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  1. you are correct. Hall stated the cut is too much for him and he would never wrestle 74K again
  2. You can’t really consider him a SPG wrestler. Wrestled on their Jr High team and never on their high school team. He is under rated if you ask me. He was beating David Carr this year when he broke his hand during the match, eventually losing the match and the season due to the injury. He freestyle chops are impressive also. A huge get for VT!
  3. Steubenville (2, E, D2 Claymont, D2 Steubenville, Ohio Valley Athletic Conference, 250) Tariq Wilson - Steubenville (12) (16:2-126-2nd)(15:2-120-2nd)(14:2-113-2nd)(13:2-106-6th) WalshIronman 12/11/2015 126 Champ 1 D`Emilio, Damian - Genoa (12) (16:3-126-2nd)(14:3-106-Q) Win D 10-3 WalshIronman 12/11/2015 126 Champ 2 Riegel, Jake - Wyoming Seminary [PA] (11) Win F 3:03 WalshIronman 12/11/2015 126 Champ Qtr Warner, Tyler - Claymont (12) (16:2-120-3rd)(15:2-120-1st)(14:2-106-1st)(13:2-106-1st) Win D 7-5 WalshIronman 12/11/2015 126 Champ Semi Guillen, Mario - Perrysburg (12) (16:1-126-1st)(15:1-120-3rd)(14:1-113-3rd)(13:1-106-5th) Win M 9-1 WalshIronman 12/11/2015 126 1st Place Final Matthews, Cole - Reynolds [PA] (10) Win D 8-6 Hoover 12/18/2015 126 Champ 2 Sommers, Chase - Lake (Uniontown) (11) (16:1-120-Q) Win T 20-5 Hoover 12/18/2015 126 Champ Qtr Wissel, Ryan - Highland (Medina) (10) Win T 21-6 Hoover 12/18/2015 126 Champ Semi Gerback, Errik - Marlington (11) (16:2-126-8th) Win M 20-7 Hoover 12/18/2015 126 1st Place Final Oblock, Matt - Canon McMillan [PA] (11) Win D 13-6 OVAC 01/15/2016 126 Champ 1 Glenn, Jaden - Oak Glen [WV] (10) Win F 1:07 OVAC 01/15/2016 126 Champ 2 Risley, Dylan - Harrison Central (10) Win F 0:14 OVAC 01/15/2016 126 Champ Qtr Kuneff, Mason - Bridgeport (9) Win T 23-5 OVAC 01/15/2016 126 Champ Semi Kahl, Josh - Shadyside (11) Win F 0:38 OVAC 01/15/2016 126 1st Place Final Henson, Jackson - University [WV] (10) Win M 18-10 Dual Meet 01/21/2016 126 Dual Meet Martsolf, Dustin - Beaver (12) Win F 2:00 StateDualsD2 01/27/2016 126 Reg Rd 2 Wukelic, Mitch - Indian Creek (9) Win F 0:24 StateDualsD2 01/27/2016 126 Reg Qtr Curry, Skyler - Alliance (10) Win F 1:07 Dual Meet 01/30/2016 126 Dual Meet Dickerson, Trevin - St Johns Jesuit (12) Win F 1:56 StateDualsD2 02/03/2016 126 Reg Semi Lane, Jaret - Carrollton (9) Win F 1:15 StateDualsD2 02/03/2016 126 Reg Final Golec, Chandler - Claymont (11) (16:2-126-5th)(15:2-132-Q)(14:2-132-Q) Win T 22-5 StateDualsD2 02/14/2016 126 State Qtr Demeropolis, Luke - Ross (Hamilton) (9) Win F 0:57 StateDualsD2 02/14/2016 126 State Semi Campbell, Gage - Wauseon (12) Win F 3:34 SectD2Steubenville 02/19/2016 126 Champ Qtr Garabrandt, Tristin - New Philadelphia (11) Win F 0:48 SectD2Steubenville 02/19/2016 126 Champ Semi Giffen, Mitchell - Indian Valley (12) Win T 28-12 SectD2Steubenville 02/19/2016 126 1st Place Final Allison, Josiah - West Holmes (12) Win T 28-13 DistD2Claymont 02/26/2016 126 Champ 1 Anthony, Jordan - Buckeye Valley (12) Win F 3:28 DistD2Claymont 02/26/2016 126 Champ Qtr Golec, Chandler - Claymont (11) (16:2-126-5th)(15:2-132-Q)(14:2-132-Q) Win D 7-2 DistD2Claymont 02/26/2016 126 Champ Semi Ratliff, Austin - New Lexington (12) Win F 1:31 DistD2Claymont 02/26/2016 126 1st Place Final Stewart, Tyliq - Whitehall Yearling (11) (16:2-126-Q) Win Forfeit StateD2 03/03/2016 126 Champ 1 Skleres, Mitchell - Lake Catholic (11) (16:2-126-Q)(14:3-113-Q) Win F 1:07 StateD2 03/04/2016 126 Champ Qtr Nash, Charlie - Norwalk (12) (16:2-126-6th)(15:2-113-4th)(14:2-106-8th) Win M 14-4 StateD2 03/04/2016 126 Champ Semi Beltran, Rosendo - Central Catholic (12) (16:2-126-4th)(15:2-126-Q)(14:2-120-Q) Win D 8-5 StateD2 03/05/2016 126 1st Place Final Moore, Mitch - Graham (10) (16:2-126-1st)(15:2-113-1st) Loss D 5-3 Record 32-1 (32-1 overall)
  4. it was 2 years ago at UWW Cadets in Akron where Fix beat Lee in 2 straight.
