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  1. I don't see how anyone could watch Deakin now, compared to where he was when he arrived, and not conclude the coaches did a great job with him.
  2. Maybe Cael's willing to go now that Koll's not running it, or the NWCA. Still, not sure why PSU isn't on the press release if they think they're going.
  3. Yeah, that's true. But even looking at the COVID deaths of people under 50 in the US (@36K, or @ 5% of the total), applying that 5% to current death rates of @ 5-10K/week, and considering the current 11:1 ratio of unvaccinated-to-vaccinated deaths (i.e. 11 deaths of the unvaccinated for every 1 vaccinated death), that's still a pretty good number of stupid (unvaccinated) people in breeding age -- @ 1-2k per month -- who won't be able to pass along their dumb genes to make dumb kids. I mean, yeah its tragic and all that, and I don't wish death on anyone, but being a glass-is-half-full kinda guy, we may as well look at the silver lining.
  4. Its sad, but its just Darwinism at work. Those who lack the intellectual capacity to make sensible medical decisions are more likely to die. Though tragic, the end result is to improve the overall quality of the gene pool.
  5. That's different from having merely accumulated antibodies from having had Covid before. But every vaccine mandate I've seen has a process for requesting accommodations, where here would be agreeing to the vaccine but deferring the shot until 90 days after antibody therapy. Biden's EO requires agencies to develop a process for this. I don't know what he's been telling you but the odds of him getting fired if he requests a deferral on this basis are pretty much 0% as he'd otherwise have a wrongful term claim.
  6. The other day my daughter told me 5+5=8, and I corrected her saying 5+5=10. But then I reflected on the wisdom of this thread and compromised with her that 5+5=9. The truth is always in the middle.
  7. There is nothing “grey” about the fact that the vaccine enormously reduces the spread of the virus. There mere existence of breakthrough infections does not change this fact. There is nothing even remotely ambiguous about this. Your friend is an idiot. There is not a shred of evidence that the vaccine is less safe if you already had covid. To the contrary it improves protection. Send him this link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html The coaches here are idiots too. Even if they end up getting the vaccine at the last minute they should probably still be fired for sheer stupidity, and for hurting the stability of the team and causing the transfer of their best recruits.
  8. The idea that there should be a religious exemption to a vaccine requirement is itself absurd. It’s a freaking pandemic. If I have the Black Plague, and my God tells me I have a divine obligation to spew my disease and kill half the world’s population, can I avoid quarantine and any vaccine too? Religious freedom does not include a right to endanger others.
  9. No offense, but you guys are kind arguing over nothing. That is: 1. There's zero reason to believe Carter Young wants to go to law school, as only a small percentage do. (His anticipated major at Northwestern was "learning and organizational change," whatever that is.) So who cares? 2. Its pretty much undisputable that the prestige of your undergraduate school impacts your career prospects. Exactly how much is open to debate, and yes, it varies to some extent depending on what your major is, whether you go on for a grad degree, etc., but the basic premise still stands. So who cares? 3. Even if he were going to law school, you guys are quibbling about *how much* the quality of your undergrad institution impacts law school admissions decisions, not *whether* it does. So again, who cares? Even now you guys are over-simplifying the variables that law schools use when determining what weight to attach to an undergrad school's GPA (e.g. grade curve used, track record at the law school, etc), and if this were a law school forum it'd be a lovely debate, but for present purposes, its enough to say that it is relevant but does not close any doors. Bottom line: Yeah, Carter's moving to a school with a lesser academic reputation and a greater wrestling reputation. The former will, on average, have a negative effect on his future career prospects, but how much is debatable and its effect certainly isn't assured.
  10. I was pretty bummed about this transfer, mainly because I don't like to see guys bailing on their commitments and I like to see parity in the B1G. But if what Willie said (I think?) is true -- that that the transfer was caused by the impending termination of Kennedy/Howe for refusing to get vaccinated -- then I'm totally sympathetic with Young and can only shake my head at Kennedy/Howe for the self-inflicted wound.
  11. Yeah that's scary, I agree. But in 3 matches he's never scored easily against Snyder, and if its close I still like Snyder's end-of-match conditioning advantage. Not saying a win its likely, but...
  12. Agree. And I may have sounded down on Yianni, but I'm actually really excited to see how he fares on the senior level. There's the school of thought that his main weaknesses are on techniques/approaches that are mainly used by Americans (see Lee v Yianni) but that he matches up well internationally, and he does have a couple senior level matches and those Cadet-level golds to support that take. I'm just a bit worn down on getting all excited very year about our 65kg guy only to see him go 0-1, yet again.
  13. It may be a minority view, but I think Snyder has a decent -- maybe 30% -- chance of knocking off Sadulaev. It was really just one mistake he made at the Olympics (twice) -- over-extending himself on an ankle pick on a guy who know how to exploit it. Snyder is in better shape. I think Snyder can still do what he did in 2017: keep it close by not making any dumb mistakes but keep the pressure on, only take shots where he stays positionally sound (e.g. his high crotch, or high double), and turn on the gas in the last 90 seconds, where Sadulaev's defense starts to crack a bit.
  14. I missed that. I was thinking chances to medal. Yes, it does change my thinking, particularly on Snyder bc of Sadulaev. My bad, lu1979. Re Yianni, I still think he's too high, especially relative to Gilman and Green. Snyder too, but admittedly its a fun thought exercise to wonder if the odds are greater that Snyder beats Sadulaev, or that Yianni pulls a Zadick and runs the table against everyone.
  15. Appreciate the commentary. My main critique is Snyder is way too low, and Yianni is way too high. Snyder has medaled at 6 consecutive World/Olympic level events. There's no reason to think it won't happen in a 7th. He takes a loss here and there, but only rarely, only to the very top guys in the world, and only because he competes so much. It wouldn't be unreasonable to have Snyder #1 on the list, but at least top 3. As for Yianni, we haven't medaled since 2006 at his weight, and it hasn't even been that close. That includes years in which Yianni competed to be the rep, but didn't make it. At Trials, Yianni looked good, but did drop a match to McKenna, and won in a weight without JO, Zain or even Nick Lee, any of whom would be about even odds against him. I'm not knocking him, but even with some talent gone, 65kg is incredibly deep internationally and its very easy to lose an early match to a non-finalist. I'd have him and Fix rounding out the bottom 2, which isn't to say they're total longshots to medal -- both do have the potential -- only that others have better odds.
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