state? Yeah, that makes sense. Change "California", to "Clovis and maybe a few others". I bet the adults that coach teams will want to make their own choices. Sounds like a ding to the event nevertheless. Losing that pipeline is not good. Clovis guys are class acts.
  13. Wrong. JW was phenomenal though. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2006-06-10/news/0606100066_1_wrestling-dana-point-olympic-committee
  14. I agree with you to an extent I just don't see a lost step. Just a way better Wrestler! It just becomes harder to win.
  15. I don't get all the analysis on this guy losing a step. He looked fast as greased lightening at Worlds. He is tough as hell and incredible. He lost by 1 point to a most likely juiced to the gills Geduev and had a rough time after that loss. This year back to the same old guy. Look back at all of his history and he has countless close matches that he has won at the end or came from behind to win. Its a great story that he has made all of these adjustments and all, well of course he has because he has to! He is probably the most frequently watched athlete in Wrestling history so of course others will adapt their game to him. Absolutely amazing wrestler. Hes waaaaay better now than he was before in all aspects of his game. There are some freakin mad scientist coaches out there that can coach against anyone's style. This obviously has happened with Burroughs and he still is unreal. No way has he lost a step. Its a great move by him to "play possum" but I do not believe it for a second. He is a stone killer and at his absolute best. And his best may just make some other guys be better than him. That is how it works sometimes. Either way, to me he is like watching the 85 Bears, Jordan Bulls, Tom Brady, etc. It will end at some point but what an amazing run and an absolute treat to witness. Being in person at his Gold in London was the coolest fan sports fan experience I have ever had.
  16. Good California wrestlers are like junk bonds. Very high risk and very high rewards...... lots of them just can't handle being away. But the ones that can are often phenomenal.
  17. Yes SOME Olympians can still sit out and be the #1 seed. Just not a bye to finals.
  18. There has been a dip off in the talent level over the last decade. It also doesn't help that the amount of teams is at like 20% of its heyday. It seems as though less high school studs from CA are Wrestling in the CA JC circuit. Back in the day it was an absolute meat grinder. There are some studs for sure but you don't hear as many of the athletes moving on and doing damage at the next level.
  19. Can the Serbian UWW President /IOC Member look into Stefanek (Serbia) being gifted a Gold Medal? Oh wait........
  20. I was comparing the two and there seems to be a big difference between the two. Granted, I had the opportunity to actually attend in London so that may affect what I see. 1. There was significantly less controversy in London. The shot clock created the worst scenarios in Rio and it is a crap shoot who is put on it and often who gets the last score. Yes there are flaws with any system, but I kind of liked the 3 period system as it kept the refs out for the most part. 2. Like it or not, the ordered hold (reverse lift) in Greco was exciting. I loved the matches in London. The Rio matches did not seem as exciting. 3. The absence of passivity calls in London took the referees out of things, which was a good thing. 4. The atmosphere was electric in London. It looked dead in Rio. So many seats empty. I thought London was awesome. It seems almost unfathomable that Wrestling has taken a step backwards after all it has been though since then. The last score is so ludicrous for a non Wrestling sports fan. It makes no sense to them whatsoever especially when it came from a passivity.
  21. Its not easy to beat some guy with fricking Horse Steroids rushing through his veins.
  22. Lalovic is also from Serbia correct? WOW.
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