  5. It was just 2016 that they were in the same tournament, so not that long ago. Pico finished ahead of Zane and came within an eyelash of making the team.
  6. You know he never beat Steiber again after that first match because Steiber wasn't dumb enough to go down again. I highly doubt Pico would have to go down against him because he can beat him on his feet, just as he has done numerous times in freestyle. In 6 matches I think Zane has 1 takedown.
  7. What was that you were saying, are you still laughing your a$$ off? I see he ended up being just fine for BIG 10 and NCAAs. You need to stop believing everything a coach says.
  8. College wrestling has gotten to the point where I can barely stand to watch it and I have wrestled most of my life. How is wrestling supposed to bring in fans when they have to watch a 1-1 match go to double OT and ride outs? Riding is awful, riding parallel with no chance to turn, oh the excitement. Big 10 finals was a perfect example.
  9. Let's just get it over with and go to freestyle. Freestyle is much more exciting and the wrestlers wouldn't develop bad habits that are hurting USA's international success.
  10. I have a 30 MB/S internet connection, I just don't understand why I have so many issues with FLO. Never have these problems with other streaming sites.
  11. I have no first hand knowledge of how the practice matches go, but I would be shocked if he didn't get man handled on a regular basis.
  12. You must have one great computer and connection to never have a problem. I have a 1 year old computer and I pay extra for a higher speed internet connection, yet when it comes to Flo Live events I consistently get buffering, pixel problems, etc...yet when I watched the WTT on ESPN 3 on my computer the stream was perfect and the HD picture was perfect, why (besides money) can they provide such a great feed and I must settle for a crappy connection from FLO.
  13. I have to agree with PapaBear, the normal age kid going into 9th grade should have wrestled 2nd year schoolboy during the summer before school started. If they are 1st and 2nd year cadets going into 9th grade they are older and may have a maturity advantage. My son wrestled as a 2nd year cadet last summer before his junior year.
  14. Any match between either young wrestler and Taylor will end in a drubbing.
  15. That's just being a homer thinking that those 3 are the top 5. After DT lost to Tsargush, he was handled pretty easily by a Russian that had moved up from 70 Kilo. I think Dake is in the top 6-8, but DT We put to much emphasis on exhibition wins, the other countries get to come to the US and have a good time, they are not worried about peaking for an exhibition, they peak when it matters. Just look at Metcalf's results. I also don't think other teams peak for the world dual tournament.
  16. According to coach Ryan (who is getting his advice from the OSU NCAA Compliance personnel), he stated during the Flo Live Radio program that Kyle could keep the USA Wrestling stipend, the prize money and still be eligible to wrestle for tOSU. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251957-Flowrestling-Radio-Live/article/32164-Flo-Radio-Live-Tom-Ryan-Kyle-Snyder-Set-The-Record-Straight#.VYrs6flVhBc
  17. He may have enough confidence in himself to beat inferior competition, but he doesn't have the confidence and mental fortitude to beat the best two at his weight class. There is definitely a difference in his attitude when he wrestles Dake and he gets down on himself when things are not going his way. In comparison, it never seems as if JB is out of a match and mentally he is always in it, he is a closer. He is able to get the tough points when he needs them.
  18. I hate to admit it, but I don't ever see DT getting past Dake, let alone Burroughs. Taylor has not shown the mental capability to win those matches. He definitely has the skill set, but I don't think he has the mental toughness to win the big matches. Dake and Burroughs have that part of the game, but some people never get it. This is not a jab at DT, he is my favorite wrestler to watch.
  19. They were champions in college, not Internationally. They are foolish to try to make the team at 74KG as long as JB is around. People just don't seem to get how good JB is, 3 Golds and a Bronze in the last 4 Worlds and Olympics. To me, it looks like Dake could shrink his body back to 65 KG and Taylor could go up a weight, but foolish pride will prevent them from ever meeting their goals. If Dake or Taylor were lucky enough to win the spot the US probably wouldn't medal that year at 74 KG.
  20. I love the fact that Dake had to open up his offense in the 2nd match after falling behind so quick. It shows he can score with attacks, but it also exposed his defense when he was in attack mode...usually Dake keeps it close with his stingy defense, but his defense isn't nearly as good when he has to look to score. Burroughs had his way with him on the last two take downs. How many people can take Dake down 3 times in one match and make it look easy. Burroughs is the man! I don't think people realize how much he improved this past year from Worlds until now. You could see it at the World Cup, the man is on a mission and won't be displaced by anyone in America until he decides it's time to hang them up. I for one want to see JB through the 2020 Olympics setting a new standard for Americas wrestlers and wrestling!
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